Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News July 26, 2018

Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News July 26, 2018

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  1. We have today the 28th july Gregorian calendar, the latest news here is from the 26th july.

    That said, this site and all other Ethiopian diaspora sites dump news from western sources on their sites, why is that ?
    Ethiopians are not westerners. They don’t have the same interest as westerners. They are from a different race. And they have a different worldview from the westerners. For example westerners believe in white supremacy and think the Ancient Egyptians were white, etc. Ethiopians believe that the Ancient Egyptians were black like themselves. So, news from western sources do not suit Ethiopians. All Ethiopian diaspora sites should change their habit of dumping news from western sources on Ethiopian sites, otherwise people would suspect, the Ethiopian owners of those sites are agents of the West.

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