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Zehabesha; A leading Ethiopian platform for digital journalism

One cannot stress enough the need for digital journalism in this age. We all now need to stay connected to understand our world better. In continents like Africa, people are always on the verge of crises, and information can make their lives better. At least they can predict things.

Zehabesha is one of Ethiopia’s most prominent and trustworthy digital and conventional journalism platforms. People might not refer to or trust any other digital journalism platform more than Zehabesha.

There are reasons for it. Let us explore them one by one.

Unbiased news network

People cannot create news alone, but the news is necessary. So to get information, the top priority of every news learner is unbiased and clear news.

Zehabesha has a team of professional journalists who understand the need for unbiased and un-opinionated news information. It is why people love to read and reach out to this platform.

Society-centered editorial policy

The Zehabesha digital news platform works on guidelines that are under societal requirements. Its Editorial covers all the issues that the current Ethiopian era is facing. So whoever has subscribed to this new platform would get all the authentic opinions in the Editorial about the major and minor issues of the society.

Any African can relate to this and understand the writer’s point of view. It will satisfy the awareness and information rights efficiently of the people of Africa.

Covering all sides of the African society

As you know, the African continent is still grappling with many socioeconomic issues. Therefore each person requires abundant and adequate information.

Zehabesha is not focused on certain topics. Instead, you will read about education, economics, and politics. Anything under the sun is covered in Zehabesha.

Several sources

The Zehabesha news platform offers information from various news sources. Some of them are copyrighted material. The reason for that is authenticity and originality. They could not and will never change the original information to avoid copyright issues.

Plus, it is gathered from all the verified sources, so one should never feel misguided by reading. You might have seen when reading from different digital news sources that all the news articles are more or less the same, so it should be considered as the quality of the news.

Content Available in different languages

Another thing that distinguishes this digital platform from others is the availability of content in different languages. You can read news in any language. They have covered it in nine languages.

The reason for that is the diversity of Africa. It has been a colony of different countries and nations. Therefore, Africans can understand various languages. Another reason is to educate and make people from distinct nationalities aware of the general news about Africa and Ethiopia.

It is indeed the best Ethiopian digital platform.

After considering all the details mentioned earlier about the Zehabesha news platform, it would be easier to understand why you must count it as the finest electronic newspaper of current times in Ethiopia.


Alyou Tebeje – Editor in Chief Publisher of



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