Zehabesha Breaking News November 20, 2016

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Ethiopia: Zehabesha Breaking News November 20, 2016

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  1. Those Ethiopians who are not Tigrayans should check themselves and their relationships with Tigrayans. Whether in diaspora or in Ethiopia in 2016 Tigrayans are on a rampage of backstabbing and sabotaging other Ethiopians in a higher rate than any year before. Tigrayans are bringing so much destruction in the lives of other Ethiopians at a rapid pace. Tigrayans are using the thrust Ethiopians gave them as a weakness to ruin the lives whether it is in a work , neighborhood , community , health care facilities and so on . Just open your up eyes and see how many Ethiopians lost money , lost their marriage , lost their social lives , lost their health and so on for the simple mistake of putting a misplaced thrust on Tigrayan. Here in diaspora If you have a Tigrayan person that works under you in your organization make sure you do not eat or drink around them because countless people had been given poison that made them loose their minds so the Tigrayans get promoted to their position .

    3 out of 4 crazy Ethiopians we see begging on the streets in the inner cities of USA ended up crazy drugged by Woyane/Tigrayans so the Woyane can take their life .Donot keep your food or drink where the Woyane/tigrayans can reach it .

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