Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopian News January 29, 2018

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Read Aloud:   Death toll from attack in western Ethiopia reaches 222, Red Cross says

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  1. What is this other demon in Asmara being included here? What for? Is it done to present him as someone who is democratic or pro-democracy? It is tantamount to insulting freedom loving and democracy seeking Eritreans. Who is he to tell us what to do? Why is he stooping down to el-Sisi and Wahhabi ruffians across the sea? Why is he given a stage time here on our waterhole? Why doesn’t someone ask him to release the fate of prisoners of war? If they die a natural death, an independent outside(international) body should be allowed to investigate. I remember reading a story in of the memoirs penned by a countryman telling us an incidence where his guerrillas summarily executed Ethiopian soldiers after capturing them. That a clear violation of the Geneva Convention. Why wasn’t he queried about that? I also remember reading a plea from one the activists in the DC area begging this ruffian to release that Ethiopian air force pilot who was captured during the 1998-2000 war between him and his next of kin in Arat Kilo. This goon has called our glorious history, our history which is the pride of the colored around the globe, a distorted history. That means by extrapolation we, the product of our history, are distorted people. Our thought process is distorted. Our brain is distorted. We are diabled creatures who can not think better ways for ourselves on our own. Someone like him has to do the thinking for us. If he is included here so he can get his money’s worth, that is too low. He should be accosted to leave us alone. Let him stay content playing a killer messiah for his people. Out of my sight!!! Dégage!!!

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