Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan: A Tigre Posing As Oromo For A Purpose

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by Ambo Dambobaa

The TPLF has announced a “new” TPLF/Tigre regimes cabinet members through the puppet Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn. By all means they have tried to pretend that this reassembled group is more technocratic than political and less TPLF than it used to be. They said they abandoned cluster and PM advisory ministerial positions to avoid the perception that the regime was a really a TPLF/Tigre supremacy institution.

Hidden Truth About Workneh Gebeyehu | TOP SECRET
First of all PM Tigre advisors such as Abbay Tsehaye, Arkebe Equbay, Tsegaye Berhe, Birhane Gebrekiristos, Getachew Aseffa, Getachew Reda, Samora Yonus, Sibhat Nega, Breket Simon and the like have not gone anywhere. They are still there surrounding the puppet PM more tightly and more closely than any time ever. They just have gone underground. One obvious salient character about TPLF is that they are shroud and adaptive.

Secondly, the now one full year old regeneration of popular uprising in Ethiopia was demanding for a total regime change, not for change of some ministerial positions. But even if we focus only on the change in ministerial positions, one asks whether the ‘new’ TPLF is less political and less TPLF.

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Let us have a closer look at what has remained in full control of the TPLF after the current ministerial reshuffle or recycling:

1. Samora Yonus (Tigre), Chief of Staff of the TPLF regime’s Defense Forces, a position that has been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

2. Getachew Assefa (Tigre), Chief of TPLF regime’s National Intelligence and Security Services, a position that has been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

3. Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan (a Tigre posing as Oromo), Minister of TPLF regime’s Foreign Affairs, a position that has been reserved for the TPLF for the past 25 years.

4. Debretsion Gebremickael (Tigre), Minister Communications and Information Technology.

5. Asmelash Wolde Sillasie (Tigre), Head Minister of TPLF regime’s parliament.

6. Kasa Tekleberhan (a Tigre posing as Amara), Minister of TPLF regime’s Federal Affairs.

7. Ahmed Abitew (a Tigre posing as Amara), TPLF regime’s Minister of Industries

8. Fetlework Gebre Egziabher (Tigre), TPLF regimes’ blanket Minister of Urban Cluster.

9. Abreham Tekeste (Tigre), TPLF regime’s Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation.

10. Eyasu Abreha (Tigre), TPLF regime’s Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

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11. Commanding Tigre Generals of all TPLF regime’s regional military commands, positions that have been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

12. Commanding Tigre military heads of all TPLF regime’s operational, logistics, administrative and training military departments, positions that have been reserved exclusively for the Tigre ethnic group for the past 25 years.

In a nutshell, TPLF/Tigre regime’s control and supremacy much more widespread and consolidated more than ever. The TPLF/Tigre regime is now in absolute control of the military, the security, the economy, the foreign relations, and the parliament. The new TPLF/Tigre regime’s cabinet reshuffling and reorganization is only a deception. As a matter of fact, all and any changes in cabinet positions has been made to make the TPLF/Tigre regime more assertive, more controlling, more corrupt and more brutal.

Workineh Gebeyehu Woldkidan is a clear manifestation of this deception. Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan is Tigre born in Shashamanne area. He joined the TPLF/Tigre regime’s torture chamber known as National Intelligence and Security Services in the earliest years of TPLF/Tigre regime’s control of the country. The TPLF/Tigre regime sooner made him to wear an OPDO mask and they moved him to Oromia region to oversee the widespread torture, murder, detention, raping, disappearance of hundreds of thousands of innocent Oromo people.

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Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan fulfilled or over fulfilled his genocidal mission in Oromia, and the TPLF/Tigre regime appointed him as TPLF/Tigre regime’s federal police commissioner for over a decade. As TPLF/Tigre regime’s federal police commissioner he directly participated or oversaw the murder, detention, torture, raping, and disappearance of many more hundreds of thousands of innocent in Ethiopia.
Now the TPLF/Tigre regime has made this notorious Tigre mass murderer their Minister of Foreign Affairs. To add insult to injury, they lied to the whole world by posing him an Oromo national, when he is not.

Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan is probably the first notorious mass murderer, torturer and rapist to be awarded a position of the toppest diplomat of a country instead of appearing before a court of law to answer for acts of war crimes and crimes against humanity that he has committed. Death to TPLF!


  1. The author deserves commendation for synthesizing the recent reshuffle in The Tigre government of occupation.

    Most of Woyane’s supposed representatives of Amaras, Oromos and other Ethiopians are also Tiges and Eritreans.

    Again, nothing should surprise us about these people, if they deserve to be called so. Because, nothing they ever did to us Ethiopians is short of fracturing the nation, turn us at best into fragile Bantustan-type ethnic enclaves that Woyane Tigres can maneuver at will and at the worst to completely dismantle our Ethiopia as we know it.

    We are all to blame for the brutal Tigre occupation of Ethiopia. It is not too late to mend our ways and join the national struggle to extricate these cancerous creatures from the country they soaked in the blood and tears of innocent Ethiopians from Awoday to Wolqait.


    • Why do not you dispute his claim instead of accusing him of being a racist ? I do not think his information is untrue. You are the one denying the truth.

  3. First of all, Woyane leadership are divided internally, especially after their Talaku leader passed away. The only thing that holds them together is the fear of the unknown-known if they lose power, and the looted wealth they accommodated over the decades all the comfortable life that comes with it. When Meles died there was internal scrambling for power, a lot of uncertainty who would come out winner etc. Abboy Sibhat was maneuvering the steering wheel with his numerous in laws and some unhappy individuals who were demoted by the name of Metekakat like Syoum Mesfin, Tsegaye Berhe, Arkebe, etc they jumped on Sibhat Nega bandwagon. Azeb was maneuvering another wheel together with loyal people around her most of whom were key servants under Meles administration, but because Azeb is stupid and emotionally weak, she lost control over everything, eventually kicked out of Menelik palace. There is another group came out winner led by Prof Samora, Gen Kinfe, Abay Woldu, etc. this group are happy with the former prime minister arrangement, they work with the current prime minster administration. If you noticed during TPLF first meeting after Talaku leader died, Syoum and Arkebe were about to be reinstalled into executive power but Samora changed it in the last minute. Although puppet Hailemariam is surrounded by numerous retired woyane pensioners, the chief executive power is Prof Samora at the moment.

    As for the new foreign minister being a Tigre background or Gelemso background, it doesn’t really matter, Gobena Dache was oromo second to Menelik, we can count blood line but we will never fish it, yesterdays Yeju oromos todays Amharas, all mixed up. What we have to fight is the system, the ideology, not counting blood line, if you want to do DNA test go ahead but you will be surprised, all the bullshit who is Cushitic or semitic comes to nothing but politics. The best solution is to fight for freedom and justice, you can’t have democracy without freedom.

  4. The appointment of this official to the top of the Oromia region administration does not help calm down the situation in the area. Wasn’t he the same official who was the head of the security department at the time when almost 200 demonstrators gunned down in Addis(Finfine) in 2005? That speaks volume on the regime’s unwillingness to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis. That is one hand. On the other hand the reckless behavior of some individuals like Jawar and other groups who like to pressure the youth of that region to rush into a waiting inferno does not help the situation either. They are doing that from their comfy homes here in our midst or Asmara and Cairo. Just look at this very article. The writer’s problem starts from a nonsense argument that this official is not an Oromo even though he was born in Oromia. I was not born in the USA but I am a full fledged American. What does an Oromo means to this writer? Does that mean that more 11 million people who were born in Oromia and still live in Oromia are not Oromos and therefore disposables? To me that Amhara and Christian first grade classmate of mine from the early 1950 is just as a citizen like myself. Nothing more and nothing less with no hyphenation applied or implied. He does not even to ask for it. It is automatic. Am I going to tell him that he is not an Oromo because his ancestors or even parents were not born in Oromia but rather in far away places of Gojjam or Tigray etc…? No!!! He is an Oromo!!! Full Stop!!! Such rigid and narrow minded classification of people will lead to unprecedented crisis and human tragedy. Above all it is not the ages old custom of my proud Oromo people. And I don’t have to explain that to this seemingly educated writer.

  5. why you deleted my comments? i didn’t write any foul language or offensive words? this is a website with issues that related to Ethiopians, all what matters is the content of the comments, nothing else matters. I don’t care who is running the website or who wrote the article. you can see my ip number what else you need? are you woyane agent that you need my full details or what? is this how to make your website popular? you could have moderated the content of the comment if you wished to, rather than bin it. I will never visit your website, so many websites out there who appreciate my valuable contributions. I regret that I promoted this website in other websites. Thank you and good bye.

  6. The TPPLF is a fascist and racist organization and will never give up its politics of Tigrean supremacy. The so called Tigrean intellectuals such as Dr. Gelawedewos Araia are defending the atrocities of their TPLF leadership and blaming the victims, the peaceful Ethiopians. However, the Tigrean supremacists must know that their discrimintory and marginalizing system is not sustainable.

  7. Hello,
    I really don’t mind if Workineh is a Tigraian if he was working for the interest of the Ormomo people or, for that matter, for all Ethiopians. It is clear that the Oromo adopts people of other ethnic through what is called gudifecha and mogassa and treats them as one of its own. What irritates me and many others, I suppose, is why is the guy or his handlers doing it in a sneaky way? From what he has been doing as the head of the Federal police, he is working for the minority regime. And calling himself an ‘Oromo’ just makes it adding insult to injury. The struggle now is not really about someone’s ethnicity, there are many individuals who are probably Oromos by blood, but are doing the dirty work of the TPLF. They are rightly condemned as if they were the TPLF itself. Similarly, Tigrayans and others who are against tyranny and for human rights should be praised for their actions

  8. Thank you. A good assessment of the cabinet reshuffle.
    (1) Proportionality:- More than a third of the 30 or so cabinet members are TPLF/Tigreans when the population is 6%. The deputy ministers and deputy ambassadors are the real guys who run the state.
    (2) Though the list appears a technocratic cabinet, this is only in appearance and not in substance as the appointed people were predominantly party cadres at the academic institutions.
    (3) Tigreans posing as members of other ethnic/linguistic groups:- This is not a new phenomenon. The author is spot on this matter. Now we have Workneh Gebeyehu WoldeKidane. His grandfather is not Negawo/Noggo.Here is the link for his graduation this year. I leafed through the thesis, it is less than 150 pages long, including references. It is very poor analysis and write up, filled with questionnaire about basic police statistics which he himself was the police commissioner of the repressive regime. It puts the otherwise respected university to shame.

    • 1-You are Eritrean, not Ethiopian, no business here.(Yihdega from Tigray can not hate simply being Tigraway.)
      2- Your racial/ethnic appetite and hate against Tigra has no bound , hence you belong to the garbage bin.
      3-The link,you provided is to the university main page not to his thesis.

      Banda is always Banda.

      • Hello ane

        Try to resolve the problem rather than going into an attack. For your information I am not an Eritrean. I am not a banda, and we know who the bandas are.

        Dr. Workneh is the Foreign Minister of all Ethiopians. He was the minister/commissioner of police (partly responsible for the repression) and minister of transport. In a political setting dominated by ethnicity, asking clarification about the correct name of the foreign minister is not hate. It is about transparency.

        With regard to the thesis here is the link.

  9. Wey Zergnet, endezih yasabdal ? Tigre mehon end beshita metayet gemere?

    Glad you dirty bastards are away from my country,you will surely vegetate and die in the diaspora, just like the Cuban extremists.

  10. Let alone Woyanes even Tigres who have been tacitly supporting their mercenary tribesmen should be scared stiff. They sense the wrath of an angry nation from Ogaden to Wollega, from Bale to Wollo, and from Gojam, Wolqait to Wollo, whom they think would mince them.
    To be fair, they have every reason to fear the inevitable. Unlike their mercenary ancestors who escaped punishment for the untold atrocities Tigres in Fascist Italians committed against patriotic Ethiopians 80 years ago, there will be no clemency this time around.
    They were responsible for the murder of a million Ethiopians. Like now most of their victims were Amaras and Oromos. Woyane Tigres sadistically pulled the triggers that left over 34,000 dead in Addis Ababa alone during the botched attempt on the life of Grazianani.

    Yes, their fear is legitimate pretty much as our resolve to exact revenge is.

    Where would they hide? Ye Habesha Jebdu, the magnificent book authored by Adolf Parlesak has taught us a very big lesson about Tigres. Tigre peasants were ambushing Ethiopian patriots particularly the Amaras and Oromos. They did that for silver coins. The great Abichu however, was a formidable military genius who mowed these lowly men and the fascist Italians in the same breath.

    I hope that all delinquent Tigres and their accomplices will face justice in a proper court of law, something like the Nuremberg trial .That will be the day!!

  11. Obbo alem:

    Tell them!!! Tell them the truth. Such narrow mindedness is not limited to those who parade themselves to be at the forefront to ‘liberate’ my proud Oromos but you can see it manifesting itself in the midst of our Tigrayan brothers and sisters. Luckily it is confined to certain small groups of individuals. Just take that ‘professor’ who posted a fiery but poisonous article on this website talking about what our Amhara brothers and sisters are pejoratively calling Oromos. I never heard of those incendiary terms until that nonsense was posted here. I bet you even most Amhara brothers and sisters never heard of those insults. To that deranged ‘professor’ those filthy terms are enough for Oromia to secede. You see. That is what they do all day when they get together. That is what they talk when they hold meetings behind the closed door. That was what they used as their thesis material to get their Phd’s. That is what they poison the gullible and the unsuspecting Oromo common man with. They complain about Woyane this and that but they still pick out and condemn our Amhara brothers and sisters. You see. They are confused by the very confusion they have created on themselves. That is what I call them ‘confused philosophers’. But that is not a laughing matter. Just mind you if that ‘professor’ is allowed to go into the highlands of Western Hararghe to lambast on a bull horn with such incendiary terms. Just picture the anger it foments and the harm it will cause on innocent people. Such demonic behavior was rampant during the years leading up to the early 1990’s. The songs and poems written by OLF beasts was targeting ethnicity not the unjust system. Then what happened? Innocent poor, harmonious and peaceful farmers were taken out of their domiciles in the dead on the night and butchered in the most barbaric ways that country has never seen. It left a stigma for harmonious and peaceful Oromos like me. Who knows some of those barbaric demons may be walking among us. May be these twisted mind ‘professors’ know them. Who knows? Now what can be done? I respectfully ask the dear editors of this and other websites to shun such demonic writers. I am sure they all know that democracy is not anarchy but rather something that comes with all due self restraints. They should all know that the country we all left behind is sitting on a 100 million plus TNT. And these wicked ‘professor know that fact very well and are trying to find a flint to light it up. Then and then, they believe, they can go in there to carve out a territory where no Amhara, Tigrayan, Sidamo, Afar, Somali or any other ethnic group are insight. Believe me I know some of these individuals. The hatred they harbor for others is unfathomable. Again, they must be shunned and not allowed to spew around their poison on public waterhole like Zehabesha and others. Full Stop!!!

  12. Guys!!!ወርቅነህን ትግሬ?
    እናንተንም መሰየም ኣለብን ዛሬ!!
    ዘር ቆጠራ ይቅር?
    መልሳችሁ ወደ ወርቅነህ ዘር!
    ኣይ የናንተ ነገር!!
    መቀባጠር! መቀባጠር!

  13. People like Workineh Gebeyehu Woldekidan and Samora Yonus are cancers for the country and are the faces of this dying evil regime. Samora is uneducated soldier showered with military stars with no merit. These people have no longterm vision and are poisoning the Tigrean people. I hope whatever disease that took the evil Meles also takes these people.

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