Yemen detains prominent British-Ethiopian

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Addis Voice

Andargachew Tsige
Andargachew Tsigie

Yemeni authorities reportedly detained Andargachew Tsigie, a naturalized British citizen of Ethiopian descent while in transit to another country.

Andargachew, Secretary General of Ginbot 7, Movement for Justice and Freedom, was detained by Yemeni security officers at Sanaa Airport on June 23, 2014. Andargachew, is still believed to be under the custody of Yemeni authorities.

In a press release Ginbot 7 issued yesterday, it expressed its grave concern over the incident and appealed to Yemen to free him unconditionally and never consider to hand over him to the TPLF-led rogue regime, which is routinely condemned for its appalling human rights record.

The movement has also written a letter to Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi requesting an end to the “unlawful and unwarranted detention” of its Secretary General.

“We are particularly concerned that that the continued illegal detention of Mr. Tsige, a well-known critic of the Ethiopian government, is politically motivated and a violation of international law.We urge the Government of Yemen to release him immediately and unconditionally,” the letter said.

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According to informed sources, British consular officers, who indicated that Andargachew is still in Yemen, are in contact with the government of Yemen to secure his release.

Andargachew was one of the key figures during the 2005 elections. He was also detained in Ethiopia for his role in Kinijit. He was convicted of treason charges twice along with other prominent dissidents, activists and journalists.

“If Yemen hands over Andargachew to the tyrants in Ethiopia in violation of international conventions, he will face torture, if not extrajudicial killing. But we do not believe that the Yemeni government will do that ignoring the moral and legal implications,” a Ginbot 7 source said.

Source: Addisvoice


  1. Esey ell eilllll now we are hunting terrorists and we are left with birhanu and tamagn , the dergue comerades

  2. Shame Ginbot 7!!!
    You always fail on simple matters. You failed to look after security issues seriously and failed which led to the arrest of prominent generals (like Abebaw. You bragged so much before you did the job and these generals became immediately suspects. You talked Woyanie security is weak yet you end up traveling to one of a country supporting Woyanies. They tracked you so easily and passed it to Yemeni authorities. How can a political leader fail to understand which country is safe to fly through? We supported you and put our hope on you, yet you continue to make silly mistakes.
    We hope Andargachew will be released. But you G7 are bullshit who need a lot of education on how to be effective gorilla fighters.

    • We know zt you are weyane too, try some other thing.
      Weyane is full of idiot people and ofcourse they want
      Only to stay in power by selling the Ethiopian land to the Sudanise,kenyans e.t.c
      Banda yebanda lijoch silehonachihu new!
      Time for all,Ethiopia will Rise soon.

  3. Yemeni officials are playing with fire. They need to draw lesson from mistakes of others. In 1999, Israel security members chased and captured PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, and handed over to Turkey officials. Now Turkey gave its back and they are the ones who most regret about their action.
    No point for Yemen to capture and handover any Ethiopian opposition leader.
    Boston, USA

  4. The fascist woyane gujile have been trying hard to massacre ato Andargachew by sending paid agents to where he was staying.
    There is no reason for Yemen to detain ato Andargachew unless instructed by the fascist woyane gugile. The woyane fascists are behind this plot.
    we must contact the British embassy to act on behalf of ato Andargachew. He is a British passport holder and should get protection and support from Bitish embassy.
    Does anybody know the name of the area where ato Andargachew stayed in London so that we can contact his local MP. ANY BODY WHO IS READING THIS POST, PLEASE LEAVE DETAILS IF YOU KNOW.

  5. If the British and America wanted him released he will be released,what I can not say is what their position would be on it. I hope they will be on the side of justice to stop a terrorist organization called TPLF have its way.
    In the meantime huge and continuous demonstrations should be called at Yemeni Embassies across the world as it happened during the abuse of our people in Middle East. The struggle should continue in all its forms until his release.

  6. I don’t think that Yemen Officials will commit suicide bu ignoring an international law of civil aviation and the Ethiopian people. Yemen has nothing to do with our country’s politics but scratch mine and hence yours mentality that is a grave attempt up on self.

  7. The state terrorist regime has been continue haunting down prominent opposition political party figures wherever they are using the stole money from the people who have been living in complete destitution. They have paid hefty money to neighboring country security forces for kidnapping and killing prominent figures. I have witnessed it a number of time in the country where I am now living-Kenya. The terrorist regime has paid 4.5million shillings monthly minus money for special operation and allowance for 50 Kenya security officers. It was revealed by the weekly news paper-The Sunday Expressed published on February 15th, 2014 on the title ”Ethiopia Spymaster infiltrate Kenya Police”. The Kenya security forces had kidnapped two top rank ONLF [Ogaden National Liberation Front] and handed over them to EPRDF/TPLF regime early this year.

  8. Deals are done behind close doors . they don’t give a shit about ethiopian opposition . they must be calculating what is the benefit of handing over this guy to ethiopian . if they don’t have any plan of handing him over to ethiopian officials they don’t detain him in the first place . who knows he might be in Ethiopia by now ?
    the quietness of the ethiopian , yemeni and eritrean officials shows that there is definetley a conspiracy behind his arrest . eritrean officials are definetley behind this .

  9. Yemen Officials are already providing to the TPLF information gleaned from Mr. Tsege’s mobile phone. Armed with that information and using Chinese made spy software and hardware, the narrow ethnic group is harassing many people around the globe by sending infected emails to mine more information. The arrest of Mr. Tsege is not an accident. It is well planned and fueled by thousands of US dollars as a bribe. By the way, where is the Eritrean President in this? I thought he is the one who assists Ginbot -7? Does he have any clout left? Can he pick up the phone and demand his immediate release? The fact is his senior and junior officers are so corrupt, it will not be a far fetched idea to think they may have sold Mr. Tsege to the highest bidder.

  10. U guys who r living abroad, do u love ur country? How do u realy express ur likes? I follow and read ur openion on the current poletics of our country. The ultimet goal of any poletical group is to change the living standard of our people to better one. But most of u always insult Tigrian people. U always try to fence out the people of Tigrian people from the rest of Ethiopian people. I could not understand how u defind Ethiopia? Unless ur groupe saize the upper part of the country’s poletics ,u always try to change the inocent peole mind with suedo poletical aggetation . What is ur openion the economy and poletical progress at present? By chance if ur group come to power, do u think u continue the progress ? I do not think so because ur interert is to bring the country into civil war for benefite of Eriteria and may be to Egypt. We know Ginbot 7 office is in Asmara. U can guess the filling of Ethiopian people . The Asmara regiom always dream to split Ethiopia into many small region. It is shame even to discuss with the Eriterian leaders how to disintegrate our country. Pls try to see the future of our people if u continue having strong relation with Esayas Afewerki

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