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Wife of Ethiopian jailed political activist, AndargachewTsige speaks

Phot- Debirhan
Phot- Debirhan

In late June, #Ethiopian political activist #AndargachewTsige flew into Yemen en-route to Eritrea but disappeared. It is believed he was kidnapped and sent back to Ethiopia. A spokesman for exiled opposition movement, GINBOT 7, Andargachew faces the death penalty for alleged anti-government activities. His wife, Yemi Hailemariam spoke to Focus on Africa’s Akwasi Sarpong after a protest in London about the last time she spoke to him.

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  1. Just a simple question…
    if He is a British national, what moral ground does he have to claim all kinds of struggle regarding our country ? he is a foreign national and should only care for UK.

  2. Hello,
    My prayers are with your husband.
    However, his involvement with Ginbot 7 was to make another meaningless war on people of Habesha descent.
    We have fought for enough years
    Now I think we need to focus on development.

  3. Enkuwanem.yetaser ye oromo telat mechereshaw ayamerem hulachum ye genbot7 ayekerelachum yesu etta fant

  4. I just wonder if MR. Andargachew / the British man / can have the right to meddle in other countries political affairs to the extent of countries convict him death penalty. If he wants to be pronounced as British man he must abide by the rule of law in British. No country should accept any interference by other counties citizen or government. No one respect their country’s law and disrespect others.

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