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Woyane’s Worshipers works hard to dismantle our support organization in Sweden for their own self-benefit.


By Raswork Mengesha
Stockholm     Feb 22 2015
tplf-rotten-appleIt is known that Woyane is eagerly paying its Hodam worshipers from the state budget for private financial benefit and distributing free land ownership as gift.  
We seldom address things which need our attention because of ignorance worshipers who blame to dismantle the opposition parties and they work hard fight for the grave damage of the opposition party.
We find ourselves in toxic relationships, unhealthy environments, fractious and unruly government because of ignorance.
Worshipers allow corrupt to bring our country to shame while folding our arms. They are destroyed hopes of our beloved country. Ignorance paralyses potential and destroys our honorable respect of our country.
Woyane worshipers ignore our spirituality – they ridicule our people’s rights to wrong beliefs and contributed just because they don’t believe in any.
They ignore morality and the spirit of social responsibility and moral regeneration is not important anymore. As long as it’s not happening to them, it matters not.  
They give away our rights to negative contribution and justify ourselves by saying “what difference will it make?”እናም ምንችግር አለ በማለት ለሃገር የማይቆረቆሩ የሃገር ጥፋትን የሚደግፉ አዳባሪ ናቸው፡፡ “ሰለ ሆነም ጥንቃቄ  ያስፈልጋል!!
Yet, when one organization stands to protect the moral regeneration and social responsibility through spiritual contribution, the most ignorant individuals like Woyane worshipers  came  out with ridiculous agitation against their own countrymen in responses to  those who question things that they don’t understand, the only know how to complain and ridicule but have no sense of positive contribution.
We all humanity and morality have a sense of wrong and right, and if we condemn sense of right the fact that our country is morally influenced is simply because of the same mentality that dominates many: “we are a democratic country” which simply means “we are ignorant and irresponsible citizens”, we have no right to complain about the state of good leadership or governance but at the same time mourning and complaining about other unjust things that are happening in our country, like corrupt leaders and e-toll. Woyane worshipers said that we are in a democratic country whereby everybody is suffering for freedom of speech, imprisonment and torture.
Woyane’s worshipers in Sweden may have few followers by convincing unconscious people  who have weak and hard to do or deal with the Diaspora by self benefit through attractive materials, because evil thing attracts many majorities. I know that this might spark ridiculous responses from some people, but it is the same ignorance that makes our country to be in the immoral state that it is in.
We stand firmly to protect our support organization from the insiders.
As Selam TV in Stockholm shown last month is good evidence that Woyane’s worshipers are criticizing the opposition party with no contribution to good solutions, they do not even believe in anything (heaven or hell) yet believing that they themselves exist. They are the reason why our country is where it is and facing the challenges at hand, for they have no sense of responsibility except contributing to the problem by always pointing fingers at what opposition parties and others are doing wrong but they have no solution.
Ethiopian is peace loving citizens whom we owe too much of respect of people’s rights.  I advice the newly appointed Woyane worshipers to desert or abandon the Woyane juntas and  join to increase overwhelming support that the opposition group has gained from, and bring something good solution to the moral issues of our country before it’s too late.
አረንጉዴ ብጫ ቀዩ ሰንደቃችን
ተከበሮ ይኖራል ክቡር ባንዲራችን
ኢትዮጵያ ለዘለዓለም ትኑር!!                                        
Long live Ethiopia!!

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  1. AMEN and All stated in this great insight and well thought Comments.Thank you This very Woyane Worshipper HODAMS are not only in Sweden but All over The diasporra and In Our Worshipping Centers, Community Centers,etc,etc…
    We Must beware of this “ye Qebero bahitawians” from eventually dividing and distorying us ..Their Evil mission is Seen and Witnessed by many genuine Ethiopians all over The Globe..Their Mission is one and one only Their Own personal financial or material gain at the Cost of Any and Every Ethiopians.Ethiopia Will Prevail.We Pro Democracy Ethiopians ,Must Start calling TPLF Cadres in the disapora by their name and Exposed them to the Society at large because this few individuals are blinded by their own self Intrest Its inevitable Soon or later We Ethiopians Will have A Governement which is Elected for and by the People of Ethiopia.Iand Inorder to get there The pro-Democracy Ethiopians Must unite organize and Exposed The Toxic Hodams Who are Shamelessely Collaboirating With TPLF to dismantle our beloved nation for their own Self intrest.
    Thank you

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