The woyane gunman who opened fire flees US to dodge prosecution

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By Mario Trujillo –

An Ethiopian diplomat who allegedly fired a gun during a protest this week at his country’s embassy in Washington, D.C., has left the United States to escape prosecution.
The State Department on Thursday confirmed that it had asked Ethiopia to waive the diplomat’s immunity so he could be prosecuted in U.S. courts, which was refused.
“In this case, we requested a waiver of immunity to permit prosecution of the individual involved in that incident,” State Department press secretary Jen Psaki said. “The request was declined and the individual involved has now left the country.”Diplomats are expelled from the United States when their host country declines to waive diplomatic immunity.
Psaki, who did not identify the diplomat, said once expelled, individuals typically are not allowed back to the U.S. for any other reason but prosecution.
The Secret Service responded to reports of a gunshot at the Ethiopian Embassy compound on Monday and detained an individual believed to have fired the shot.
No injuries were reported from the incident, which was partially caught on camera with a man in a black suit wielding a handgun amid a small crowd of people before the gunshot is heard.
Reuters reported the man turned himself into authorities but he was not arrested because of his diplomatic immunity.



  1. I am glad the Good Ole USA blew this knuckle head guard out of here. This is a land where the law overrules the gun. But in one way I don’t solely blame this guy. He is just a soldier following the guideline and order he was given by his superiors back home. Now they are going to use him as a patsy or they may give him a hero’s welcome for ‘defending’ the flag. And alone by himself!!!!(lol). I sense a documentary in the works about his exploits showing him engaging an army of the enemy alone to the end!!! He won even though he was outnumbered a million to one!!!! That may well be on its way and it won’t surprised me a bit. Just try to read some of the biographies some of them penned about their days in the bushes. They will tell you how they beat a division of a well armed army with just two or three bolt action rifles such as the Fusil-Gras and century old Lee-Enfield guns. And the books were written in English just to end up being the butt of a joke of so many astute readers.
    Meanwhile, I am very thankful that nobody was harmed during the encounter. From the video I saw on websites similar to this one, all this knucklehead needed was lowering the muzzle of his gun by just a few inches.
    In any case, my advice also goes out to those who go to the Embassy’s location to protest. They have to make sure that they don’t trespass the property of the legation. They need to consult countrymen lawyers to be clear what is trespassing and what is not. I just don’t want to see people in harms way unnecessarily. As usual, that is my way of a two cent advice.

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