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BBN Daliy Ethiopian News June 29, 2017

BBN Daliy Ethiopian News June 29, 2017

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  1. The writer of this report is someone with Anti-Oromo sentiment and racist against the Oromo. You are for sure the promotion of the Anti-Oromo sentiments.

    Therefore, you are another dummy and dull like Woyane itself. The Oromo nation will reject the malicious plan of TPLF, not to make you happy but to reclaim it’s full natural rights on Finfinne. The Oromo nation will regain all his political, economic and social rights by it’s own efforts. We will never expect that the TPLF or the promoters of the Anti-Oromo groups will respect our human rights on their own merits. We will get it by fighting the Anti-Oromo elements.

    Finfinnee belongs to the Oromo nation. But the sellers will have equal rights with the Oromo. The Oromo individuals will not have special privileges.

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