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Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News August 7, 2018

Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News August 7, 2018

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  1. I am very pleased to hear that the Ethiopian government and OLF have come to a final agreement to solve the issues if any between them and to work out those issues peacefully. Let the days when young people on both sides are marched into killing fields for reasons that should be deemed silly and nonsense. From a start to yank away one of the pillars of a union that is standing on a shock proof foundation is an impossible feat. Now this should a fresh restart with everyone’s eye on the ultimate prize which the take everyone from north to south from east to west borders out of abject poverty. That common citizen in Oromia is just as poor as those in Afar, Somalia, Tigrai, Amhara and all other regions. It is not that Oromo’s, Amhara’s, Tigrai’s or any specific common citizen’s fault. It has been all regimes’ fault. That common citizen has been working from sun down to dusk to sustain current and previous regimes. They all failed him/her. That common citizen is the one that should be commended for maintaining peace and harmony among people even though the regimes have been throwing every divisive and inciting poison at him/her. All prevailed the assault together. So I am glad to learn that everyone has come to his/her senses. No more bloodshed and forward with taking everyone to the Promised Land where the rights of the individual are protected by the law and no one is above the law. Now get going!!!!

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