Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News June 5, 2017

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Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News June 5, 2017

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  1. Many of you folks hate people like me just because we are from Tigray. Our only ‘crime’ is liberating from the brutal regime of Mengistu. We did not have the need to go all the way to Addis Ababa. It was a fact that we had already liberated the entire Tigray before 1980 and there was a very well functioning government of the Republic of Tigray for almost 10 years until our Amhara and Oromo neighbors came all the way to our capital Mek’ele asking us to liberate them too. Then we started heading south to Addis Ababa just after January 1991. We kicked Mengistu’s million men army with just 20,000 men TPLF army in less than 6 months. But in the process we had lost more than 65,000 precious young fighters of our own. Majority of our Oromo and Amhara neighbors were so thankful that they asked(pleaded) us to stay in Addis Ababa for another 50 or even 150 years. We then reluctantly obliged their pleading and stayed. That is the fact. We saved your asses from Mengistu and you two from killing each other to extinction. Since 1991 we have raised your GDP(PPP) from $30.00 to almost $2,500. You are just a disgrace to those who are ever so thankful to us. And you forgot the fact that in decisive battlefields, EDU, we kicked they ass!!! EPRP, we kicked they ass. ELF, we kicked they ass. Mengistu’s one million army, we kicked they ass!!! OLF, we kicked they ass!!! ONLF, we kicked they ass!!! EPLF/PFDJ, we kicked they ass!!! Islamic Court, we kicked they ass!!! JUST REMEMBER THAT!!! You should be very thankful to our great leader and emancipator the late Meles Zenawi. You should have his portrait in every living room at your houses. I was admonished by my priest for saying that The Great Meles Zenawi was the rehearsal to the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. I just said it again and I will make a confession about it today. And I don’t need your grumbling and moaning here. The order I had given you to shut up about 10 years still stands. You hear me? Shut up and let me do all the talking and that is an order!!!!

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