Woyanne claims it has foiled Ginbot 7 activities in Ethiopia

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Ginbot 7 has issued its own press released regarding the Woyanne cliam. Click here the statement. Below is a report by the Woyanne-controlled Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ENA) – Terrorist operation being advanced by a terrorist group calling itself “Ginbot 7” was foiled, the National Intelligence, Security Service and Federal Police Joint Anti-Terrorist Taskforce, disclosed.

In a press statement it sent to ENA on Saturday, the taskforce said the subversive activities of the terrorist group, which was established by Dr. Berhanu Nega, has declared an armed struggle to dismantle the national constitutional system through force saying that there is no more peaceful struggle.

However, the taskforce said, the activities of the terrorist group was foiled by the security force.

It said the operation of the anti-peace group has organized a military and civilian sub-team in the country with millions of Birr which it said has been foiled.

The military sub-team embraced some members of the army and a lot of x-army members who were dismissed from duty for disciplinary reasons, according to the Taskforce.

It further said the civilian sub-team comprised employees working in various private and government organizations.

The taskforce, which has been closely following up the activities of this terrorist network for a longer period, detained 35 suspects on Friday based on the country’s law.

In addition to this, the taskforce through a search warrant issued by the court has caught different arms, bombs, satellite, computers, radio communications, military uniforms and planning documents, among others.

The taskforce said it is investigating the cases on the suspects and will disclose the details soon.

It expressed appreciation to the cooperation shown by the public and the active participation of members of the army in foiling the conspiracy against the national constitution.

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