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Zehabesha Newspaper No.92 Click Here

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  1. We are fade up of the false claim by Ginbot 7. However, the so called naive supporters can contribute to fatten the pockets of the liers and their mouthpiece Esat.

  2. Guys!! The Oromo people who live in Menisota will never invite or well come Dr. Berhanu Nega Bonger to be as a guest speaker to find solution or talk about our ethnic background or any thing. Berhanu Nega Bonger is Guragie. Second, he has a knowledge of even our language. Third, Berhanu Nega Bonger has no any business of interfering our people as if he is a family. Fourth, Berhanu Nega Bonger is a land seeker from our people who wants to make land reformer. Fiftih, Berhanu Nega Bonger is organized himself being as Guragie leader. And so on, and so on, Currently, he is trying to collect money from our people. Don’t give him!!! Don’t give him money!!! Don’t give him money!!!This is a bottom line!!!!

  3. Guys!!! When did ESAT start broadcasting news in Afan Oromo??? Last year!!!! Now, they want aking money!!! Who pushed Mererra Gudina to go to jail?? Berhanu Nega Bonger!!! Naamn Zeleke!! Abebe Gelaw!!! Dawit W/Giorgis!! Essayas Afeworki!! We the Oromo people are not blind!!! We know who what which why and whom( The W five.) The Guragies are organized behind us!!! They start playing games on our people!!! Are we blaming EPRDF on Dr. Mererra Gudina case??? Don’t spend your money for none sense things. If the ticket is free, get in and listen what they say ,but if it costs money, don’t buy!!! They consider you as fool!!!

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