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Worldwide United Tigreans Association (WUTA) Press Release



An Open Letter to All Peace Loving People


To the Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia:


To all media outlets inside and outside Ethiopia;


To all opposition parties inside and outside Ethiopia; 


To all Ethiopians and Ethiopian origin in Diaspora; 


Ethiopia is known for having over eighty different ethnic groups. As Ethiopians we see our diversity in culture, language and other differences, as great assets.

Worldwide United Tigrean Association (WUTA) wants to build understanding and a healthy relationship with other Ethiopian ethnic people, while actively fighting to stop hate against any ethnic group at it roots. We have made it our mission to STOP ethnic HATE.

We urge all political parties to promote their policies and proposals without resorting to ethnic divisions. We must not hate!!

“The old law about ‘an eye for an eye’ leaves everybody blind. The time is always right to do the right thing.”   

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let us all do the right thing!   United, let us make Ethiopia, the best home for all!!

The ethnic equality and the right of all citizens of Ethiopia to freely move about, to employ or be employed, to start a business, own property, to dwell in all Ethiopian territory as they please, is a legal right granted for all Ethiopian citizens. This should be clearly understood by all citizens, of all ethnic background(s), and all political, religious and civic organizations.

Dr. Martin L. King Jr. has said it better.

“We must come to see that the end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience.”


WUTA strongly opposes any political party or individual(s) that glorify ethnic hate by contributing and playing a role in any form.  We, Ethiopians reject ethnic hate with the strongest terms possible.

Dear Ethiopians of all ethnic background,

Our organization, Worldwide United Tigrean Association (WUTA), was created after we saw a rise in hate messages on social media and other media outlets.  Our mission is to filter the ethnic hate being broadcasted by individuals on all forms of media outlets and counter challenge it, correct it, and replace it with common courtesy and respect toward one another.  Instead of hate, we can promote understanding at all times, while promoting peace.

We realize without honest, fair and timely correction of hateful propaganda, hate will continue to grow.

We believe people who stay quiet are as guilty as those who promote hate.  This shouldn’t happen under our watch. Never!!

We strongly believe in freedom of speech. Freedom of speech helps a country develop its democracy faster. It is a vital tool to combat corruption and help bring accountability. Freedom of speech also helps people have honest dialogue freely by which they can promote justice and equality for all so that Ethiopia is prosperous.

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There is no way democracy can develop at the speed we desire without responsible journalism.  It is why we also request all media outlets to practice the journalism code of conduct to the best possible way. That will help speed up the development of a truly vibrant democracy.

We have seen what fake news has done to the American democracy.  Case and point; a conspiracy theory about Hilary Clinton running a child sex ring out of a pizza place was reported. A gun man then went there, fired a rifle inside the Washington, DC. restaurant, taking the law into his own hands.  All that was based on a conspiracy theory by a fake news outlet.  If the Government takes action against that particular news source, no one in their right mind will say freedom of speech was compromised.  And we further believe that website was shutdown.

We share a country with tremendous potential for a great tomorrow. It is why we all should learn from the history of yesteryear and participate in the opportunity that today provides to secure all the possibilities for tomorrow’s bright future for the children of Ethiopia who endured so many sufferings for so long already!!  Let us create new opportunities for peace, understanding, and positive thinking about one another.

We have competitor countries that are competing with us for our natural resources; countries that are working day and night to make us consumers, instead of producers and laborers, instead of employers.  We have to direct our effort into winning the economic war to eliminate hunger and all forms of poverty driven ills. We need to work together to compensate for the lost opportunities of the past and unite to eliminate all hardships and, especially, ethnic hate. Hate is one of the diseases we have to cure. All people must help to cure this sickness.

At the end, we must say, “Enough is Enough!”  Hate is a disease that benefits no one. We all must work hand and hand to make Ethiopia a success story once and for all.

Let us think Ethiopia first.

Former President John F. Kennedy of the United States of America once said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  Can we ask ourselves, as Ethiopians, what we can do for Ethiopia?… From now on forward?

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We ask that we celebrate our oneness. We are all Ethiopians for God sake. But we also ask that we celebrate our uniqueness and diversity.

You see, Ethiopia is like a quilt, with different colors, sizes and textures in its making. These differences are what make Ethiopia rich in culture and unique in nature.  We should be curious about the uniqueness we Ethiopians bring to each other. It is the source of our wealth that should make us proud. That is why we should embrace our differences and move forward in harmony. No one ethnic group can complete Ethiopia without the rest of the Ethiopian ethnics.  It is all of us together that form that beautiful quilt called Ethiopia.

We must not allow anyone to impede Ethiopia from progressing forward however, we must also point out its weaknesses in order to enable it to change course and make necessary corrections to expedite its drive to achieve all the wishes of her children.  We all must help our country move forward to great things.  We believe our organization can help in one important area…that is by building bridges between different ethnics and by communicating the genuine good wishes, as well as, harmonious ethnic relationships amongst all.  Thus, we ask all peace, loving people of Ethiopia to help us by joining hands to discourage ethnic haters and encourage all Ethiopians to build trust amongst one another; respect our differences, and celebrate our oneness.

The good news is…facts on the ground tell us that the great majority of people of all ethnic background have love and respect for each other.   There is also more good news than bad in terms of ethnic cooperation, rather than not.

However, the bad news is that very few and we mean very, very few “haters” still have the ability to manipulate technology and broadcast hateful messages that are very destructive in every sense, as if, we as people are immersed in an ocean of hate. Ethiopians are better than that!

We are witnessing what hate is doing to our moral comfort. It is embarrassing!!  We must stop the rhetoric of hate at its roots by fighting back.

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We must stop hate because of the following:

A- It is dangerous, and very destructive to our peace, unity, and growth.

B- It is morally Un-Ethiopian, as it is morally wrong and ethically bankrupting.

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The above items are some of the reasons why we have come up with rules that we all should engage ourselves in.

We humbly ask all peace loving people to respect the following guidance as a starting point to show our cooperation in keeping our country safe for all. We owe it to ourselves and the next generations to come.

We also kindly ask all people to help us help the “haters” to come to their senses and support our cause to promote understanding amongst all peoples. This is our obligation.

1- Stop all ethnic insults on Facebook and any mass media.

2- If you are news media, we respectfully ask that you do not promote ethnic hate, rather respect and follow the journalism code of conduct by being ethical.

3- If anyone has a political issue, it is wise to address it in other effective and civilized manners at your disposal.  Please refrain from using ethnic hate as your tool to make your point.

4- Help assist in building peace and respect among the people.


5-If you see any person or organization promoting hate; you must act to discourage the actor or actors to stop it in a peaceful manner, because, you have a moral obligation to do so.  We will contact anyone or any organization who promotes ethnic hate and expose them.


“We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We are also in the process of discussing the above issues with lawyers and law enforcement agencies to legally deal with those who are in the business of promoting hate for their gain.   All Ethiopians should discourage this madness.

We invite all to join us in promoting good citizenship.   If you want to help, make suggestions or have a concern please write us at the above e-mail address. We appreciate any and all opinions.

May the almighty, who protected our forever beautiful motherland, Ethiopia, be with you in all the good things you do.

Thank you and peace and love!!

Our organization assures you; we neither support nor oppose any political party. We will work with any organization to promote peace and love in Ethiopia and among Ethiopians around the world.

We are thankful for all who are making positive contributions to help us move forward!!

Thank you.




Berhane Alemayoh

On behalf of all the Board Members, and members of WUTA


“Building Bridges Between All Peoples” 



  1. Interesting!

    No mention of any word about the violent hate TPLF propagated against the Amhara people for the past 25 years. That hateful policy of TPLF has vanished countless Amharas and is actively killing countless others as we speak now.

    TPLF started business labeling the Amhara people as their number 1 enemy and acted upon it leading to the killing, displacement, impoverishment and marginalization of the Amharas.

    ‘WUTA’, if a gathering of reasonable people, should start by denouncing the hateful policy TPLF perpetrated against the Ethiopian people, particularly the Amhara. If we are supposed to take ‘WUTA’ seriously, it needs to clarify its stand towards the mother of all hate, TPLF.

  2. After reading the article i left with anger and deep sorrow the fact that the article is a hate promoter rather than an advocate of peace because it failed to address the root cause of ethnic tension in our country.You choose silence and take a back sit for the last 25 years when the tigre liberation front divided the country along ethnic line and sadly, now you turned a peace preacher after things take its own course of event. in order to achieve peace and harmony:

    -You must condemn the tplf for promoting ethnic hatred
    -ethnic based divide and rule of the tplf must cease
    -National army and security
    -unbalanced development favoring tigre
    -25 years of tigre occupying foreign ministry
    -wealth grabbing by minority tigrian
    -all security apparatus become tigre head quarter
    -Bank lending favoring tigre
    -federal gov run by the tigre
    -displacement of ethiopians in Metekel and in the south
    -democratic election
    -92% of ethiopian said that the country run by minority tigre
    just to mention from a million of grievances

  3. Sir/Madam,

    Whatever organization you may be representing, you appear to me Woyanne-polished and laghable. . I have heard something similar before from other hard core pro-Woyanne individuals like you. Good try. Xx above has described my main point very well. You have at the helm of power as your protector and supplier of stuffs the TPLF mafia that has been killing, jailing and stealing the Ethiopian people for more than 2 decades, but no word about it. When the good people of Ethiopia eventually realized the true nature of this evil force and began to rise up to defend their God-given rights, freedom and what belongs to them (including Wolkait, and the artifacts now steling), you are asking not to say anything but agree. It does not work this time around- Woyanne has gone too far. If you are really concerned, the best thing you can do at this time is to condemn Woyanne for what it has done and tell its leaders to step down to fulfill the will of the people. If this does not work, I advise you join the Ethiopian people in their struggle for freedom, democracy, peace, stability, prosperity and happiness. Good luck.

  4. It is said time and again the last 25 years to not loose the trust of each other.

    I would only ask you one question!

    How can you get my trust back?

  5. The root cause of all these hate is ethnic politics of TPLF rule. If you are really serious for what you post, fight the cause not just the symptoms. How do you expect peace and harmony while the majority are ruled and discriminated by minority ethnocentric barbarian group. Yes Ethiopia is a great nation deserves better. Unfortunately it is in the hands of people who do not care for the generation to come. Ethnic politics is backward, destructive, hatemonger, toxic, a threat for a peaceful coexistence of our people and the unity of mother Ethiopia. Let is fight ethnic politics. When Ethiopianism flourishes ethnicism diminishes.

    Ethiopianism Shall Triumph!!!

  6. without denouncing the devil and casting out of yourself, the preaching is not real!!! cast out woyane from Ethiopia!!! +++ Amen

  7. I am not a Tigrean or EPRDF member. But I say that WUTA is a new positive voice in a hateful poltical world of internet based media rage. Focusing on demonizing EPRDF is a sign of anti-peace, violent, toxic diaspora politics. We saw this in the past 25 years. But native citizens of Ethiopia are God-fearing, respectful, humble people.
    The first response to a call for civilized peaceful dialogue to find a solution for Ethiopia’s problem should not be condemning WUTA. Everybody knows that the single party system in Ethiopia should be replaced by a multi-party peaceful democratic system.
    WUTA’s artcle is discussing how hateful prpoganda could be an obstacle to achieving a peaceful multi-party democratic poltical system. That is the first very important step in solving Ethiopia’s poltical problem.
    WUTA go ahead, work for peace.

    • I believe this is an effort to gage the people’s reactions to TPLF, there you found it, every Amhara or Oromo you killed,
      You are creating your own grave deeper, your silent partners in diaspora will pay the price too, because they can condemn the atrocities, but they choose to betray us, unlike the ones back in Tigray,
      We have lived with tigrains for centuries, once TPLF is gone, we all know it, we been there before, we will be just fine, TPLF is the one who created this division, ask any Tigre, he or she will concur.
      Howyyou try to drag it, your end is NIGH
      Silent partners of TPLF, The day of reckoning is coming.
      When we have a government who treats us as equal nation, there is no room for hate, that is a no brainer.

  8. One wonders if being Tigre does not mean utter mindlessness, injustice, deceit, disgrace, greed and any other vice that is unknown in Tigre their language.

    Seeing the title of the article sincerely made me expect that at last Tigres have joined hands to condemn the Tigre occupation force that is busy destroying Ethiopia in their name. But that was not to be.
    Sometimes, I wonder if we could ever live with Tigres as citizens of one nation. Frankly, I do not care. Personally, a nation-wide referendum should be conducted as Ethiopians must have a say in determining their destiny with or without these traitors who given the chance would always wrecklessly strike at our hapless nation.

  9. Ethiopians are hating now Tigrees just because of TPLF and the Tigree people’s support to TPLF (or being silent in the ongoing crimes). This association doesn’t mention anything about the death and killings of non-tigree people in Ethiopia. They don’t condmn that. Instead, they seem to be created to say like “don’t hate us tigreans even if we support TPLF”. That really sucks. Let this Association tell us about their position with regard to TPLF and the crimes being comitted in Ethiopia.

  10. Interesting but too late. Too much damage, no excuse. We better go blind, any eye for an eye will hold true very soon.


  11. The tigres must adress their letter to their rulers the tplf.
    Ye wega biressa yetewega ayiresam.

    tplf has committed genocide, crimes against humanities, ethnic cleansing, war crimes high treason, landgrabbing.

    All the tigryans are part of these crimes. They never protested. They enjoyed it. Now when the fall of of the bloody tplf gets nearer, all the tigres are scared.

    All tigres are the part of the crimes against the Amharas, Oromos and other ethnic gruoups.

    All the tigres supported the tplf benefited from their crimes. Addis , gambella and etc.

    All the tigres have the blood of the youth, the children, old women on their hands.

  12. This is a joke. You guys are the one who started. You didn’t even mention a single word about the mass killings by the TPLF in the last one year alone. Ask yourselves first, “why did this hatred started? What is behind this hatred?….etc…..”. Why are other ethnic groups marginalized? How come 95% of the Ethiopian Airlines employees are from Tigray? How about the 98% of prisoners being from one ethnic group? There are a lot of questions like these ones that you have to analyze & answer. You have to diagnose the disease before you look for the treatment. The hatred will continue to get worse unless your TPLF government changes its policy.

  13. You the Tigre are the source of conflict in today’s Ethiopia.Whom you are going to kidding? Are you not the only tribe own Ethiopia since 1991? Are you not the lion of land grabers? Are you not those who hold the key positions in the Ethiopian ruling party today ? Are you not from those who get employed and employed again while other Ethiopian suffering of unemloyment ? Moreover is it not your tribal government is the one killing ,torturing and keep other ethiopian behind the bar? Can you stop kiddind Ethiopian ?

  14. You don’t deserve to quoted Marthin Luther’s and Keddy’s speech! Inistead tell your Mafia Tigre government to stop killing ,torturing and let them release miloinons from the prison they kept for more than 2 decades and currently. Talk to Abbay Tahaye, Siyom Masfin ,and Barakahat let them stop grabbing people’s power by force.you don’t need to lecturing us about hate when you your self is not free of that.

  15. I mostly agree with what the writer is trying to say. Hating doesn’t help anyone. But also the writer is biased, it doesn’t address the root cause of the issue. Where have you been when their nepotism reached its climax. Where have you been when the economy and the security of the country is dominated by one group? Where have you been when other peoples’ property, indigenous right, their freedom…is robbed? How are you going to dress the mess created in the last 25 years. Did you ask the offender the same question? you are asking the victims of hate, nepotism and unlimited corruption to let it go? You guys are still blinded and unfair.

  16. n you are genuine to stop the hate, you should have started your writing by condemning TPLF’s extrajudicial killing, torturing, and other crimes our people endure the last quarter of a century. Do you exactly know who have taught our people to hate? Have you ever heard the TPLF’s leaders brag about destroying the capacity of Amhara people and Orthodox Church? Do you know being a Tigrean is a privilege in the country? If you want truly cure the patient, you should first get his illness. You come out now because you felt hate towards TPLF. I do not blame anyone who despises this killer organization murder every day their loved one. I read you are going to sue medias that disseminating hate. I advise you to start with EBC, Walta and Fana who call peaceful demonstrator a terrorist, who has produced documentary films that are untrue and a potential to create hate among people.

  17. This is a good news fo the people of Ethiopia know that the TPLF terrorist regime has established mafia association to monitor the activity of diasporas.

  18. Dear Ato Berhane,

    Please be honest and explain the causes of clan hate in Ethiopia? Who done what?

    If you think ‘Ethiopia is like a quilt, that could be cleaned like dirty lundary you are making a serious historic mistake. You don’t represent World Wide Tigreans! How many Tigrean members do you have? I hear you are only 8 people. First reach out to the rest of the ope minded Tigreans before you release such loop sided & half hearted communication. I am certain, certain group within TPLF plan to curve the nations along ethinic cleavages.Because of it is natural people would like to compete instead of unite. In any case , it is good to talk and must continue talking. I respect your views.

    Citizen Ethiopia

  19. Unbelievable!! Oromo and amhera combined lost thousands of brightest people due to TPLF massacres in the past 25 years. You also mentioned the right to work everywhere in the country, I am not sure what want any more in that country than you have right now. Tigrie people own every resources in every regions of that country for past 25 years. For example in my home town gelan( a small town about 15 miles from capital ) 15 years ago there only 6 Tigre households but today they are the majority by displacing Oromo farmers by force or if the farmers refused killing and torturing is normal in all party of Oromia region. The right to work every where is ok if you qualify for job but most of TPLF do not meet any requirements to work out of Tigrea region due thier incompetency.

  20. Too too late where have you been hiding for the last 20+years
    but Sound like another TPLF puppet WUTA LOL GET THE F OUT OF HERE
    you say don’t divide but you label says. W U TIGREANS A
    JUST call your self Another TPDM FOOLS we are alive not dead
    Time to put some of you in Ethiopia 7 feet under

  21. Well let me start by saying better late than never; however, it is too little too late.‎
    I do not know why suddenly you felt the need for this organisation, but I have a suspicion that you are ‎feeling the heat from all corners of the globe about your ethnicity and so-called vanguard organisation, ‎TPLF. There is no shame to stand up for one’s right, but also prudent to see the rights of others are as ‎important.‎
    You highlighted “Stop ethnic Hate” among other issue, in you press release. It seems you ‎conveniently forgot to mention the reasons why in our history now more than ever hate is so ‎prevalent mainly towards Tigrayans? You could have done yourselves a service if you just outlined ‎your motivation for initiating this organization now and go through the events that took place in ‎Ethiopia for the last 25 years.‎
    Hate is not natural to humans; rather it is a learned behaviour. Did you really look into it (hate) in ‎relation to the activities of the TPLF and its surrogates? I hope you will come up with some explanation.‎
    You used much phraseology that is attention catching but most of them do not apply to the situation ‎happening in our country. Freedom of speech non-existent in Ethiopia, rule of law is virtually absent; ‎the constitution has become null and void by TPLF/EPRDFE; the many laws and decrees passed over ‎the years have stifled decent and peaceful protests; etc. So why do you think the majority of the ‎people should love you and your TPLF? When everything it does and did was out of spite, greed and ‎hate?‎
    The bridge of trust is lost long time by your choice of silence, when many of the citizens of the country ‎languished in prisons, in exiles, etc. while many of you are building, owning everything in sight, ‎enriching yourselves illegally,etc. So as they say Trust is not only a Noun but it is a Verb. You can only ‎build the bridge of trust through your concrete actions that show us you mean business and serious; ‎otherwise it will have no effect

  22. After reading a couple of paragraphs of this trash message i had to decide not to waste any precious minute because i already know this is a new TPLF initiative (desperate though).

    However, i tried to read most the commentaries and would like to share this little advise to my fellow ethiopians. People, please do not discouraged with such desperate TPLF message as it is in fact a good message that TPLF has lost in the real battle ground and now turning to the unthinkable battle field where TPLF has no hope to win what so ever, which is the Syber battle field.

    My fellow Ethiopians, we should celebrate as this is a sign the TPLF is loosing faster than we expect.

    I my self am proud Ethiopiawi from tigrai, and i will tell you that this article is from the same worthless scums that are the usual TPLF gangsters, who are looting, killing and destroying ethiopia.

    long live Ethiopia
    final death to TPLF

  23. This article is about diffusing the crime Woyannes did against the Oromo, Amahara and the agaw people, not to address the real problem of the Ethiopian. You cannot fool Ethiopian people like you did the Beddenno killing og the Amahara people by the name of Oromo and present on Woyyane media like the crime was done by OLF. We know you very well now.

  24. This organization(WUTA) is not honest to say the least, They are supporters of the mafia group, TPLF. That is not the way to get trust. You have to condemn The killings by the mafia group of those innocent youngsters who raised their hand to show that they demonstrate peacefully, but the answer by your bosses is bullets. Why don’t you ask why the hate, who started it? The great thing is TPLF or you for that matter don’t represent the people of Tigray. No matter what Ethiopia will prevail and our unity will be back only on the top of TPLF leader’s tomb.

    By the way I am Ethiopian of Tigray origin and you don’t represent me.

  25. I think this is the beginning of the end …Tplf has brought all the hatred we see now in the past two decades and now it is counting it’s days to be toppled by the same people it has pretended to help…the main point of this popular demand is to oust Tplf which is still a lebration front of Tigre people…still working to make Tigre ….now is the time you all Tigre people to pay back…everything has been done to tigrai though the land is barren and cursed…and you will bring back what you have taken from the rest of ethiopia..you think you can fool people all the time..the vice president of tigrai said mekele is the second City next to Addis Ababa where money is circulating. ..money stolen from the people and bank loan only for tigray…you thugs. .will take you down one by one to your grave..

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