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Yonatan Wolde & Bahiru Degu Detained In Me’akelawi Prison Hours After Release

Bahiru Degu
Bahiru Deguby 

by De Birhan Blog
Bahiru Degu and Yonatan Wolde, friends of our co-blogger Zelalem Workagegnehu and acquitted last Friday by Ethiopian Court after 647 days of unjust arrest, have been detained today again hours after they were released from Kilinto Prison.
Yonatan Wolde
Yonatan Wolde

According to Addis Abeba based netizens, who heard from the family members of the detained, the two were arrested and sent back to the notorious torture  center, Me’akelawi Prison.
The reasons for the re-arrest have not been yet known.
Please read about the charges of the two individuals and their ordeals in prison HERE.

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