Woyanne orchestrates petition against Kinijit leaders

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As part of preparations for war with Eritrea, Woyanne officials are holding a series of meetings. ER has learned that in many of these meetings, the Woyanne officials are raising their concern about H.R. 2003. It seems that many Woyanne officials are more concerned about this bill in the U.S. Congress than the war with Eritrea.

Late last week, Woyanne dictator Meles Zenawi held a video conference from India with presidents of all the nine killils (regions) to discuss the impending war. According to ER sources, Meles also discussed H.R. 2003 with the killil presidents. Following the video conference, presidents of Tigray, Somali and Beneshangul came up with a recommendation to all the regions to petition the federal government to charge the Kinijit delegation to the U.S. led by Wzt. Bertukan Mideksa with the crime of treason for supporting the bill. The petition is in fact being orchestrated by the Woyanne top leadership, including foreign minister Seyoum Mesfin.

Woyanne officials are scared to death of H.R. 2003 because it will hold them personally accountable for the death of civilians. Many of these officials own expensive homes and other properties in the U.S. When the Woyanne rule ends, these officials plan to leave the country and settle in the U.S. They fear that H.R. 2003 will prevent them from doing that.

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