Ethiopia says it foiled attack on UAE embassy in Addis Ababa

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NAIROBI (Reuters) – Ethiopia has arrested 15 people over a plot to attack the United Arab Emirates’ embassy in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s state news agency said on Wednesday, citing a statement from the intelligence service.

The group was working at the direction of foreigners, the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) reported. An unspecified amount of arms, explosives and documents were seized during the operation, the agency said.

“The group took the mission from a foreign terrorist group and was preparing to inflict significant damage on properties and human lives,” it reported.

The UAE’s foreign ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A second group of suspects was planning to attack the UAE’s diplomatic mission in neighbouring Sudan, the EPA said.

Ethiopia’s National Intelligence Security Service was working with its Sudanese counterparts on that aspect of the plot, the agency said. There was no immediate comment from Sudanese authorities.

Some of the 15 suspects arrested had been spotted near the embassy, EPA reported.

Others had received cash from their sponsors, the news agency said, adding that one of the masterminds of the plot was arrested in Sweden.


  1. NISS should work with the Swedish government to get Ahmed Ismail face justice . Ahmed Ismail is a wealthy investor in Sweden who is heavily opposed by the world re-known climate activist Mrs. Greta Thunberg for the little regards Ahmed Ismail gives to the climate . If the above accusation is true and substantiated it will be music to the ears of the Green Party activists within Sweden.

  2. All I can say is bravo, bravo!!! This is intelligence work at its best! Intelligence work has a long tradition in our history. You remember the Battle at Adwa in 1896? You remember that? Some of those millennial in our midst can be heard saying ‘What is that Adwa thing?’

    But most of you know about that battle. It was written that the intelligence duty was assigned to the grandson of Guddisaa, Mekonnen. It was said and written in black and white(you hear me, bigots?) he had laid down a web of spies behind and inside the enemy that he was even able to find out what Baratieri chowed down at the dinner table the previous night. He knew which direction the enemy was planning to make the next move. That was why the war that Baratieri started promising his superiors to present Menelik in shackles by the end of the day ended before lunchtime. The battle he started at 05:00AM was wrapped up by the High Noon the same day. For intents and purposes the battle had already ended at 10:00AM that is about 5 hours after it started. Talk about embarrassment for the big and pompous dude! He was seen running away like rabbit by 10:00AM with all that garlic breath and semolina fattened $$$!!!

    Kudos to NISS folks! I could not be any more proud!!! You made my day!!! I am good now! I am good for a month!!!

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