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Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News May 16, 2018

Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News May 16, 2018

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  1. I heard it all. I agree with Jawar that the new PM should walk to talk on this chronic and harmful problem that has been bleeding the national coffers from badly needed cash reserves for so long. At least to hear from the PM is good but if he goes further and form an independent body that will scour all over the financial transactions for the usual suspect areas that would even be much better. It should be declared as a national crisis and crime and must be conducted in a transparent manner without jeopardizing the whole effort(task). European, certain Asian nations and USA should be consulted and their cooperation should be formally requested.

    In the meantime, the same investigation should be conducted on some of these groups and media outlets such as Jawar’s OMN itself. Where can anyone of us see its financials? It is created in my name as an Oromo. Right? I want to see its sources of revenue and how it’s been dispensed. That includes income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. Such bad behavior with freedom fighters always begins at an early age. For the folks at home the expertise goes back to their bush days because the realities on the ground then had forced them to work in the shadows and always in top secrecy. When the opportunity of controlling the national treasury presented itself in 1991, all we can say is all has been up for grabs for the most inner side of the inner circle and those with connection. That is typical in all Africa and which is why it has become a cyclical debilitating problem. We had seen one group working in top secret and becoming successful in toppling a sitting ruling class and then in turn doing the same thing-rampant money laundering. Such bad behavior should be monitored and nipped in the bud.

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