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Zehabesha Special News February 16, 2018

Zehabesha Special News February 16, 2018

Read Aloud:   Israelis To Build Condominiums And Industrial Parks In Ethiopia


  1. The great heroic warrior and fighter for freedom/justice/democracy, Col. Demeke Zewdu, must be released from jail ASAP, NO IFS, ANDS OR BUTS. He will be received by millions of amhara people in a very festive way when comes back to home sweet home. He and his family should be compensated millions of dollar for false imprisonment, pain and suffering. If the devil worshiping tyrant TPLF/EPRDF refuses to pay him millions of dollar, we the patriotic freedom/democracy loving Ethiopian warriors will COME DOWN ON THEM LIKE A TON OF BRICK AND CRUSH THEM INTO ASHES.

  2. Selam Tameru,

    There was a brief discussion on the view of Eritrea’s president regarding Eritrean refugees in Israel and the amount of money he suggested on the Habesha (this same web site) about a week ago. Obviously, you don’t seem to have enough time to do some search because you have missed the discussion. As a feed back to your audio production, I have copied pasted below the discussion you missed. Enjoy it. It might not be a bad idea to revisit your production to make it more complete.


    February 2, 2018 at 10:10 am

    Hi there!

    Isaias forced citizens out of the country he controls under iron fist for the last twenty seven years and now wants big money in exchange to take them back?

    It’s funny how he said it:

    ” . . . Migrants from his country and Sudan paid a “high price” to human traffickers to reach Israel and “deserve” more like $50,000.”

    There is some kind of an admission that some of the money paid to traffickers was made in the country Isaias controls. It is subtle but it is implied in his remark.

    It is not $50,000 the refugees “deserve”; it is a lot more. It is to stay in Israel or settle in a free continent like Europe or North America. Everybody knows what waits for them if they return.

    By the way, who’s to get the money if the refugees return to Eritrea? Reliable reports show Isaias collects tax from Eritrean expatriates using its embassies. Some countries have banned such practice because of coercion and use of illicit means.

    Given Isaias’ practice of tax collection abroad, it is safe to assume that he will not allow the returnees to get the money. The price tag of $50,000 for each refugee is his indirect offer to Israel. His offer to register the refugees was not without reason. It is like he was saying “pay me $50 000 on each refugee if you want to get rid of them; I will get my cut from the money and they will get theirs.”

    In fact, it is unlikely that returnees will see a dime from the money because what’s awaiting them is prison. If they have connections they might be sent to Sawa for indefinite number of years. Sawa is another prison in which people languish for years.

    Luckily, Israel has declined Isaias’ subtle offer. If Isias was to take back 20 000 he wanted to register, $50 000 on each of them would have been a whopping sum – $ 100 000 000 (hundred million (trillions of ERN, 1 USD =15.0000ERN today). This is enough to cover Eritrea’s budget for 21-years calculated on the basis of its 2017 budget.

    Not long ago, Rwanda and Uganda were said to have reaching a deal with Israel to accept these refugees which they have denied. Israel is now faced with either to detain them indefinitely in camps which will cost her lots of money or reach a deal with Isaias. If the cost is more than Isias’s offer of $ 100 000 000, they might seriously consider the offer.

    If the refugees find Israeli camps unbearable or Israel seriously considers Isaias’ offer due to cost or other reasons but the refugees do not want to return to Eritrea, Ethiopia should let them settle in the country on humanitarian grounds. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of Eritreans already living in Ethiopia. Some are studying while others are working. Some are waiting to travel abroad via family reunion or resettlement schemes. Overall, it appears they are doing fine.

    Ethiopia should not receive any money from Israel in exchange for the humanitarian gesture; Eritrean refugees should be allowed to keep the money Israel gives them to themselves.

    I think Ethiopia should make this gesture even without waiting for the demand.


    February 4, 2018 at 10:10 am


    I agree with you that Ethiopia should step in and offer sanctuary to Eritrean refugees in Israel if they do not want to return to Eritrea.

    It is sad that Ethiopia is playing it “blind” while Eritreans are suffering in Israel. No doubt that Israel wants them to leave or else go to detention camps and live in horrible situation.

    Some of these refugees were Ethiopians themselves until twenty five years ago when they lost it to the newly “independent” state of Eritrea due to the infamous referendum. I guess most of them are younger than twenty five; even if they are in that age group, their parents were Ethiopians. This generation has not participated in the referendum and rejected Ethiopia thought they still want their country sovereign.

    Historical connection these refugees had with Ethiopia should means something to Ethiopians and their government to extend support. Ethiopia should act proactively on the matter future relations of the countries and the peoples in mind. Isaias and his government are not the future.

    February 7, 2018 at 9:10 am


    It is not only “historical connection the refugees have with Ethiopia”; half of them are actually Ethiopians themselves.

    Not long ago, Yemane Gebreab, adviser to Mr. I. Afewerki has said “a third of refugee claimants who declare themselves as Eritreans are … Ethiopians”.

    I don’t know where Yemane Gebreab got the number (i.e. a third), but it might be true. It is not uncommon for Ethiopians to present themselves as Eritreans to obtain refugee status because being an Eritrean gives more advantage than being Ethiopian in refugee claims.

    Assuming Yemane Gebreab’s claim is correct, about 7 000 of the 20 000 refugees Israel wants to deport are the ones who presneted themselves as Eritreans are Ethiopians.

    If Yemane Gebreab and Afeworki believe “a third of refugee claimants who declare themselves as Eritreans are … Ethiopians”, why does he want to bring them all to Eritrea?

    I guess it is the $ 50 000 per returnee Afeworki wanted for each returnee from Israel. 7 000 Ethiopians will add 35 000 000 (thirty five million) to his coffers.

    Once the Ethiopians are returned to Eritrea from Israel, they will be sripped off every thing including their closing and other personal belongings and forced across the border to Ethiopia.

    There is a catch here. They will be “forced across the border to Ethiopia” only if AG7 and TPDM do not want them. Indoctrination and
    forced recruitment as foot soldiers is a high possibility. 7 000 foot soldiers will definetly swell their number and allow them to conduct minor skirmishes for ESAT to report.

    From the start, I was wondering why the refugees Israel wants to deport
    are from Sudan and Eritrea. Of the 37 000 there is no single Ethiopian; that’s not real since there will be some Ethiopians who seek refuge as Ethiopians.

    Given the fact that Israel does not accept refugees from whichever country they are, it is fair to suspect that Israel has mixed Ethiopians and Eritreans and presented them as one lot from Eritrea.

    I think this is a worrying since it makes it easier for Israel to deport Ethiopians to Eritrea. Eritrea might know this secret but will not reject the Ethiopians because of the payment involved.

    So, is Ethiopia to ignore this secret to deport Ethiopians to Eritrea who might be used to destabilize the country while at the same time help fill Eritrea’s coffers with cash?

    I don’t think Ethiopia will let this is to happen.


    February 9, 2018 at 12:10 am


    Hi There,

    Are you kidding me. It is over. Is that Ethiopia’s problem. We don’t need parasites. There are millions of Eritrean’s in our land already. Those who try to say some of the refuge in Israel are actually Ethiopian claiming they are Eritrean, why you guys need to worry about them? you are not Ethiopian all of you are Eritreans. Let me tel you, none of the refuge are Ethiopian. So, leave Ethiopia alone. Ethiopia forgot you long ago.


    February 8, 2018 at 9:49 pm


    I’m not kidding you. Ethiopians in Israel to be deported to Eritrea because of money is Ethiopia’s concern. In fact, Ethiopia takes its citizens from all over Africa and the Middle East and even North America and Europe if they are unable to establish residence wherever they are.

    I was surprised Israel made no reference to Ethiopia and Ethiopians in this big number of people it wants to deport which made me suspecious that they might be presented as Eritreans and wrongly deported to Eritrea.

    Please check your facts before you jump on conclusions.


  3. Guys,

    Sorry for the above comment which was to appear under “Hiber News Analysis February 16, 2018” on another page.


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