Wolkait, Humira & Raya. The lands of Amhara repossessed by Martyrdom

Never in recorded history were these lands under the province of Tigray. These lands were in the Gondar and Wollo Provinces which were predominantly inhabited by the Amharas prior to 1990. Why would the separatist TPLF demarcate these lands into Tigray? The answer to this is crystal clear. These are fertile lands without which TPLF wouldn’t stand as an independent state as they plan it.

Now that the Amhara militia and special forces have reclaimed their ancestral lands with their blood and lives nobody would dare to take them away from them.

The fact that the Federal Government of Ethiopia sided with the militia and special forces of Amhara to bring the belligerent TPLF forces to Justice is an attestation that the Amhara are the rightful inhabitants of Wolkait, Humera and Raya.

The Amharas in Ethiopia and in diaspora should come together and preserve their ancestral lands. The way our beloved country is going is scary with every ethnic tribe seeking sovereignty and with it claiming a territorial boundary. If the Amharas let go these ancestral lands it would cost a huge  loss. Let’s not forego them in our generation. Let every Amhara do his part to secure the territorial integrity of its region. If the TPLF members paid with their lives to grab the lands that aren’t historically theirs why we the Amharas the legitimate dwellers of these lands standby and forego our last opportunity?

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Ye Lemchenu



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  1. Tigray is a colonizer. The only difference from other colonialists is that it is an internal colonizer. Their rule was worse than Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. One might say Menelik II was also an internal colonizer. Not so. He merely made his conquered territories pay tax. Otherwise nothing was changed. The leaders were left in their capacities and were all left alone to manage their affairs.Suffice it to mention Aba Jiffar of Keffa and Jote of Wollega. To the contrary TPLF annexed Amhara lands — Wolqait, Tegede, Tselemt, Humera and Raya — and tried to wipe out Amharas by all sorts of crimes imaginable and settling large numbers of Tigreans.
    Amharas must recite all the crimes perpetrated on Amharas to their children and future generations so that they are always ready to fight back any invaders.

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