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Yemen’s National Security said he was held because his name was “on a list”, but giving no further details.

July 3, 2014


Andargachew TsigieAddis Ababa: Ethiopia said Thursday it wanted to extradite the leader of an outlawed opposition group arrested in Yemen to face terrorism charges.

“He is a criminal, and he definitely will have his day in court,” government spokesman Getachew Reda told AFP.

Andargachew Tsige, secretary general of Ginbot 7 labelled a terrorist organisation under Ethiopian law was arrested while transiting through the airport of Yemen’s capital Sanaa last week, according to a statement from the group.

Yemen’s National Security said he was held because his name was “on a list”, but giving no further details.

Getachew said it would be “the right thing” if Yemen extradited Andargachew, accusing him of plotting terror attacks in Ethiopia.

“He’s the head of a terrorist organisation who has been flaunting his leadership for terror operations inside Ethiopia,” he said.

But Ginbot 7 said Andargachew was detained illegally and called for his release.

“The Yemeni government doesn’t have any right to detain Andargachew, even for an hour,” it said in a statement.

The US-based Ginbot 7 says it is fighting for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia, and has called for the overthrow of the ruling party.

The group vowed to seek retribution if Andargachew, who they called a “freedom fighter”, is extradited to Ethiopia.

“If Andargachew is transferred into the custody of the Ethiopian government, if his life and physical wellbeing is threatened, we will avenge,” it warned, without giving further details.

In 2012 several people were convicted for having links to Ginbot 7, including journalist Eskinder Nega and opposition leader Andualem Arage, who were handed heavy sentences.

 The group’s leader, former Addis Ababa mayor Berhanu Nega, lives in exile in the US.

Rights groups have accused Ethiopia of using the anti-terrorism legislation to silence dissent and jail critics, calling the legislation vague and over-reaching.


  1. Let our Freedom fighter Go! let him Go. The Ethiopian current government is nothing but a collection of Thugs, they thrive by killing their own citizens and tourturing those that speak the truth. Yemen should know better and let mr Andargachew without any precondition. other wise the consquenceses will disasterous. Justice for Ethiopia and Ethiopians! and Justice To our Freedom Fighter Andargachew Tesige!

  2. Andargachew Tsegie a true child of Ethiopia and belovedbrother of Ethiopians.He is an activist for pease,freedom,justice and democracy.the yemeny government should free him as soon as possible. Arresting this person for no reason is illegal ,We strongly condemn it !!!!

  3. Forget about Yemen National security communication.They are a bunch of ethnically driven morons. Angargachew Tesge was sold to the highest bidder – the TPLF. It is not a shock. He is toast. No amount of pressure will get him out alive from the dungeons of the TPLF. Many have perished through the systematic killings and disappearances done by the TPLF! Some were fed poison, others were killed by a staged car accident, others were outright killed by a firing squad. Many people are in the underground prisons of TPLF locked up for good. The questions is what does an opposition group like Ginbot 7 does? I call for eye for an eye retribution. If you are in armed struggle, you retaliate where it hurts most. Otherwise, renounce your stand and join me as a lumpen. Life is easier when you are considered by society as stupid. No one cares about your whereabouts. Life under the bridge sucks but it is still warmer and cozy than TPLF prisons.

  4. If the G7 leadership was caring for the life of The True Hero of Ethiopia, Andargachew, G7 would have told Ethiopians about his arrest and we could have done a lot from pressuring the Yemen and British government now we are sitting and mourning about the transfer of the Hero of our time Andargachew
    It was all the stupidity of G7 to rely on the diplomatic effort of the mot isolated and useless country ERITREA for ANDARGACHEW’s release and this is not the first time G7 played a game on the lives of Ethiopians who work with them,
    Birhanu has no respect for the lives of Ethiopians who endanger their lives to work with them that is exactly what Birhanu did when he publicly declared that He is planning a coup to overthrow WOYANE with its members in the Ethiopian military and that stupid Birhanu comment costs the lives of many Eethiopians
    G7 did not want to tell us about the other person kidnapped with Andargachew and the LAP TOPS and MOBILE phones caught with Andargachew could have names and contacts of people in Ethiopia work with G7 yet BIRHANU does not want to talk about this to inform their members to take the necessary precaution if their identity is compromised by the capture of ANDARGACHEW and the LAP TOP confiscated from him

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