Betty out of the Big Brother Africa game!

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bettyThe Nominated Housemates took to the Diary Room to reflect on their time spent in the House Ethiopia’s Betty has been booted out of The Chase!

Tonight is indeed a sad day for Betty. The gorgeous Ethiopian was all set to win not only a cool USD 300 000, but also a sexy Sierra Leonean man, as the icing on the cake.

Unfortunately, all those dreams have come crashing down like a deck of cards. Not only is Betty leaving her fellow Housemates behind, but she is also bidding adieu to the man she fell in love with as soon as she walked into the Big Brother House. Starting immediately, Bolt goes back to being single and will have no one to fawn over him like a hen in the Ruby House.
How Bolt will survive without his lady love keeping his bed warm at night remains to be seen. However, judging by the looks of anguish as Betty was Evicted; Bolt is in for one lonely road ahead.

When Betty’s Eviction was announced, Bolt looked shell shocked. The Sierra Leonean’s mouth flew open as he tried to make sense of what had just happened.

He held on tightly and kissed her passionately for the last time, as Betty was quickly whisked to the Eviction doors.



  1. This lady is disgrace to all Ethiopian people. When her arrivals takes place the
    population should come out to the airport and send her back some where so she could prostitute and make make money. I personally think that she came from
    long line of whore. I mean her grandmother, and mother were prostitute.

    • Hey lolooooo…are you trying to say that there is no prostitution weav in Ethiopia….If you are.saying that you are either a liar or you are not Ethiopian….Let me tell you one fact… each bar in ethiopia there are more than 20 poor sisters waiting for the sexually hungry man to make a living…other than this there are alot of secrete sexual marker places in most towns of Ethiopia….if you go to any of Ethiopian DC places you can purchase sexual desire for only 10 Birr. and Please stop advocating that Ethiopian are clean as water….

      • hi bro

        it is fact there is 100 thousands of prostitute in ethiopiia if you ask any of them to be watched on TV while there prostituting they perfer to die men they prostitue becouse they want fill there stomach other wise they now who they are when we comes to betty she is a bitch she should plan how to servive long before delivering her self, this guy also does not love her i see from his emotion his face he just screwd her up she is not even a qulified women to begin with she just disgraced her family

        what ever it is she should consider ethiopian culture and people ethiopian are ethiopians no americans

      • totaw i think you are an animal as your name.listen if u don’t get the question keep quit do not tell us about prostitution in ethiopia there’s prostitution all over the world the question is have you ever seen making sex on national TV?
        I still did not say porno sex film ok because i have doubt you know the difference.

  2. Betty is a big loser now,what now?where she gonna go from here?she miscalculated the psychy of Ethiopian matter how poor we are material wise,we are one stubern when it comes our pride.we are one pride people in the entire continent.betty is on isolated embarrassment.shame on her.what she did cheap and stupid.

  3. That is exactly what I wanted to happen. She has to learn that showing her p*** to the world does not take her to anywhere.

  4. LOSER by all account, If you reperesnt me, though I hate that country because of continous subjugation, girls keep your pu** in your pants. I dont want to see your prono but quality that others learn about a girl in Ethiopia. She is disgrace to all east african not only Ethiopia. Ethiopia should ban bigbrother unless they pick some with better IQ than this loser prostitute to represnt me. BETTY LOSER???

    • @du and lolo,
      does she represent any of us in any way? Hell no! You guys need to respect her personal stuff no matter how we disagree about her deeds. Betty actually need counsel.none of us are more ethiopias than her and she has every right and previlage to come home. We should blame our system and of course the nonsense BBA

  5. This time the only people who are so lucky are those who are not Betty’s family. Betty, grow up and learn what a proud Ethiopian woman looks like. I know, this is not the end of the world for you and your family but it is non-washable dirt that can stay with you and your family forever. I wish if you have been an example of pretty, wise, and cultured Ethiopian woman but we are not lucky enough for that at least for this moment. We are cringed! We are cringed! We are cringed!!!

  6. I heard that she is a teacher in the tplf system of education and her behavior is a living proof what type of education is receiving the Ethiopian children.

  7. This lady disgraced not only the ethiopian people but also all the civilized human being who believe and are showing sex should not be done publicly. Now she is out of the competition and could dare to come back home but I do not think this would be good decision rather she should opt for to go somewhere else where she can enjoy such inhuman practices of sex.

    • To hagere
      You have not express ur opnion about Bete…….So ,come out and let us know.
      I have given out how I feel about the whore Betty. If she is your sister or cousin

  8. Betty the BIG loser. Can’t she participate in this competition without being whore?

    Shame on her. I prayed for earlier eviction. Tnxs God

  9. Let us hear waht her reaction is . it is good to know her perspective. Alhough I am not confortable with wha tshe did it is hard to say that she is a disgrace to the entire Ethiopian people. Ethiopia is larger and bigger than Betty . she is just one school teacher. that is it. I don’t see any relationship between a nations disgrace because of the action of Betty.
    Le tme add one thing. We all remember the Boston bombing and the three kids accused of supporting the bombers including one Ethiopian Americna- Filipos. in this case can we say that Ethiopian Americans are terrorists or all ethiopians are terrorists? I am sure Ethiopian-Americans(Ethiopians) are not terrorists. Filipos’s act is nou a disgrace to the Ethiopian nation either. So why do we think Betty affair a disgrace to the entire nation.
    Thus there is no relationship between one sex act of Betty and Ethiopian image. Period. This doesn’t mean that I was happy with what she was doing?

    • You have missed one big point, the Boston ethiopian wasnt represented by any ethiopian organization or people. But Betty went to the show by representing the nation. There are many ethiopians who might be worst than Betty, but they represent no one except themselves.
      Hence, your logic is poor , you tried to give her an excuse by comparing the uncomparable.

      Long live biher bihereseboch!!
      God Bless Ethiopia!

    • Sebsibe,
      i get your point however, i think the reason why people think she disgrace Ethiopians is because she was there representing ethiopia as a contestant. and she can’t do what she did because of that. if she was there as an individual among many ethiopian, it would have been a different story. you know what is the saddest thing is, she proved to those white men their stupid thinking of africans as wild uncontrolble and society.

  10. believe it or not she has no life in ethiopia. mentally she will never survive, but if she left the country she might play porno sex film what she wish! but the question is has she got the ability to do that? otherwise will be gentility with out ability like what she did!

  11. Betty who is the figure of the Woyane generation was being intoxicated with fantasy of setting up travel agent in Addis after going through such acts of a national disgrace. Even the other girl who took part on BBA a year ago had committed as much embarrassing acts as Betty,that is why all these social crisis attributed to the current minority regime in Ethiopia. Though the Derg regime was dictatorial it didn’t compromise with cultural and national issues. On the contrary Woyane is more dictatorial than Derg and anti-Ethiopia and Ethiopian culture. So we can only fix this 20years chronic problem if and only if we get rid of TPLF regime. Let us focus on our prime enemy Woyane that is the source of all our agonies and miseries.

  12. Her action is way wrong. She shouldn’t do what she did while she represent our country Ethiopia. However, let’s remind ourselves that we all are sinners. What we need to do is to admonish her so that other Ethiopian’s discourage from following her step, and she could in the future restrain herself from such kind of act again. What we should NOT do is stoning her to her demise.

  13. ironically most of the above commentaters are hypocrite bunches… some of you are even the supporter of TPLF.. the genocidal fascist regime. To begin with, how a suporter of TPLF can criticize this girl. you are immorals. you have no moral right to criticize her, betty might be in love and have screwed up one single person, but you are supporting the junta who rapes millions of its citizens. this unfortunate girl has not committed any crime, but most of you who commented are criminals…. probably most of are rapist…. get a grip, after all it is her p***y, LEBOCH,sintochachu nachu ye bet serategna rape yadergachu, chewa lememsel new? weradoch….

    • But, she did it in public. The whole world who have access to TV saw her act, probably, including her former students. Now imagine, she will go back to her school and stand infront of her students to TEACH THEM! WHAT TO TEACH?. Also, her future relationship with any other guy, to build her own family will not be smooth. I pray for her to be mentally strong enough to resist all the odds. Specially her mother should do every thing to protect her by all means and bring her into normal life if possible.

  14. Let us not be mistaken. I believe everyone who is out of his/her country is an ambassador of his/her own country. Be it Betty or any other Ethiopian staying in foreign land is an ambassador by default. For me there is no difference between Betty and our athletes who represent the country in Olympic Games. And all their actions should be treated equally. So what Betty had done, or you and I are doing or what our athletes have been doing should have the same wait.
    Back to my argument what Filipos has done (if it is true) should be a disgrace for the country. But that is not we are thinking about. When it comes to Filipos we say it is a personal act and when it comes to Betty we say it is a nation’s disgrace. This is big thing to swallow. Let us be true to our senses.
    We can also take another example. We have seen one Ethiopian student who has recently been praised by the US media for extraordinary achievement in college education. We have witnessed how Obama congratulates him. We were all happy because we thought he has made us proud. When we extend the same logic we are applying to Filipos this man didn’t go to the USA for the sake of Ethiopia. He did it for his own sake. Despite this we still brag about it. Why do we say he is not there to represent Ethiopia when it comes to FIlipos. Only because it was a bad act.
    This is why I am saying let us not be mistaken. Let us come to our senses. Let us not say only good acts (achievements) belong to Ethiopians whereas bad things do not. All are part of us. Bad and good things are always part of any community across the world. It is not only in Ethiopia. And above all in this world of globalization people are highly aware of what is going around the world, in every aspect of life, and I don’ think they will judge Ethiopia’s image just by selecting Betty case. We have a lot of good and bad things, so do other countries.

  15. Guys: She did wrong; no culture or society or no religion ,… allows live sex on public. But to be honest, she is the litmus of our country where you like it or not. The country is rotten to the core because the values we have had destroyed by people who standardized civilization by materialism, this is woyane. We never thought people sprouted from the people of Tigrai where the core of Christianity is engrained and spiritual life is paramount could end up working against our core value. I do not blame Betty. I blame the corrupt system they put the for the poor people. People may not agree with me, but this is systemic problem. I do believe I prefer to die with healthy life and dignity than to sell harlot with my body. The body is the temple. it is holy. This is not a joke. Human body is designed by designer. It is not a random of object. You can not sleep in toilet. Desecrating your body is making your body a toilet. We are three. We have our physical body, our soul, our spirit. If our physical body is become a toilet, our spirit and soul can not live in it. We become ill and sick and abnormal. It is desecration. The bible or Christianity does not condemn sex. Sex is a holy gift from God which we must enjoy but it has time, space, and a special person whom we share with.

    The trend is bad; Ethiopia has become an island of immorality, sex trade, even Sodomy is now practiced in Ethiopia.When I lived in Ethiopia; I never heard in my life men having sex with men and women having sex with women. No even think about it. But some reasons, the current leadership on power do believe wickedness, immorality, sex trade, corruption, selfishness, greed,… is civilization? This is my mind boggling. Most of your crying about this lady? but why you never cry or protest or look solution for Ethiopians who are raped in the middle east and even exported by the Ethiopians government in the name of job house maid? You may not agree with me, but Ethiopian morality has decayed to zero. No African women sell their body like Ethiopians. Ethiopians girls these days do not even think going to school but to get screwed. This is most evil generation of Ethiopia. We never copy any good thing except wickedness. It is good address the problem in general than condemning one person. She is the product of the system. For some reasons uknown to the Ethiopians society, EPRDF wants to destroy our culture, our values, our religion because Communism is dictating them. They are communist. They are against culture, against society, against God, and against that is good. This baffles me why they ended up becoming like this. All they wanted to talk about it about development, electricity, money. They do not understand poverty is not just lack of money only. There are two types of poverty.
    1. Spiritual poverty
    2. Material poverty

    Material poverty is easy to deal with, but spiritual poverty is difficult to deal with. Ethiopians government knows material poverty. They do not know about spirituality poverty.

  16. leave the girl alone she did nothing wrong after all that is her vagina.she is a grown woman have absolutly un touchable right to do whatever she want. if you do not like it DO NOT WATCH THE SHOW. again leave the girl alone

    • mola big brother is not free porn sex film! ok! has nothing to do with sex life, if u don’t know is how the people who do not know each other handle strange life together.

  17. respecting someone’s privacy,right,freedom of expression and freedom of speech start by accepting human right to do whatever they want .the only right we have as a people is to accept it on deny it. if you people did not like what she did that show is not for you period LEAVE HER ALONE IT IS HER RIGHT .NO ONE HAD A RIGHT TO JUDGE HER .THE ONLY THING YOU CAN DO IS DISASSOCIATE YOURSELF FROM HER AND THE SHOW.

  18. All of you SHUT The FuCk Up!if you are proud of your culture and country go to work and educate yourself! You have time to talk about this shit, but when it comes to work hard and seious arguments yo all are fucking silent and shy or pretending you don’t hear anything. the world and rest of Africa, nobody cares about Betty, and neverthleess said anything abt ethiopia based on her acts.but guess who has time to spin around her, Ethiopians!you have the brave to open your stupid mounth and state you are the number one culture and tradition in the whole world.well let me tell you, nobody gives a fuck , you are not the only one in this planet. the bottom line, ethiopia is known for being poor. Now with all this problems you better waste you energy in something that will make you better off. Betty did nothing out of normality except for being stupid enough to do it in a house where cameras are pointing from everywhere at anytime. I believe she forgot abt it, but was not intentionally doing sex in public or motivated to bring any kind of shame to Ethiopians. Also you can see how Ethiopians are so emotionally cheap and fragile towards your appearance rather than your substantial. you think you can easily be judged and even if you are being judget you can’t defend yourself, you just let go your feelings being hurt by what someone else or country says about you better stop bragging abt yourselves, abt your culture, history or country. As I said nobody cares and mostly you arent the only dont get frustated just open your fucking mind once and see around. if nobody says that is because the don’t give a fuck abt you that don’t even want to said it!! if I were Betty I would just point my middle finger for each of you Ethiopians that gave heating comments to all of you(only the ones against her). What? Are you going be shocked and open your mounth? Well I will put my finger inside your mouth too before you try to even try talk shits!!!

    • Hey ! What are you doing here?
      You are not supposed to be here to talk about Ethiopians culture and their way of thinking. If you are not Ethiopian, it is not your forum to talk about a country you don’t have any clue about its culture. Next time, introduce yourself please and give us a hint what culture you are from and give us your thought from your cultural point of view. The way you talk hints about your upbringing and your education.

  19. @Mola,
    Indesu negrelegn yeheanen gebez hezeb hula. Indalkew isuan mayet yalefelege turn of your tv or change channel. Simples! Awaredechen, blah blah is a lot of hot air. Ethiopiawe ena werdet ketlamedu qoyetewal. She is there to win and the show is anyway for dim wit morons. It does not add anything of value to its audience. is it supposed to be an entertainment? It is another mindless copying of western tv dum-downer as an escape from reality. I infact think Bety is an open minded girl with the balls(lol) to try something if she feels like it. Not many have that courage. But these hypocrite and self-appointed moral policemen/women of Ethiopia are laughable to me! Mind your own business narrow-minded stuck ups!

  20. thankyou Mola .people get over with it there is no harm she did for her self for for the so called Ethiopian is just a love and sex between two adults happened to be on tv screen.nothing to do what ethiopian woman or culture are thid is very personal and the girl has a right to show on the bed with the one she likes.respect her privacy,and her right like mola said if you do not like it change the channel.

  21. Also, I have always laughed at the fact that Big Brother Africa show is called ‘reality’ show. How comical is that? Is reality that simple? Who on earth thinks people behave that same way when they meet strangers when they are conscious that two dozen cameras stare at them? All the participants are suspects for being attention seekers. If you can handle the attention when you get it, it may not be wrong as anyone potentially can choose to be one.
    Hey haters I have a point or two for you:
    a/always look on the bright side of life
    b/what positive development can come out of this ‘moral panic’ crisis?

    Betty as the saying goes, there is nothing bad like a wasted opportunity and every crisis is an opportunity for improvement. So haters can you not imagine things like:
    -Bety and the cute guy from Sierra Leone(land of lions, lol) opening a travel agency and many rich people visiting ethiopia seeking Betty-like love?
    -How about many ethio-Seralionian kids?
    -How about the number of French student shooting up in language schools?
    Come on throw your one coin. et cetera et cetera …. use your imagination for positive outcomes. Abeqahu.

  22. This is not about Ethiopia. Sex, nudity is not allowed in public anywhere unless people go to nude club or nude beach. This is not about being Ethiopian. Every culture, every religion, every society, every country, … does not allow sex in public. There is no country sex is done in public sphere or arena.

    Most of you have no logic on this apart from insulting people. I do personally believe that being she from Ethiopia, she might know about infra red camera that takes or records picture in darkness. She might have thought she was doing it in darkness. I do not believe she did know she is recorded live on video camera for the entire world to see. If she did know that she will be broadcast into the entire world, may be she is not normal. Normal human do not feel comfortable being broadcasted live having sex in public. Do you ever watch live sex on live TV anywhere in the world?

    This is not being brave or courageous It is not even about moral. This is about general human behavior. Humans do not do live sex in public anywhere. Her behavior is not acceptable in any society. Where I live in North America, having sex in public sphere in public can end me in prison. It is against public norm of human. I do not know where you guys came from? Probably you live in a new world.

  23. ፍቅር በድንገት ይሉሃል ይሔ ነው ቤቲ ይመችሽ አቦ ይሔን ምድረ chicken legs ያበሻ ወንድ ቅጥል አረግሽው ምድረ የጥሪ ስጋ ንጉስ ዝተት ሆድ እዚህ ባዲራ ሃገር ክብር ምናምን ትላለህ ሃገርህን ለወያኒ አስረክበህ ወረ ብቻ አቤት ጉራ..ቤቲን ለቀቅ አርግና ወያኒ የሚያምሳትን ሃገርህን ከጥቃት ተከላክል ወይ ጉድ ሰው በሰው ንብረት እንዲህ ያዙኝ ልቀቁኝ ይላል እንዲህ ከመግበንበን እንደ ቦልት sport መስራት ነበራ ሆዳችሁ ላይ ያለውን ኮተት ቅራቅንቦ አንስታችሁ እንደወንዶቹ ዝተት አልባ መሆን ነበራ

  24. it is so bizarre how Ethiopin act these way.Betty is the product of this geration, she is not the only one who sells her body for the money.look round you go to addis abeba famous hottels.go to ethiopian emigration office and count the teen ages and adults who are waiting to be sex slaves in middle any body doesnt know whst our sisters doing there. do not be jugmtal. Ethiopian s sre well know for prostitution all over Africa and middle East. the only different is we do not see them in Big btother tv.ask your self how your teen aged sister keep send you expensive phones , tv and money from Kuwsit.uae.saudi arbia etc.i forgot they get it freely.Betty is the product of this money hunger society .who sold thier land and ports and tried to build codiminones and sugar factory.the only person who may affect by is Betty family not you and me.our job should be how to clean this begottor

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