Rebel Groups Causing Confusion and Chaos Among People

Bechak Omod By now most of Ethiopians, both within and outside the country, must be aware of the joined operation that Oromo Liberation Movement/Army (OLF/A)-Shene and the so called Gambella Liberation Front (GLF) carried out against Gambella Regional State Government forces in Gambella town

Amhara Bank SC Open for Business With 72 Branches

Amhara Bank SC has officially launched its operations today. The inauguration ceremony of Amhara Bank SC was held at the Bank’s headquarters in Legehar today.The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Governor of the National Bank, Dr. Yinager Dessie, the Speaker of the House

The brother of Sibhat Nega, Abeselom Nega has been convicted of scamming $4.2 Million dollar

GUILTY: Abeselom Nega was initially facing 26 charges where police alleged he scammed $4.2 Million dollars through his organisation named iEmpower that ran programs for refugees and disadvantaged young people. But the Melbourne-based “community leader” pleaded guilty to five charges, including of stealing money, inventing qualifications to win a publicly funded board position at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, making false financial statements and faking insurance documents to gain funding. Abeselom claims to have gambled the money in Crown Casino. Magistrate Graeme Keil noted it had been a “monster of a brief” with 11,000 pages of documents