Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News June 22, 2018

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Ethiopia: Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News June 22, 2018

Read Aloud:   Is there still a state of emergency in Ethiopia?

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  1. It is a known fact that, the tplf bandits agenda is or was to dismantle, demoralize and bring the AMHARAS down to their knees and therefore it will be much….much easier to dismantle, break-up and destroy the ancient land of Ethiopia, once and for all, however the GOD of ETHIOPIA, stood-up and stopped the evil doing of Meles Zenawi, Aboy Tsehaye, Seyoum Mesfin, Aboy Sib-hatu, all the rest of them. tplf’s main goal was to completely scrap, erase ETHIOPIA from the map of the world, unfortunately for the evils of Meles Zenawi, aboy Tesehaye, Seyoum Mesfin, and aboy Sib-hatu failed miserably right in front of the people of ETHIOPIA, once more again by virtues of the miraculous work of almighty GOD.

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