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Ethiopian and Eritrean Ambassadors go head-to-head on Kenya Television

World View 17th June 2016 – Ethiopian and Eritrean Ambassadors go head-to-head on Kenya Television
June 17,2015
Last weekend war between Ethiopia and Eritrea broke out again in the border area. Both sides claim victory – the measure of it being the number of dead and wounded soldiers. No independent third party reported accurate figures so far. What is certain is that lives are lost on both sides.
The two countries fought a bitter two years war in the years between 1998 and 2000 which caused the deaths about 80,000 soldiers on both sides. Following the war, the two countries headed to arbitration process. The result was that the border town of Badme – which allegedly caused the war – was given to Eritrea. Yet, the Ethiopian government did not withdraw troops from the area since the end of the conflict in 2000. The situation led to no-peace – no-war state between the two countries for more than 16 years now.
Who started the war this time around over the weekend? Eritrea says Ethiopia launched attack and that Eritrea was drawn to it so as to defend itself. On the other hand, Ethiopia claims that it is Eritrea who started the war. Some sources refer to Ethiopia’s government statements locally to suggest that it was in fact Ethiopia that started the war.
Kenyan Television Network, KTN, invited Beyene Ree’som, Eritrean ambassador to Kenya and Dina Mufti,Ethiopian ambassador to Kenya, to share their stories over the recent clash. Their appearance in the news room was rather tense; they almost fought. They are over emotional and barely addressed the questions.
World View 17th June 2016 – Ethiopian and Eritrean Ambassadors go head-to-head on Kenya Television


  1. These so called Diplomats cannt even discuss properly around a table. Then how do we expect them to Stop a War and any Casualties on the Ground. I cannt believe I am from the Country lead by a Government either of these Guys are representing. God help us, the People of both Countries.

  2. Dinna Mufti speaking on behalf of his Tigre/TPLF masters –
    What an a**hole – As far as Ethiopians are concerned, Dinna Mufti is another prisoner of war and continues to serve his captors just like so called Aba Dula Gemeda (Minasse Teklehaimanot) and Kuma Demekssa (Taye). Dinna is so digusting in his demeanor. Hope Oromos give him what he deserves for his verbal complicity with Tigres of the indiscriminate killings of Oromo protesters. I wish to make it clear to this illiterate TPLF agent – your time is up and you will face justice soon – although you don’t even realize that the days of his masters are numbered.

    • my brother, Before you open your mouth get education. we are brother and sisters therefor we shouldn’t fight each others.

  3. The discussion supposed to be b/n TPLF and freedom fighters for Ethiopian. there is no war b/n Shabia and Ethiopian. Do you think 65 TPLF General represents Ethiopian .that’s why the army’s isn’t represents other ethinc.

  4. These are not diplomats that serve the interest of their citizens or country. They are blood suckers assigned to serve sadistic regimes and its interest. This interview proves to everyone EPLF and TPLF are two sided of the same coin. There is no need to die to defend anything for either side. They are playing with the blood of our brothers and sisters. Shame on you!

  5. Aye Aretera….. Was this the best you could come up with……I am ashamed to be counted as African with this type of wild animals.

  6. Dina Mufti is only representing his big belly not Oromos even ethiopia. What is He shamelessly say he is Oromo but deny the death of Oromo kids. Once one became OPDO then he is non-human just parrot. What else expected from Gobana?

    Poverty and Nefetegnas (Showa Amharas) outdated backward mentality is the main enemies of Ethiopians and Eritreans. Had not been for Nefetegnas ignoble tribal mentality and messy retard rule for the past 100+ years, Eritreans and Ethiopians would’t be separated and they would’t be in this mess.

  8. Guys!!! I don’t want to insult anyone blindly!!! The Eritrean Amabassador is talking false statements. The border was supposed to be implemented long time ago; but the Government of Eritrea refused to take actions. Because, to the east from Edd to Dumera and to the west from Teseney to Hummera are problems. These areas have no evidences that whether they were belonging to either side from the beginning. According to the commission judges, they left blank on their decissions. Dinna have been serving his country with a great ambitions.

  9. What a dilemma!!! They both agreed to abide by the decision of then arbitrary court and when it was announced I remember the then foreign minister of Ethiopia saying his country have accepted the verdict. And then sometime in the next hour his regime told the world that it had a 2nd thought about it. That played right in the playbook of the demon in Asmara. He has done brisk business with it with his ‘full Semitic’ friends in Cairo, Doha and possibly in the speakeasies of Riyadh. Now these two foot soldiers are forced to make fools of themselves. They can’t even express their minds fluently in a well articulated language. Al-Toweel is banking on the involvement of Egypt in this senseless conflict. I bet you my bottom dollar that the issue of ‘Badme’ is the first item on his agenda that he got full backing from these lost souls who are now scavenging at his dumpsites in Asmara. I also bet you my bottom dollar that he will try to send one of his clunky SU27’s to destroy the dam being built on the Nile and kill thousands of innocent wage earners. Then he will call El-Sisi to tell him that he does not have to worry about the dam anymore. ‘I have turned it into rubles, How about some biscuits? Kibble ‘n Bits!! Kibble ‘n bits!!!’. The regime back home will also take advantage of this incidence to the hilt as a matter of distraction. From what I hear back home is that things are not looking good even among doubters over there. Inflation is on the rise again. Even its own projection tells only 200,000 new jobs will be created in the next 5 years. But there will be millions new job seekers coming into the market every year. As in any despotic regimes the only readily job available for the unemployed is war. ‘Everything to the war front!!!’. That will be the life savor slogan. What an unfortunate youth in both countries!!! They are going to die in senseless war launched for the conveniences of mad men on both sides. Let’s all pray that this will never happen again.

  10. I was personally so ashamed by these two guys, but more so by the Ethiopian Ambassador. To start with he was talking about economic growth which has no relevance to the discussion issue. More embarrassing was he was stating what his boss, the late Meless was saying word for word ” either we swim or sink together”. How is it difficult to articulate & tackle the issue. He wasn’t even unable to control his hand movement, he was everywhere.
    He was even describing that primitive shabia ambassador as ” seasoned & experienced ambassador. That poor guy was so emotional he sounds very much like an opposition party representative rather than an ambassador of a sovereign country.
    A government who has ambassador that can’t handle public dialogue, can’t be expected to lead its subjects with wisdom & vision. What a disgrace!!

  11. Two of the three regiments of shabia at Tsorena destroyed beyond repair .
    20 high ranking officials buried officials .
    10 of these are close relatives of the president

  12. Well, it so embarrassing that you both representing us. You can’t even listen each other and respect. How come you bring peace for these people. By the way, do you know communication between two people mean? One speaks the other listens. Please focus on the question than to blame or make look bad each other. You have been in power for 25 years but you have never changed. You still act while you were in war. Please leave us alone, we are the people want to have peace, freedom, and prosperity.
    God bless Ethiopian and Ertrean people for once and forever!!

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