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Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News June 14, 2018

Ethiopia – Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News June 14, 2018

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  1. This man is an Ethiopian when he is caught in theft, but he was a Saudi citizen when all those years he plundered the wealth of Ethiopia!! Forget it !! He should not be allowed to enter the country without repenting his past and paying for his misdeeds all these years! You let him in he will continue from where he stopped, and in fact in a much more vengeful way to make up his los!! Keep this man out of that country!
    No repentance! now well come!!

  2. Yehayes…,

    I don’t think the news itself is true. Don’t worry about it. This fraudster is gone for good. Zehabesha put this news out to get more clicks on their site. They probably haven’t done deep investigation to verify the source. Alamoudi is a loser already even if he is released. I hope he rot in prison. Rest his soul in hell after that.

  3. Rumors are running wild that it was Alamoudi’s private jet that flew Andargachew from Yemen back to Ethiopia.He should be tried in a court of law not only for the day light robbery he committed on our people but also for the crime of the century and that is conspiring with woyane to put Andargachew in prison. Ethiopia will never be safe heaven for him any more if he is released and returns.

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