Why not Greater Oromia Instead of Ethiopia? A Response to Dr. Fikre Tolassa’s Open Letter

By Feyyis Oromia

I read an open letter written by Dr Fikre Tolassa ( http://www.gadaa.com/Beyana-Suba-1.pdf ) directed to Dr Bayan Asoba of the ODF and also saw the different responses from few Oromo nationalists including the one written by Dr Bayan himself. It is really an interesting discussion. I couldn’t manage to ignore this discussion and to refrain from airing my own opinion in public for I used to write on such either pseudo- or true histories of the Oromo, the other Cushites and the Abyssinians now living in Ethiopia. Let me express my view regarding Dr Fikre’s open letter. I don’t belong to those who totally dismiss his view, but I do have certain concerns and a criticism in some areas of his writting.As I first heard Dr Fikre speaking and as I read his opinions, my reaction was: “here is a modern neo-Debtera carrying Oromo name and propagating the same old fictions and legends of the Abyssinians”. I think he was also a bit like this at the beginning. For instance he used to write that the Oromo are who “expanded in the sixteenth century towards north and occupied Amhara territories”:

“… The Amhara were not lucky enough to live in peace. Shortly after the Islamic wars were over, they engaged in a war with their other countrymen, the Oromo, who had started expanding into their territories in the 1520s when the Amhara were busy with their Muslim brothers. Compared with the Tigre, the Amhara lived in the most fertile regions of Ethiopia. Initially, the different Oromo tribes fought the Amhara wherever they happened to be, looking for ideal grazing lands for their cattle….”

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Thanks to the Oromo liberation struggle, now he is writting that the Oromo were/are the indigeneous people in this part of the globe and many Abyssinian scholars unwillingly started to entertain this fact. We need to congradulate Dr Fikre for his change of mind and for being ready to learn from new facts he ever get. I am not a historian and can not falsify or verify his current narration about history of the Oromo, but I can say one thing. His new version of the Oromo history is better than what the old Abyssinian Debteras used to write. They tried to denigerate the Oromo and regarded this great nation as alien to the North East African region, whereas he glorifies and confirms that the Oromo nation is the back bone of the region.

When it comes to the geneology he tries to tell us, I don’t want to say it is a fabel, but I would like to recommend Oromo scholars with conscious mind of Oromo nationalism to engage him, find out the fact and try to consider his perspective in writing Oromo history from Oromo point of view. As I could understand from one of his hitherto opinions, his information is based on one discovery of a very old literature in Nubia. He once wrote: “… This information is based on on my reading of Ethiopian history and Metsehafe Djan Shewa, (an ancient Ethiopian manuscript in Geez discovered by Meri Ras Aman Belay, in the ruins of an Ethiopian church in Nubia, a part of the Ethiopian Empire) which has been, translated into Amharic, abridged and published as Metsehafe Subae by the discoverer himself… ”

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According to this finding, the geneology speaks more for the Cushites, to which the Oromo is the main stalk and from which the other Cushitic nations of the region seem to be differentiated. The name Amara was derived from Mara (an Oromo term), “one of the sons of Deshet”. A-Mara means, according to his assertion, children of Mara. I think the logic behind this derivarion is, if we take the geneology at face value, that Amara are the children of one of the Oromo (Cushite). This assertion supports the claim of some historians that the Abyssinians are the self-denying Cushites whose priori identity could be either Agaw, Oromo or other Cushitic nations. I think it is better to say that Agaw and Oromo were brothers and the Abyssinians are the converted Cushites, who in due time changed their identity by accepting the system of both Aristocracy and Theocracy and claimed to be from Semetic origin, just to distance themselves from the common people.

Coming to the appeals, which Dr Fikre directed towards Dr Bayan, it seems that Dr Fikre lacks a necessary sensitivity regarding the Oromo national liberation struggle of the last more than 150 years. Disregarding whether the Abyssinians and the Oromians are biologically related or not, the fact on the ground tells us that the Abyssinian elites were and still are the enemies of the Oromo people because of the crime they used to do and are still doing. Whatever name we give to the oppression (colony, domination, exploitation, dictatorship, empire buildung and -keeping, tyranny, fascism…etc), the Oromo people are in a bitter struggle to get back our freedom by any means. Dr Fikre seems to have a sympathy towards keeping the empire at any cost, instead of adressing the Oromo grievance. To this end, he tries to instrumentalize his knowledge of history, be it pseudo- or true history.

This attitude of him is well reflected in the three demands he made: change of the alphabet used in writing Afaan Oromo from latin to saba; persuading Oromo to strive further in order to keep unity of “greater Ethiopia” by abandonig a “little Oromia”; wishing the Oromo to love the curent Ethiopian flag; and asking the Oromo to accept Ethiopian identity rather than being proud of their Oromo identity. These demands actually faced furious resistance from almost all Oromo nationalists who read his open letter. They percieved his opinion as a mischieve calculated from the Abyssinan camp to weaken the Oromo national liberation struggle and to possiblly reverse the victories achieved up to now.

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Unfortunate to Dr Fikre and those who do have the same stand like him, the Oromo struggle has reached at the very irreversible stage. Using latin alphabet has got not only linguistric value, but also political meaning. Simply put, it is one of the the ways used to distance the Oromo national identity from that of the oppressors. Also a flag has got both emotional and political dimention. One can not love the symbol of an enemy at any battle field. Most of Oromo nationalists, who fought and struggled against the Abyssinian empire had to fight against forces carrying this flag. That is why it is wrong to expect Oromo nationalists to love and wear Ethiopian flag as Dr Fikre seems to do.

Regarding “little Oromia vs greater Ethiopia” he mentioned, I would like to recommend Dr Fikre and all who love the empire to rename the country they want to save as Oromia. When we look at the version of history he wrote, the whole empire can be called Oromia. Just as their Addis is our Finfinne, their Ethiopia is our Oromia. Because of the fact that the name Ethiopia is contaminated by the meaning given from the Greeks (burnt face, which is almost the same to the N-word used against blacks) and by the content given from the Abyssinians (making Ethiopia equivalent to Abyssinian empire’s system of domination, excluding as well as exploiting the Oromo and the other nations), this change of the name is mandatory, if we really want to live together. That is why I asked in the title of this opinion: why not you accept greater Oromia, rather than asking the Oromo to join you in loving immiye Ethiopia? Surprisingly, the Abyssinian elites who tried to exclude the Oromo from the Ethiopian identity are now doing every thing under the sun in order to persuade us to accept this same identity. The response of Dr Bayan regarding this attempt is very precise and to the point:

“… I want to make one thing perfectly clear to you and your likes. The days when Oromos had to endure self-abnegation are over and shall never return. We have rejected the Itophiyawinnet that is the antithesis of being an Oromo and shall continue to do so as long as this antithetical relationship is maintained. The choice is yours and your likes’. You either accept us with our identity and other rights fully respected or you kiss goodbye to your much vaunted Itophiyawinnet and Ethiopian unity. Can you not see that there is something immoral in trying to build Ethiopian unity on graves of Oromos, Sidamas, Walayitas, Kambatas, Hadiyas, etc .? Why do you refuse to recognize that this aspiration is ultimately counterproductive? I only hope that this irrational, immoral and ultimately destructive aspiration would give way to a more sober and fair articulation of an Ethiopian identity that is as an amalgam of the identities of the various nations inhabiting its territorial space… ”

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Simply put, I want to tell Dr Fikre and the others, who do have a similar attitude that the future of the empire will only be either to be transformed in to a genuine union/true federation as the ODF planned, the union which can be given the name “greater Oromia” if you agree or you will just face the inevitable emergence of the “littlle Oromia” in a form of an independent republic as the OLF is trying to achieve. Both you, the Abyssinians, and we, the Oromians, know very well that Oromia being occupied by Abyssinia and kept within Ethiopia will not last as long as you want. That is why we need to come to our senses and try to find a solution, in which we all do have a win-win compromise. Manipulating histories and legends is not what we have to do now. Important is a future oriented creative thinking, which can benefit all the nations in the empire. All the anti-Woyane forces (the pro-independence forces like the OLF, the pro-federation forces like the ODF and the pro-unity forces like the UDJ) ought to come together unconditionally and deal with the fact on the ground, instead of the ongoing day-dreaming about any sort of past legend or future utopia.

Last but not least, what ever our history is, there will be no compromise on the destiny of the Oromo nation. All nations in the empire do deserve an imperative freedom of their people and an optional independence of their land (based on the public verdict of the respective nations). The Oromo as a nation does have two alternatives after achieving the national liberation by our bitter struggle: either to have free Oromia within a union of nations in the region or free Oromia within the United Nations (UN). I think Dr Fikre and all the pro-unity forces need to realize this fact. As far as I am concerned, free “little Oromia” within a local union as planned by the ODF is only a temporary solution leading towards the free Oromia within the UN as envisioned by the OLF. For the Abyssinians to save the unity of the country forever, they have to approach the Oromo nation with a better idea than an independent “little Oromia”. That better idea can only be a transformation of the present Ethiopian empire to a future union of free nations called “greater Oromia”, of course with Afaan Oromo as the primary working language of the union and a flag of the union with mo’aa odaa, instead of mo’aa anbessa or mo’aa anbasha, at its center. May Rabbi/Waaqa help you, the Abyssinians, and us, the Oromians, to accept this reality!





  1. I agree with Fayyis Oromia. I wonder what this so called “pro-unity” gangs are doing. They are few in numbers. They don’t have constituency. 99.9% of them are Amharas with few like Dr. Fikre. They fight with Oromos, Eritreans, Trgreans, Afaris, Benishangul, Somali, Debub people, and Sudan.

    They talk about 3,000 years of civilization (Dr.Fikre pushed it back 4000 years for them). You know what they say are teaching other Ethiopians? “We teach others how to eat ‘injera'”. Whether they are educated or not, be it Professor Mesfin, or a farmer in the remote village in Gojjam, they look at the world the same way. What a loss?!

    • I am sure u do no what Amhara means OROMO allways Think if some body hero he is an Amhara i mention some exampel.
      Abebe Bikela he is an Hero he is an Ethiopian Oromo sager att he is an Amhara.
      Other exampel Loretr Tesgaye Gebermedhen he is an Ethiopia they gave him name is an Amhara.
      i can menntion thousende of such cases trust me.
      If some one who are costym he is Amhara some one who are Boty shoes he is an Oromo .
      some one who drive Buss or Lonchin he is Tigre .
      who just do busness is Guragie.
      This mind should be terminate .

      This COVID 19 VIRUSS some what those who old gernerationb make to cl like Bekele Gereba.Dawed Ibbssa ,

      They will be teken awye from Poletics it isa thier busnees.

  2. A fundamentally ignorant bubble. One has to understand the history of the country and its population and try to judge the route they took to where are they are today based on the challenges they face and the information and knowledge they have at that time. You can’t rewrite history or judge the deeds or misdeeds of history sitting in some western nations capitals and eating your hamburgers.
    The problem we have in the current day Ethiopia comes from so called “ellites” of ethnic groups who are fighting for their own power or their egos. None of these so called “ellites” worry about anyone but their own self.
    Look at Meles Zenawi, he was talking about the people of Tigray while he was stashing money in some western bank to the tune of 3 billion dollars. If this writer, who is an unrealistic dreamer got power, he will be the same, but he preaches to be concerned about Oromos, and he will destroy everyone for the sake of the Oromos. We will see that when it happens/if it ever happens. I will tell you a fact, that is not a fantasy, Today’s farmers in Wollo, Gojjam, or Gondar…etc were not the benefactors of the so called “Amhara” rule. They were pushed from their lands by the Oromo migration, and now they are told that they were opressors by idiots like you.

    • Which history of the country are U talking about? The one written by one sided habesha elites and debteras is not acceptable by non-Abysinians.

      • Why needs coflict with all things what u need are u normal in ur mind i thnink it is good for u to go to hospital to remove ur left side mind which allways creat negativ thinlking i am sure u have left mind Tumor.
        after ur examination u caan start to write ok .

  3. I feel sorry for Dr. Firke Tolossa. He pretend to be Oromo by calling himself Dr. fikre tolossa/tolassa (I made all the letter lower case), sadly he couldn’t spell his name in the great people he clam has a relation. First how a Dr. couldn’t spell his name? mind you there is something wrong here. language. Secondly, how a sane human being (let’s say an educated ) ask the Oromo to abandon Qubee to Gezee? How a sane educated human being, to abandon the formation of independent Oromia where thousand heros and heroines dead for, for the unity of that empire. I feel sorry for the little Dr. who doesn’t understand the depth of the topic he scrambled about. That is the characteristics of little minds. You scrape history won’t help the poor Amhara who at a moment hated by all other ethnic groups and as a result expelled from all part of the country are partly due to your and your likes so called educated crap and irrational thinking.

    What do you expected from a son whose father nurtured him lies and deception? nothing but more lies. Likewise your father or most probably your mentor (Abesha Debter) told you lies and you the son, modernized it by Dr. suffix and came up with more lies and deception. We the Oromo’s have more than enough historian, engineers, politicians, physicians, demographers, journalist, teachers, chemist, business entrepreneurs and farmers. We don’t need lies like you. let me say one thing to you and the like. Thanks to God, we are self sufficient, in human or natural resources. Oromia can stand alone. Our problem you and your likes. We don’t want you as you want us. You know this fact as we do. Let me sum up with great Oromo saying, “Soqiida miiooftu offifi, diidu durru dhaga dhagga ta’ii taa’ii”. yr, fikru You don’t need translation do you? kakakakak you know what I mean? don’t you?

    • My friend Nadhii, Make no mistake about it,You are the little mind. Dr. Fikre promotes unity and brootherhood in these days of the 21 century. But you and the likes of you are as narrow as it gets masticating rhetorics of division and separation.The sad thing about YOU and people like you, is that you are suffering from an incurable and incideous disease called INFERIORITY COMPLEX.:Complex its up ones psyche to the point of insanity. That is exactly where you are now my friend. SNAP OUT OF IT IF YOU COULD. THE SPIRIT OF ETHIOPIANNESS WILL ENDURE AND PREVAIL.

    • if it wasn’t for ur stupidity in the first place , the oromians would have ruled ethiopia from the dawn of time. Here u go again barking like a dog on someone else’s victory and hoping to have a part in it . do u think the tigrayans will let u have ur fantasy, greater oromia ??? no, the tigrayans have plans , plans to build their greater tigray at the expense of oromia . if u haven’t awaken yet u need to listen carefully , TPLF is using u as a weapon against the Amara plp because they know it very well that the only enemy they have and is capable of throwing them out is the Amara plp, As of oromo plp , it’s enough to tell u an old fable about how the amara plp used to kill the oromo plp . u see the tigrayans know how to rule u and steal from u, just by telling u what happened hundreds of years ago so u can lose focus on the now. please don’t be stupid again , Ethiopia will be there forever with or without ur little oromia . YOU SEE ,MORE PLP OR MORE LAND DON’T ALWAYS CREAT AGREAT NATION.

    • Fikre Tolossa is not OROMO he is an Ethiopian.
      Ethiopian Hero u can say as sual all who creats new things a good mind u are thinkng it is from Amhara u can say Amharah Fikre Tolossa but we know as he is an Ethiopian.

      Who says only Amhara is best in all there is other s EWthiopian who are hero

  4. ኦኖግ በ50 አመት ትግሉ ስኬታማ ስራ የሰራው የ150 አመት ካንሰር በጽንፈኛው ጃዋር ጭንቅላት ላይ መትከሉ ነው:: አስተሳሰባቸው ይገርማል።

      • Jawar is not only extremist, he is also immatured, self deluded, shallow-minded, psuedo-scholar, islamic fandamentalist, racist and a puppet! A dangerous person, not only to our unity but also to the very Oromo people. You may think he stand for the oppressed Oromo, but no, he is only a puppet to his masters, just like you.

  5. Why not democratize and change Ethiopias national language from Amhara minority language (Amharic) to Ethiopia majority language (Afaan Oromo) , we oromos were Ethiopias majority not the Amharas.

    • Letta,
      In the first place who said so that the Amara is a minority group??? Do you have any evidence for that or you just talk only for the sec of talk? Regarding the language, okay it is up to your effort to make it that happen.

  6. This is another narrow minded oromo I prefer to say Gala b/c they also call us differently. Where is the struggle of OLF man, had TPLF not been in the position, OLF would have never been in Addis for one or two years. I can assure you that OLF idea will never win b/c 1. Brave will go to jungle and fight not in USA or other countries 2. False never wins, your historical analysis is based on false premises. A few years ago I read on OLF’s web that says Amhara killed around 10m oromo people but nowadays they put 5m they may still change it as time goes on while the population of total around the area was 12m People Thus that is why I usually argue that even Oromo historians do not know what they are writing they are totally blind by hatred. I can assure even your conscious indeed know that you will never win Amhara in any aspect. You guys were diffusing your hate against Amhara for the last 22 years but you did nothing on ground except on the web. Amhara is still in your mind while others are oppressing you which is considered to be brave according to your definition.

    The other funny thing is you, the writer, said Abisinas Debtera so many time, one thing the write does not the meaning of debteras as I mensioned above they usually write what they do not know. You know those debtrates were able to write and read during that time while your people were not able to do that. why oromos were not able to read and write their history and also why those hated Debteras were writing for you, was that oromos were so intelligent or brave I will this for you. According to my own thinking, I respect those debteras b/c at least they mentioned oromo in their book

    • The struggle of the Oromo people for self dtermination is not determined by OLF alone. Whether OLF is weak or strong it is none of your business. All oromo political organizations even OPDO demands that the Oromo people should rule itself/self governance/. The only difference is whether to do it under the umbrela of Ethiopia or otherwise.

  7. Here is one Oromo guy, Dr. Fikre Tolosa, who is trying to unite Ethiopia based on a true history of Oromo but most Islamic Oromo Libration Front people are attacking him because they don’t want to know the truth. They don’t care about Ethiopian hisrory but they just need to get power and loot Ethiopian resources.

  8. Feyyis Oromia, please don’t waste your time attacing the educated Dr. Fikre Tolossa, we know who you are

  9. The only way out of this quagmire
    1. Let everybody agree on removal of Weyane
    2. Let everybody agree on democracy and free election
    3. Let everybody agree to accept who ever elected by people regardless of the elected individual’s ethnic origin, gender, religious affiliation
    4. Let everybody agree all 82 ethnic groups are equal and Ethiopia belongs to all
    5. Let everybody agree all languages are equal
    6. Let everybody respect the right of an ethnic group’s to choose any alphabet to write their language (Geez, Latin, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, or Hieroglyphics)
    7. Let everybody agree to choose one local language as a national working language through good will negotiation to create win-win situation (for example, Amharic has been common to all ethnic groups). If negotiation doesn’t work, use referendum to choose 5 or 6 major languages. If everything fails, then use English (as last resort)
    8. Let every ethnic group use their own scholars to write their own history. Let a panel of historians composed from each ethnic group write the common history based on empirical evidence (archeology, anthropology, paleontology, artifacts etc)
    9. Last but not least, forget and forgive the grudges of bygone era and deal with current and future issues
    10. For superior and inferior complex therapy, I can be reached at samimirror@yahoo.com

    • @Mirror,
      i agree with all what you said! That should be the way-not terert teret awireowch like Fikire-should change to his oromo name and the oromo hardliner nationalist like gemechis feyiss-As far as Amhara and and oromo ethnic origin-there is a huge difference like there is a big gap between earth and the sky-but those who are a breed of three or four ethnic groups try to mend this difference on teret teret and myth-so as An Amhara person who have a long tradition of recorded history including archeology, an oromo is an immigrant from down down deep south-our first encounter is right after Grange Ahmed’s devastation-it is written also by the Arab Faqi not by the Amhara person! So we do not need a myth to mend a broken relationship because the myth is falsehood at its best. “Dr.” Fikire’s attempt is just stealing the Amhara history at its worst form if not succeed then graft himself and his kins in to the great History of the Bet Amhara heritage. So i tell him to stop that crap and make peace with his own kin.

    • The main goal of the Oromo struggle is to allow the oromo people to make refrendum on its fate [being independent or part of Ethiopia]. This is a natural and legal right. No worlidly body can stop the people from demanding this right. Our goal is not to rule Ethiopia. Our question is not about democracy, free election, etc.

  10. I just wanted to say few words!
    I read half of the article during lunch break and I have liked the attitude, clarity, and intelligence of this writer much better than all the articles including Dr. Beyan’s that were flying on web sites regarding the same issue this week. I will re-read the complete article after work and put forward my complete comments.

    I promise to share with my complete reflections on your article.

    • an oromo person admiring another oromo person-you yourself are -please change your name from Menen to chalituu-that best suits your motive!

  11. Mr Feysa, you are the most crippled and confused personality i ever happen to know. According to the retarded OLFits’ naratives, we, as Ethiopians, have only 100+ years of common history. You claimed to be an independent and free nation before Menilik “colonized” your ancestors. Now paradoxically, you are also claiming that OLF has a long history of struggling for the people of Oromo, as long as 150 years – to be precise. lol
    Interesting point though, how ever long you struggled, you are what you are, still guerrilla fighter, uncivilized and ignorant!

    • It is such illogical argument that arouse many oromo nationalists to reject your Ethiopiawinet. There is no historical heritage that Abysinan kings prior to Minilik II left outside Amhara and Tigre lands . Accept this truth. Tewodros and Yohannes didnot unify even Amhara and Tigre let alone ruling Oromia.

      • That’s exactly what I was I teasing about! Yes, you should accept the truth. You see the very imperor you claimed to colonized your ancestor was not even in power 150 years ago. His reain began in 1890, which means to this day, it has been only 120 years. If OLF has 150 years of history, who were they fighting with during the 30 years before Menilik’s reign? Morons! Like I told you, you will only fatten your CV and accumulate your experience as a rebel without any achievable goal. Barking another 150 years like ውሻ is inevitable!

        • Hi Obsaa fasam

          Who said OLF has history of 15o0 years? Do not manufacture lies;speak the truth. You, moron neftegna, what kind of achievement U expect from OLF? They have already made millions of Oromo youths self concious Oromo nationalists. They developed Afan oromo. They brought back pride to the oromo people. They have achieved a big portion of their goals. What remains is a matter of time!!!!!!!!!

  12. The best thing is to live in peaceful co-existence. As far as the past is concerned, we have to accept the fact as it is. we cannot change it. But we can take what is good and leave aside what is bad. I do not know why some guys consider the Oromo movement of the 16th century to the central and north Ethiopia as fabrication of Absyssinia scholars. This was also written by foreign writers. After the defeat of the Emperor Libne Dingil by the hands of Gragn force, the christian kingdom collapsed. majority of the amharas were massacred by the gragn forces. Following that the Oromo people occupied many areas they presently live. Many of them who became in contact with the amharas in shewa became orthodox. I do not see any wrong with accepting this historical fact.

    As far as those books from Nubia church, I have read one of them translated by Meri Ras Aman Belay. The book is named ” Metsihafe Abrhit” Abrhit is the name of the mother of Ezana and Sayzana. The book deals, among others, about amharas. who were the amharas? The amharas were the strong military of the axumite emperors. It is true that Ethiopia is the home of cushites. but this does not mean that every cushite is Oromo as every semitic tribe cannot be Arabs.

    on the other hand, I do not accept the assertion that Oromos came outside Ethiopia. probabaly they were around the present day Bale before they expanded to the areas they occupy today. Portugese scholars have written that the Oromos used to live around Mogadishu before their move to the present day. Here note that before the war with Ahmed gragn, Mogadishu was part of the Ethiopian empire. so in one way or another Oromos were not outsiders.

    The Amharas used to live in and around Axum before they were forced to depart the city by the invasion of Beja tribes from Eritrea. Then they moved to Bete amhara(wollo) where they restored their solomonic dynasty.

    There is no pure race and ethnic group. As amharas are the mixture of agews, felashas and kimants, the Oromos are the result of the mixture of Oromos with the different tribes in Fatagar, Dawaro(Arsi), Bale, Enarya(Wallega ),shewa,..etc.

    my point is that there is no any incompatibility between historical accounts. so let us not focus on unimportant issues. Rather focus on building peace, brotherhood, love and democracy.

    • Thanks Rayaw-endewim ene gemechis and other olf hardliners, and those living in Ethiopia say Rayas are oromo-the most disiilusional claim-they just have the habit of making every body an oromo if they seem to find similar nomnoculture in a society-i can give them a name Tola from the bible and i am sure they say the guy is an oromo person-funny-again if i give them the name Adama which is an hebrew word, i am sure they will say it is oromiffa because they have that same word in their language-funny and ignorants as they are, they claim to be a victim of the Amhara or Abyssinians-may the God of Ethiopia deal with them harshly not the innocent ones.

    • U reminded us Oromo movement of 16th c to North. But do U know history before that? Even the places which are now occupied by Amharas and Tigres were once belonging to cushites such as Agews and Kunamas. The Habeshas were some where in middle East. History tells us the semetic people of Africa are the latest to migrate into Africa than cushites.

    Oh! The Habesha editor! What is going on to your head? Can you spare the Orthodox Priests and Debteras from your Chickens and your Rabbits please?

    Dear Feyis Oromia;

    I have told you over and over all these years there is no freedom when you flee from the battle ground in search of European sandwiches. You live in America. You do not get it do you? Chicken like you squawk and make a big to-do when scared and running. I can’t imagine anyone with a normal mind would have marched to battle under a banner of these cowardice.

    Why are you and your leaders fleeing from Ethiopia and sheltered your selves 9,385 KM away from the said land “Ormia” and squawking here living from America? I do not mind lying to yourself, but please spare the mass from your lies as if you are fighting to free Oromia:- Will you?

    Take the grain slat as a man and stay in Ethiopia to liberate your Oromia if that is what you want, and spare us from your squawking. Will you? You find it bitter to take the grain salt and here you are tantrum like a child in our ear. When are you going to chew the grain salt as a man and remove yourself from the American sweet cookies to liberate the said Oromia?

    You need to learn how to resist the heat and stay in the jungle, than to run away from the battle to feel your belly with cheesy food. How are you going to liberate Oromia land living in America? You can’t even freed single OLF fighter- they all die or got rotten in jail for 20 the last years. Your comrade fighters were surrender to TPLF voluntary by OLF leaders in exchange to get a free passage for themselves from Addis Abeba and allowed to exit through Bole Airport. How hard is this to understand? You owe to feel a shame to yourself than talking “free Ormia” crap through computer screen. You need to free your Ormia if you have one, now, than to get fatter eating cheese sitting in front of computer screen. I ain’t going to hear your computer squawking until you go back to your Oromia land and show us that you are a fighter who can stand a fight in the battle to free your Oromia. How hard is it to go back to the vast jungle where no one can see you? You know you can’t do that, because you are lying to yourself. You know you can’t do that!

    As far as I am concerned, you and your likes can call themselves Oromo Democratic, Oromo Liberation, Islamic Oromo, Oromo Federal….this Oromo that living in Europe and USA. All these groups are nothing but bunch of liars and are like chickens and Rabbits and symbol for cowardice. Making so much squawking is not going to help you. The bawk- bawk of the chicken combined with the tucked arm flapping seems an irresistible challenge in the computer. But, that is only in the computer, though! You all OLF cults love me from your inside though you hate me from your outside, because, I tell you the facts and how you are lying to yourself that you get it hard to swallow it. Because I am exposing your lies more of so than any one. I will still advice you, if you mean it from your heart, go and fight! Why is it hard to go back? The habit of eating Swiss Cheese or the habit of eating Macdonald Hamburger? Please de touch yourself from self decieve and spare the mass from your lie. Thank you Getachew Reda (Editor Ethiopian Semay)

    • @Getachew Reda

      Whether Oromo nationalists live inside or outside Oromia is none of your business. You called them cowardice. If you are brave why not U show us your true identity and work so that we learn from Ur bravery? Why not U free ur country from TPLF mafia? kkkkkkkkkkk

  14. Feyyis says Fike tolossa is wrong and I am right. mr Feyyis you can write your make believe story to your sympathisers.

    I have another suggestion for you. what is wrong with greater tigrai, greater somalia, grater afar, greater amhara, greater gambella. ….. you may be planning for your greater oromia and to impose your oromo on the rest of us , I am afraid you could end up with nothing.

  15. Are you sure you are educated:) Doctor? Forget your dream and wake up what we should do together with the rest of Great Ethiopia.

  16. @Feyiss

    What evidence do you have to disprove that the oromo migration to the north did not happen,?
    what evidence do you have to disprove the theory that the oromo originated from the south and central africa?
    . You can only speculate where you came from and fantasize about imposing your greater oromia on others but believe me it wont happen.

    what is clear is that what we call Ethiopia today is a biblical land. It is inhabited by migrants from the north , south, east and west. who comes first or last to inhabit the land is not the question. You are here now.

    You are not a historian by your own admission so leave history to the historians.

    • @babb

      What evidence do you have to prove that Oromo migrated north happened? What proof do you have that Oromo migrated from South Afriaca? What evidence do U have that Habeshas didnot migrated from middle East?

      What we call Ethiopia is quite different from bibilical Ethiopia. Arramba ena qobbo new. What we call Ethiopia today is a result of intentional name giving to Abysinia plus territories occupied by Abysinian army during the invasion of Oromia and Southerners by Minilik II. As parents give name to their new borns , Minilik II and his entourages deliberately gave new name to Abysinia and its colonies. What is the connection between a person whose name is Solomon and biblical Solomon? The relationship between modern Ethiopia and biblical Ethiopia is analogous to this.

  17. Hi ALL,
    good to read these comments, whether they are the rational ones from the well developed minds of personalities or the emotional ones from sub-cortex level of thinking!

  18. The fact that Oromiyaa is bigger than Abysinian makes Fayyis’s argument very rational argument.

    The majority population (Oromos), with their bigger land (Oromiyaa) do not need to be re-named to ‘Ethiopia’.

    If Abysinians want to live in peace, they need to accept such a compromise. If they don’t want any compromise, they can go to hell with their Abysinia or Ethiopia (another word for Negro). Oromians can always live with their brothers (all Cushitic people) without any problem. Understand that, not a signle cushitic people would like to see another disaster like it happened to Agew. I believe a huge moverment of all Cushitic people is imperative!!!

    Freedom to all oppressed peoples!!!

    • aye galla-why do not you come up with your true identity-zagwe Dynasty -funny as it may seem, you choose to hide your galla identity with Agew identity-or is that greater cush mentality-the same person by the name Obsaa acts as an ages, as a beja Hamassen, as a galla oromo-nice try

  19. “Ethiopia out of Oromia … Ethiopia out of SOMALIA… Free Oromia … Free SOMALIA”
    Jawar Siraj Mohammed.

    There is a striking similarity between Feysia and Jawar Jazbaw, perhaps they are one and the same. Whatever it is, people you should think. Think twice, three times, four times, … why did Jawar’s moto incorporate SOMALIA??? Why? Not because he is concered for the Oromo or Somalian people, but because he is an Islamic fandamentalist!!! You must wake up people!

  20. Dear Feyyis,
    I read your article in full. I still appreciate your frankness. However,
    1) Your thinking is contaminated with a goal of vindication, bad!.
    2) You are completely prisoner of the past, alas!
    3) You are completely insensitive to the present generation like me, sorry!

    Fikre brought out the genealogical aspect of our history simply to tell the truth that our past rulers were largely Oromos by blood and Orthodox by their culture thereby contrary to OLF’s false history that it was the amhara’s dynasty who were ruling the Ormo’s from the beggining of the earth. For example he correctly cited Yekuno Amlak was Oromo in blood which is a bitter history olf does not want to hear.

    Fikre also brought to light the fact that Oromos were within the Ethiopian Empire long before the 16 century mixed in blood and culture with others. What happened in the 16th century was that more Oromo’s moved from area that was outside the Ethiopian empire and joined their relatives the driver being better land.

    Therefore, the Ethiopia you seem to hate so badly was the creation of Oromos as well.

    So it clearly seems to me that you have no case at all, buddy! If you have one, it must be political power or a complete confusion!

    About the script, Geez was also the script of Oromos before 16th century. In the post-16th century era, it becomes the script to the newly arrived oromos. .

    Again, Fikre is right.
    Again you have no case!

    I will prepare a broader article on this subject, stay tuned!

    Bye for now!

    • keyet yemetashe keshem neshe bakish-yikuno Amlak is an oromo galla-hahaha-please change your menen name to chalitu-you are a mixed person from different ethiopian tribe and the present political structure does not suit you, and i understand that but it is utterly foolish to mend the broken politics with a myth-you already taken what the Pusedo doctor(PHD holder-Pull Them Down) as a biblical truth, and want to assert it as the history of Ethiopia-do you know what the Monks in Amhara sayint say and have-they have geez historical documents that goes against what the fake doctor says! If you want to know go and ask them! Dedeb galla neshe-yihen tariken maffles -ena addis tarik mesaff ayawatam-endyawim yawesasbewal-but the mixed breeds want a pill that help them with their pain which is they want every one is like them-mixed! sorry that does not work! so gaddise aka menen-take another pill for your pain that works best-that is accept the facts as they are instead of twisting and rewriting history.

  21. Oromo activists should be pleased in the current developments of Ethiopian politics. One thing that has been a problem for the oromo political leaders was the lack of clearer vision when the enemy has some how transformed itself into a mirage. Now we see the Neftegna system breathing again after several years of doldrum. The creation of Moresh has awakened the old feudal remnants with the guiding principle of the earlier Neftegna system against which all other national liberation fronts were formed. For a while they burried their head in the sand and waited for a moment until the TPLF allied ANDM were able to control the Oromo national aspiration under the cover of the TPLF. Lencco Letta and his cliques declared their willingness to give up their 40 years of struggle to the democratization of Ethiopia hoping that Amhara extremists would listen to them. These did not happen in the vacuum. Lencoo and his cliques were warned that they would give a wrong message to every body including Oromos, but Lencoo being the man of his own world did not listen to us. Inspite of all these slogans of the far right, the road is now getting clearer. We are coming off of the doldrums partly energized by our enemies and partly by the elimination of the vascillating wing of the OLF. We want to assure every Oromo that we are far more energized and organized than at any time in our struggle for the right of self determination. Today our youth are ready to take the task to a finish line. Let us not mess up again the opportunity that is presenting itself.

  22. Just one more thing to those Oromo haters. Oromia is out of your hand and you will soon see that Afan Oromo will be the dole official language of Oromia. That you cannot do anything whether you jump up or down.

  23. Now we are in the civilized 21st century but the Oromo’s are still thinking back to the stone age. Thanks to Dr. Fikre Tolosa, as a historian, he tries how the history of the Oromo people is assimilated with the other people of Ethiopia for common good. Because their logic as well as tactic and strategy to bring change to the Oromo people as well as to the Ethiopian people in general in the ideology of their OLF becomes fruitless while their struggle took more than 40 years. The ideology of OLF is based on hatred and enmity on the Amara people by ignoring their real history. They give the name Abyssinians to those who considers them their enemies and their colonialists. This blind and narrow thinking strategy leads OLF to remain in vain for century. As the condition of the world is changing OLF remains stagnant, its scholars can’t bring new ideas that can bring their struggle fruitful. Their wrong way of struggle that is to form the unknown Oromo Empire by separating from the great country Ethiopia which is impossible fails and their supporters suffered a lot in the prison of Dergue and Weyane for long. But now after the OLF lead by Kemal Gelchu declares shifting its old ideology to Ethiopian ideology, the other OLF was also changed to ODF after long time evaluation of their long time wrong stand. This new ideology may help them to work with other Ethiopian opposition parties for good purpose. But still there are some issues that they still don’t avoid. Still they support the Weyane ethnic divided falls Federalism to be used after the fall of Weyane instead of finding another system that strengthens the country’s unity, freedom, and equality means a system based other than language and ethnicity like the Federal system of the USA.

    • Now we are in 21c but Habeshas are still thinking like people of Stone age. Nothing is wrong with the struggle of the oromo people. It is quite right. The Oromo people struggles to administer itself which is legitimate in any centuary be it 21st or not. To the contrary Habeshas want to rule Oromo people for ever. Have you heard any Oromo nationalist claiming to rule Gojjam?Gonder?Tigray?

  24. When he was in conversation with an Ireland diplomat Melese said that ” we told OLF people as they are not Ethiopians ; we taught that it hard for them to accept it;but quite the opposite . So whenever we think it is the right time we will tell to this ____ as they are Ethiopians. If it is simple for us to convince them with the wrong it is definitely will not be difficult with right.” when addressing the diplomat concern that OLF says we are not Ethiopians.

  25. I thank the writer for his way of argument. He doesn’t use bad words and tried personal character assasination unlike Me Beyan who claimed he is more oromo than Dr Filkre.

    I’m expecting another blowing response to this one. Dr Beyan doesn’t deserve a response. I hope somebody will present a nice response to the ‘great Oromia’ concept here and the flag proposal. it is getting interesting. Drop out responses like that of Dr Beyan.

  26. Those of you, who think that suggesting “Greater Oromia” instead of Ethiopia is a wish of the Oromo nationalists to impose their dominance on other nations in the empire, why couldn’t you think the same when trying to pressure the Oromo to swallow the name Ethiopia, which they do associate with all the oppressive machinary against their identity? Actually the author of the opinion already put clearly that the name change from Ethiopia to Oromia should happen based on the free will of all the stake holders, if they want to save the UNITY they are craving for from a danger posed by a possible independent republic of “Little Oromia”!!

    • Who told you to become Ethiopian? Wasn’t it Oromo that wanted and signed that right? Why should Habesha be called greater Oromia, if we have 2000 year old Habesha history way before Oromo migration into Ethiopia? How does this even make sense to you?

  27. These old (outdated) scholars claiming they are the sole representatives of the Oromo people and who more often than not are clinging on borrowed foreign and narrow doctine are unfortunately the most vocal and somehow believe fictions become realities by merely by reciting it over and over again. They are transfixed in the past and the content and even the way of delivering their narrations seem to be frozen in time. They concentrate on trivial and tribal issues and concepts like unity, nation building, mutual interest, peaceful coexistance and interdependence are beyond thier reach. Of course interests of such self-centred individuals can only be fulfilled in this narrow domain. Isayas of Eritrea is a good example of that.

    If one looks at Obo Beyan’s response, he picked a very trivial issue of his name and made it look like the end of the world in near instead of trying to understand the intention of the writer he was responding to. renaming individuals and place of other nationalites may have happend at certain time of our history.But that has long gone not because of the struggle of the Ormo scholars alone but the blood, sweat and tears of all ethiopians. Obo Beyan, there is no (or should not be) special ethiopian and all nations/nationalities will jointly decide our future. On the one hand you and your oganization pretend to extend an olive branch and seem to align your struggle with ethiopian organizations and on the other you demand a bar of salt/sugar (bribe) to be ethiopian. No sugar man! (for any one of us). We can not be blackmailed any more. What ever litte gains made in the relations of our communities was realized by blood, sweat and tears of our pepole including the Oromos. The stuggle for total democracy and freedom will also bear fruit only and only if we stand together.

    I know you were engrossed by your ego and did not focus on the message of Obo Tolosa, but was simply saying Oromos are one of the biggest nation/nationality and instead of crying and complaining all the time take charge, aim high and lead us to freedom and democracy.

    The other strangest comment was that of Obo F. Oromia. He suggesting that abyssinia/ethiopia is the enemy of the Oromo people. I did not understand ,however, whether or not he meant to say that the pepole of almost 82 other nations/nationalites of ethiopia are the enemy of the Oromo? The sadest thing is he claims to be a scholar of repute! shame.

    Lastly let me say that our fates are joined by history and we better make use of our diversity and reachness of our humanity to build bright future for our kids and grand kids. We cann’t change history. No country in the world was created without loss of life and property, repression, domination and all evils one can think of. That did not deter many of these from forging ahead and build unity.

    As I siad earlier, we can not change our past but we certainly can collectively shape our future! Decent just for the sake of it will not help us in this process specially whent it is based on fake, out dated and senseless allegations.

    Solomon A.

  28. Solomon A.

    I just finished reading the recent Amhara people’s organization called MORESH’s garbage press release just a while ago. For the first time I read the details of the Ethiopian administration under the Italian rule. Though I am not a historian, I consider myself a well informed person and I was flabbergasted to find such important and revealing information after eighty years. Where did they hide such details. Yes, we had known through our historians that Oromo elders pleade with the Italians to give them arms so that they could liberate themselves from the Amhara rule or to provide them with a protectorate status against the Amhara rule. In all our history those details were never made public through written documents. It would have been very informative and illuminating for the new generation of Oromos who started the liberation struggle just decades ago. MORESH had made it clear that they are determined and resolved that they would wage a war against all those who stood against the Amhara rule of the past hundreds of years to regain their hegemony. It is a wake up call that confirms our observation from history that colonial rule must be uprooted by decolonization. There were huge strategic errors committed by OLF leadership and the result of their hesitancy is now showing. Oromos must face the reality that a colonizer and a colonized cannot live together in peace and justice unless that bond is broken cleanly and unequivocally. We now have a clear vision and we should excercise the knowledge accumulated over the last 40 years to unchain ourselves from the vestiges of Amhara political domination.

  29. This is a typical stand of an inferiority complex from the very fundamental oromo-disguised, perhaps, a religious radical element.

    Obbo Feyyis Oromia, why don’t you write in your real name? Your smallest mind’s solution of imposing your fabricated “oromia” of whatever sort on the great people of Ethiopia shows your evil mentality. In one of you tongue, you claim to be championing for the freedom of oromos and on the other tongue you claim to impose your culture and inferior complexity on the grater human beings of Ethiopia. Your narrations are simply baseless and useless. You are ready to destroy your own children, very pathetic. Try to avoid your wild emotions that may overwhem your person and instead think positive for humanity. Get out of being a beast that disregards the humanity. Your generation has become a pain to humanity than a champion of solutions for peace and love, which calls for the unity of humanity. Woe for you and those broods of of your likes who are disoriented from humanity.

    • @Bekele Gerba
      kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! The bible says
      “When U point a finger at someone, three fingers point back to U”. In Afan oromo there is a similar saying “Sareen re’eetiin eegee gadi qabadhu” jette. You requested Fayis to write in his real name. How do U know that this is not his real name? Even then, what is the problem: U are also using sb else’s name. U said “fabricated Oromia”? What about “Ethiopia”? Is the border of Ethiopia demarcated by God?kkkkkkkkkkk

  30. where is the boundary of imaginary OROMIA? is that the line melese zenawi has drawn?like wise that of somalia and tigray. if you people donot like peace we will see the reaction of peace loving people of gonder,gojam and wollo alongside with other citizens embracing their proud nationality of ethiopianism. whether you like it or not after we remove woyane the current ethnic lines will be abolished and the former regional boundaries will be reinstated whereby outdated politics of olf will be buried far deep into the ground with its toxic fanatics for the sake of innocent citizens.

    • @WEY GIZE

      Who will abolish the current ethnic lines? Do U believe that Oromos, Tigres, Afars, Ogdens, etc accept your Ethiopiawinet while U are downplaying their nationality?

  31. I cannot understand why we deal with one another in such a harsh and negative manner. Just because we have different opinions we don’t have to loose respect and exchange negatively charged views. Whether we like it or not the peoples of Ethiopia are living together peacefully respecting one another even in a situation where our leaders preach civil war distrust conflict and death.
    The best thing is to use the future which is in our disposal in a manner that would insure sustainable mutaul benefit fr all. The first effor must be directed in creating a democratic environment and let the people speak what they want.

  32. This article is not written by oromo person but the who pose as oromo Woyane.To expand hatered among the people.please take care.

  33. Feyyis and zagwe dynasty,

    You said the word Ethiopia means the ‘N’ word, neggro. We are proud to be a neggro people. we are proud Ethiopians.

    What does oromo mean. Unless you suffer from identity crisis, you are a neggro too. Or are you telling us you are not a neggro. Then what are you if you are not a neggro

    OH I see you are cushite, hahahahaha… You think you are denigrating the ethhiopian people by calling us neggro. With your little brain, this is the sort of politics you are engaged in – IS THAT HOW YOU DREAMT UP YOUR GREATER OROMO.

    You should understand that the word neggro means black. Black is a colour like any other. If you hate being a neggro hang yourself up. you are a neggro too and live with it.

  34. i hate politician but i like my country i have to do everything to have peace to my beloved country. I suggest to Oromo elite, please think globally and act locally. We need freedom for Ethiopian, whether Oromo,Amhara,Somalia etc . Oromo elite please do not think for one second ” Oromo self determination” this impossible mission, do you think this possible? how do make Demarcation, do u think your demarcation accepted by all over Ethiopian (North -South, East West)? How do u live with other ethnics from North to south, from East to West, do you think when you struggle for self determination what about others ethnics? 81 ethnics will fight for survival. Please try to work out how Oromo people can live together with others Ethnics with individual right.

  35. I read through most of antiOromo articles a desperation on the part of the Amhara establishment. Most of it empty rhetoric that does not have any bearing, but it is their culture to ullulate in an empty space. Too much noise with out substance. You do not have any gut to do anything against the Oromo people despite your bravado. There will be no political solution to our differences. Those who have survived the last 40 years of political life know how deep our differences are in the vision and the future of the country. When Thomas Freedman ( New York Times columnist) asks the question ” Can God save Ethiopia?” (May 30, 2013), it shows how concerned others are? The Amhara bravado is a self aggrandizing emotional and psychological make up of a delusional mind. Nothing more and nothing less.

    People, even if you give them their imaginary Oromia, they will turn it into hell by creating religious fighting between Islam and Christian sectors as the Somalia radicals turn Somalia into chaos and hell on earth.

    They can’t even be one as we speak before they get their imaginary Oromia let alone to be one after imaginary Oromia. Mainly, those Oromo grew on the Eastern part of Ethiopia are majority Islam and are have radical Islam sentiments (I am talking those organized under OLF). Most of this sectors give Islam first before their country. That is why you see conflicts between democratic citizens and radical Islam who want to bring Sharia government and ban any music or dancing in society. Go to You Tube and write the following title on you tube

    (1) ” Ethiopia: radical teacher wants women oppressed” and the (2) Ethiopia: radical preacher exposed.

    The first one is preaching no music, no loud talking, women should not be out of their house, should not dress any dress they want to dress, above all he hate to see church on his eye- he claimed if he sees church on the street going home, or around any city, he feel sick.

    The 2nd preacher is also saying if the government, governing you is follow Muslim. Islamic government “follow his order”- if it is non Muslim- destroy it “do not obey it. Many of those came from Oromo ethnic- and they are radical Islam ,, very poisonous and very savages who can slit human throat and burn church and kill anyone none Muslim.

    So, when the said imaginary Oromia is free (smile), Oromo people will be the second Somalia. One will say, hell with this “I want to go back to my Ethiopia- the other will say “I want Sharia /Islamic government/ the other will say I want independent from Oromoia (just like Somali land and Punt Land in Somalia).

    I meant it. I am not joking here. They will be the worst than the Somalia to create chaos to the Horn of Africa. You got to study the practice of Islamic Oromo Liberation Front lead by General Jara who passed away last few months. These cults think it is going to wait Milk and honey. You people have to believe me, I have studied these extremists and liberation fronts and their behavior for many years. They are chaotic, hapless, selfish and savages who can slit human throat as it is goats/camel’s throat. They are sickening. That is what they will do to each other as Somalia is now if they get the imaginary Ormia.

    • @Getachew Reda

      Oromos internal fight is none of your business. Should we live under slavery for ever for the fear that independence results in internal fighting among Oromos? This is a cancer which affects many habesha scholars “I know for you.”

  37. Let Ethiopia go into pieces and then we will see who will live in peace!!!
    When the nest is demolished, the nestlings will all perish. And that is surest way to perish all together!!!
    Any one who tries to fan stupidity and hatred or disunity, let all of you use your heads to think!!!

  38. Getachew Reda,

    First of all I admire your honesty in exposing your chauvinistic attitude towards the Oromos. I agree with you that the possession of the boundaries of Oromia is not a panacea for our century old loss of the structure of government. It takes a while to establish a truly democratic institutions. In the process we will face difficulties, but apartheid practice will be eliminated as we know it now. We would have lost nothing as we never experienced democratic rules under Ethiopian rule.

    Just for the record, what qualification do you have to study the social structures of Oromo political organizations? Your xenophobia towards Muslims is even far more remarkable. Objective social studies require the necessary prerequisites to posit questions and dig for facts to substantiate ones own hypothesis. I do not see any qualification that you have except barking like a dog. You may have that instinct which does not require a lot of learning. With regard to your belief of Muslims, Ethiopia is at a current stage because of your elks lurking in the position of government always using religion as a wedge to govern. It is a sad saga that the country has to go through for centuries. It appears that modern education cannot penetrate the minds of some sectors of the society. You see “Unexamined mind” is not worth living.

  39. Getachew Reda,
    I liked your enthusiasm about Ethiopia. But you chose to counter opposite arguments by talking trash. There is no better word to describe your line of argument than the word “weak”. Remember, I didn’t say you are weak, but your words and what you talk about put you in par with real debteras. You could have spent your time developing the basic skill of writing argument. Argument is about logic and substance. I don’t know what you look like but if your words were to be accompanied by musical tone, a bray of donkey would better suit it. I’m still not referring to you personally, but to your words and argument. A unified Ethiopia can only be realized through constructive engagement, rather than making empty noise. You guys who claim to be Ethiopianists don’t have even opinion leaders. I’m afraid that you are orphanized and left in the open field where there is no body to collect you.

    As regards to Ethiopiawinet that Dr. Fikre refers to, forget it, that is an old hat. All your ancestors tried but died unsuccessfully. The few last batch of debteras like you are now in trouble finding any place on earth to suit you. Hey man, I’m not attacking you personally.

  40. mamo/memo,
    You are still bleching about the amhara doing this and that. Wake up man, it is Tigre People liberation front flogging the people left and right amhara, oromo, ogaden, gambella, afar, sidama …… Know your enemy, you are now in 2013.

    it is ignorance and stupidity that is delaying your freedom. Beating the wrong horse wont get you freedom. You are still hallucinating about the amhara. in your psychic mind is buried hatred for the amhara and that is blinding your vision and had made you unable to see your real enemy.

    Mamo, your idol Feyiss who wrote this article said he wants to dissociate himself from Ethiopia , because Ethiopia means the ‘N’ word , as he put it. I feel sad for you people. because your mind is tormented with inferiority complex that you do not even want to see your selves as neggroes.(black). what are you if you are not a neggro/black. Know yourself and know your enemy. Dont make yourselves a laughing stock of africa.

    If you think you can liberate your selves with the likes of tdlf, pplf, ollf. odpf, mmff, eff, dff …think again.

  41. From GETACHEW REDA (editor Ethiopian Smay)
    If one asks, who leads and drive the mind o poetical or religious cults of the barbarians, fools, and nihilists of our century- the answer you will get is “ educated elements- who are by profession engineers, Surgeons, B.S/M.S degree holders. There many fools, like this OLF pig here worshipping educated elements without knowing the definition of it. Reason why I am here arguing with some barbarian worshipers is to study their way of thinking for the last 15 years on the internet.

    This fool doesn’t understand that I am studying him and his other like him what they write and what they say and react when they are irrational. This fool doesn’t believe me when I said “I studied them for many years”. This is more of institution to study cults than the schools themselves, I studied. Many cult followers from OLF/IOLF/TPLF/EPLF and the Ethiopian radical wuhabists/Islamists had lost their natural rational thinking and guided by the educated evil elements’ doctrine of thinking and rebuttal. This cult arguing with me now, think, I am a new guest for internet arguing with radicals and extremist who are mercenaries to destroy Ethiopia and its history.

    This fool think , Ia m wasting my time arguing with him. I enjoy arguing with this extremists to study them and and their thinking the changes they show from year o year. This two years , they were calm; but lately, they are relapsing back where they were in terms of their ignorance writings and reactions to Ethiopia and its history.

    As you know evil is a difficult area to explore, because the concept and practice of evil mainly comes from educated elements. This radical fool doesn’t know that educated elements are more sophisticated evils than the uneducated elements who are playing on his head. Educated are the once who are ruing Africa more than ever, by creating a havoc of civil war and conflict.

  42. @Getachew REda

    As the proverb goes “Do not teach a pig how to sing; it wastes your time and it irritates the pig”. The pig is you.

  43. Feysi, let me tell you one thing, your dream of a country called Oromia will never, ever be realized; If you want a blood bath where no-one wins (may be you do, since you are dumper than an Ox) you can go on with your poison. You are so deeply infested with hate; change or die soon.

  44. Hi Guys,

    In his own research, Dr Fikre Tolossa brought some historical facts about Ethiopian rulers of the old times. Ok, That is very nice. Well, i can’t find anywhere he mentioned about a country called “Oromiya” other than Oromos in connection with Ethiopia. Some people who claim to be Oromos responded with euphorie while some with suspicion filled with hateful comments from both parties (Oromo vs. Ethiopia or Amhara). As for me, the whole “Eset-Ageba” revolves around the question of “Who or “which tribe” owns this Ethiopian history”. Some of them have come to realize that Ethiopia is not a country of mere “150 Years” of history. Obviously it is the opposite that took different shapes in its long and glorious history. It is indeed glorious when you own it or you will curse it when you feel you don’t claim to own it. Regardless of who the grand architects of our country are (Amharas, Oromos, Tigres, Bantus, Gurages, Bejas, Sidamas, Kimants, Agews, Christians, Muslims, Jews,etc..) let us cherish it as our common heritage. Regardless of everything happened in my history, good or bad, I am not ashamed of it at all (Every country of the world is created by the warriors of its own brave citizens: you tell us if there has been otherwise in human history, I am not chavinist, btw.!). The remnants of this historical events manifest today in the standing army every “peace loving nation” has. As I said previously, I am proud of my country’s history and I claim to own it as so many millions of other Ethiopians do. The last 22 years of hateful propaganda would yield to nothing to proud Ethiopians, ofcourse we have to admit there will be temporary confusion destruction of all forms. When I think of the length of the last 22 years, it absolutly peanuts when compared with the time span our Ethiopian history went through. In my view, a country created with out historical foundation will not las long, where as despite many challenges, Ethiopia will.

    Ethiopia shall rise again.


  45. Tazabi,

    I would be very happy if you could also explain to us in what form Ethiopia will rise again. Slogans must convey realistic outcomes. We have been struggling to make Ethiopia different from its earlier history for the benefit of all its inhabitants for over 50 years. There are those who tell us that the Ethiopia they cooked shall remain forever and others who would like to hear no more of that name. So the question is what would your Ethiopia look like?

  46. Qube is writing the oromo language using Latin letters. Oromos, as far as I know were never colonized. Voluntarily falling for colonial power tools? One would assume they have the dignity to claim what is theirs. So why not use/claim what is theirs, instead of kissing ass from some colonial power? I mean having/coming up with an Oromo exclusive letters is one thing, but going all the way to Latin when there is an Ethiopian alternative is foolish, if not racist and stupid.

  47. Mamo, Iet me try to answer your question concisely: Ethiopia shall rise and will be one of the greatest modern nations in Africa, to which it proudly belong. Confused old farts like you, who have never known what they wanted, will most likely die smoking like incense from unjustified hatred. Our people have lived together and will live together in peace, for they know they have nothing to share with your thinking and you except the mere blood relationship, which you have disappointingly abused. It is your choice to clean toilets in the West and at the same time suffer from such inexplicable degree of inferiority complex. The Oromos, Amharas, Tigres, Gurages, Hraris, Wolaitas, etc will forge a future for peaceful coexistence under a visionary leadership, which cannot in anyway include minds and hearts like yours. Though it seems too long, this was clear when Ethiopians from border to border rose up to shake down the centuries-old monarchy, which finally crumbled in 1974. That event and the years that follow take a special chapter in history written by the bloods and tears of all Ethiopians in the hands of the brutal Dergue. Thus, when you open your mouth about Amharas and all other ethnics other than your “Oromos” remember what the Young and the educated from these ethnics have sacrificed and paid in form of their sacred lives for the well being of all Ethiopians. Take my word, your liberation fronts will vanish soon, as your empty bravado and yourself as a being will vanish. Once again, Ethiopia has been on the inevitable transitional phase. It has sacrificed enough in the past several decades and had reached a time point at which it is ready to move forward.

  48. Hatred has eaten up Meles Zenawi. If you opt to follow his path, I can only say ‘mengedun cherq yadirgilachihu…’ Feyyis, Bayan, Mamo and all fake Oromos, where do your children grow up, by the way, and how? Are you feeding them from the same plate as yours? I can assure you that I, as an Oromo, never expressed to my children hatred towards any ethnic group or race. That does not mean I was allien to being treated unfairly. In fact, on the contrary. But hatred breeds hatred. I would rather teach them loving people regardless of race, faith, color, gender etc.

  49. Hatred has eaten up Meles Zenawi. If you opt to follow his path, I can only say ‘mengedun cherq yadirgilachihu…’ Feyyis, Bayan, Mamo and all fake Oromos, where do your children grow up, by the way, and how? Are you feeding them from the same plate as yours? I can assure you that I, as an Oromo, never expressed to my children hatred towards any ethnic group or race. That does not mean I was allien to being treated unfairly. In fact, on the contrary. But hatred breeds hatred. I would rather teach them loving people regardless of race, faith, color, gender etc.Oromo does not teach hatred.

  50. …Hatred has eaten up Meles Zenawi. If you opt to follow his path, I can only say ‘mengedun cherq yadirgilachihu…’ Feyyis, Bayan, Mamo and all fake Oromos, where do your children grow up, by the way, and how? Are you feeding them from the same plate as yours? I can assure you that I, as an Oromo, never expressed to my children hatred towards any ethnic group or race. That does not mean I was allien to being treated unfairly. In fact, on the contrary. But hatred breeds hatred. I would rather teach them loving people regardless of race, faith, color, gender etc.Oromo does not teach hatred.

  51. Obsaa, by beating around the bush and playing the games set up by TPLF, we are prolonging the suffering of our people. We should be able to have a clear stance in getting read off this extremely notorious group, which has been behaving not only against the interest of Ethiopians in general, but also in an inhumane manner to almost all ethnic groups by driving wedges in hair cracks. As Solomon commented above, no state is in its present state without ups and downs and without injustices committed by one group on others. But that is now history. Besides, in most cases, people seldom committed crimes on other people as do powerful groups do on people. What I am saying is we cannot continue lamenting forever. We, Ethiopians, have realized this since five or six decades ago. The Mengistu Neway coup was a case in point. The student movement that followed this event was a national movement determined to bring about justice to all Ethiopians. That movement did not, however, end up as intended. It was hijacked by an unexpected notorious military group. This was followed by another criminal group called TPLF, whose hallmark is intrigue, hatred, deceit and lying. The various so-called liberation fronts are nothing but tools that prolong the life of TPLF and or suffering as people. I believe we have to break out from thic never ending vicious circle and come to our senses. In this effort, a consensus is needed in identifying the real enemy, who lent deaf ears to any appeal whatsoever, and act in unison to remove it. I do not have the slightest doubt that the Amhara hegemony of the past will never come back in its form of the past, for Amharas themselves have rejected that system, when they rose up to topple the monarchy. The problem we need to solve is how to protect our will for genuine change from hijacking groups like the Dergue and TPLF. In this context, it is very sad to hear the same old grievance about Amhara dominance we used to hear fifty years ago. Know your enemy, man!

  52. Dear all Habesha;
    After reading all your rotten comments above; I decided to hit my keyboards.
    They days which you enjoyed political, social, economical and cultural supremacy over Oromiya(Oromo land) from 1880s E.C to 1970s E.C has gone not to come back. None of your and your future generation will see that light again. Period!
    I am not advocating independent Gada Republic of Oromiya or the “God given Unity” you are preaching though. I only need justice, equality, and fairness on all aspects for the nations inhabiting the present day Ethiopia.
    The bottom line is OLF shall negotiate with TPLF(what the TPLF guys have been begging since they entered Finfinne). That will be the lasting medicine for you cowards. TPLF and OLF or EPLF and ONLF all follow the same ideology and they all believe your hard dying imperialism should be abolished once and for all. So after I saw all your cries over here, that should be OROMO’s last card. The negotiation is only economical and power sharing since their core politics is similar. You will end up crying generation after generation then!

  53. Guys (especially oromos) pls don’t forget that there are woyanes and shabiyas here that talk like as if they are amaras b/c they want to divide and rule the country. Pls be alerted and don’t increase your hatred. I think we should be smart and remove them from power. How can a minority of 6m people rule the big (ethiopia) or (those of you who are oromo) oromo people. You know what I am amhara but i don’t care if oromifa is an official language. That is what dr. merara is working at. we can have so many official languages. Loo at south africa they have 11 official language and they are living with the people who used to kill them. Pls the oromo extremist groups do you think your anesstors suffered more than the black south africans? don’t be fool and pls think like mandela for the betterment of all people.

  54. You Oromo extremists, you call us Abisinians instead of Amharas and you hate being called Galas. You call me abysinian one more time and I swear, I will never call an Oromo Oromo anymore in my life but just Gala.

  55. “Miserably Lost boys of Ethiopia” here insulting each other while Egypt is trying to bomb their identity and existence. But one day you will cry if the hatred you saw yields fruit and find a place where you hide yourself. But I know God will not let us down because of those confused ones.

  56. nama

    did you just say illegal occuppiers? have you forgotten where you habesha diqalas came from? soon we will ship you to yemen so you can be united with your long lost brethrens . fyi oromos were the original occupiers of their current land stop spouting bullshit. stupid amharas are not good at anything but tellibg fiction stories.

  57. Oh !!!! Africa.You have delivered children but they are selling you tothe whites.They are your children but they are selling themselves and losing their identity.You have nurtured children to contribute to you but they are robbing you and preferred to live in the white land marrying the white lady or man.You taught them your history which deserves place in their hearts but their hearst and minds are filled with the love of the white history.You taught them your literature but they refused to learn it and use it, instead they want to learn the white man’s alphabets and teach your children who are being denied of their culture and literature.You sent them to the white’s universities to learn their technology and the tricks how they developed but they sold themselves and preferred to be an intellectual slaves to the white.You taught them to love one another but they are learning the hate theology and preach it to their own brothers to kill one another.You taught them to listen to their brothers and sisters but they came back to rape you and kill their own brothers and sisters using the white’s weapons.Mother Africa do you think there is solution to this problem?Do you think you have delivered human beings?If they are human beings they should have saved their brothers and sisters from disease,hunger and shame.Mother Africa you better say I am good-for -nothing.You delivered not human beings but beasts.Pray that God saves you from these butchers and murderers.

  58. Dear Feyyis Oromia

    I know this most likely is your pen name. But, I have to sue it to address you properly. I have not seen any one who is completely devoid of reality and live in a dream world. This is pathetic to the highest degree! Asking to re name Ethiopia and call it Oromia which is sadly is a name conjured up by some after the 1974 revolution. well, dreaming is anyones right so keep dreaming.

  59. I wish EPRDF will metamorphose into Chinese-style government and straighten out all the madness going on in Ethiopia- even though they created it. I am 100% sure so-called democracy will not work in our ethnically polarized country. I plead to EPRDF to do just that. Let bygones be bygones.

  60. The Semitic roots of the Amhara people and the Habesha sub-ethnic groups, which are Tigre and Gurage, are genetically confirmed and proven to be factual. It has been proven that Amharas fall in the same gene cluster as Ashkenazi Jews and some other Aryan ethnic groups. Plus, Amharic and Ge’ez are Semitic languages; some scholars go as far as considering Ge’ez to be a Hebrew dialect and likening the Ge’ez alphabet to that of the Semitic Paleo-Hebrew and Phoenician alphabets. Plus, it is an Anthropological and observational fact that Amharas have craniofacial traits and features that identify them as Semitic.

  61. The paradigm that the Tigre, Amara, Oromo, and Somali communities are separate and unique entities solely based on the fact that they speak different dialects is an illogical form of reasoning.

    It is a real shame that there may be seemingly educated people who are not able to ‘think ‘ better or ‘inform’ knowledge than this squabble we are reading here.

    Clearly our people are not being properly educated on the many subjects that would make you a true citizen, well informed and articulate.
    There are over 2000 separate languages on the African continent.

    According to the reasoning behind the separatists ideology…. there ought to be over 2000 different countries in Africa.

    That would be chaos and render/regress Africa back another 1000 years in terms of socio- economic development.

    After all the identification of an ethnic group by language has now been ruled out through modern scientific DNA mapping. East Africans now are all seen as one group that share ONE common DNA haplogroup.

    That being said, African resources and citizens are being plundered. We (the citizens of Africa)are looking for solidarity and a common solution for our people.

    African leaders are presently not able to use ONE African language for the identity of our African Union….instead use English or French to bridge that gap.
    Sadly it is the darkest hour for our people on the continent. Especially when the strongest Advocates of the African independence on the global platform ,Ethiopians,are reduced to this kind of kindergarten- squabble.

    Don’t YOU ( common citizen of Africa)realize YOU are in a clear and present attack from Foreign Interests ???

    A great leader is one who can lead many into greatness.

    Thus when under attack one would need to group in alliance and straighten your territorial integrity and influence through a common economic and military force.

    Instead we are seeing here a pathological discombobulation of a people who were once great and solid. Understandably under great duress and distress, yet still it is unbearable to watch.

    Stand Together, or Fall Apart!

    Moral: Do not cut off your nose to spite your face.

  62. ሠላም ለሁላችሁ ፣ ልቦና ይስጣችሁ
    ኢትዮጵያ ለዘልዓለም ትኑር !!

  63. Except the term “Amhara” comes from “Ama’Hari” literally meaning blessed people in Aramaic. Amhara and Oromo are not the same people, and will never be. The problem with Oromo is that you don’t have your own invented things…you don’t like your own alphabet, your own food that’s sustaining, you don’t have a society that’s sustainable. But you come to Habeshas, and demand that they give you what you didn’t invent, or you scream oppression. You don’t see what you’ve done to Habeshas, but you’re always the one to scream to have done wrong. Grow up Oromo. For a very long time, Habeshas tolerated you. But no more. Your preference to marrying Habeshas on top of screaming oppression is also very, VERY, hypocritical and laughable.

  64. The objectives of African union shall be (a) achieve greater unity and solidarity between the african countries and the peoples’ of africa. As per agenda 2063 heads of states launched african union passport on july 19,2016 which diplomats started using recently. https:g-opening-27th-au-summit-kigali
    can we see the big picture and the future ahead of us – greater unity and solidarity, instead of focusing on what makes us different. gambians, burkinabes, …will come and leave, work, do business here and we there, we are africans and we are human beings.

  65. The fact of the matter is, there is no one majority nation in Ethiopia, if majority means at least 50+1, for any person who understands simple arithmetic. The Oromo, according to the latest official CSO population census are, undoubtedly, the largest nation in Ethiopia comprising 34.4% of the population. The figures for the rest of the population groups in the same census is Amhara 27%, Somali 6.2%, Tigray 6.1%, Sidama 4%, Gurage 2.5 and Wolayta 2.3% respectively ( Wikipedia ). From this, we can see that no one single nation can form a majority government in Ethiopia today, even if we agree to go by the rules of ethnicity, a proposition which many people in the country including a good number of highly educated and respected Oromo intellectuals, don’t necessarily agree with. Hence I submit that, given the fact that we Ethiopians are complex and diverse, we better stop thinking about who is majority or minority, but rather focus, negotiate and find a win-win strategy on how best we can live and thrive together, with fair and equitable use of our limited resources, respecting each other’s values and learning each other’s languages, teaching our children in schools that currently stand at 22 Million, at least one international language so that they can learn science and arts better and live a better life as enlightened, creative and productive global citizens.

  66. Dr Fikire Tolos is poor minded debtera scholar who lost his mind due to his extreme racial behavior !!!

  67. HI to all
    i am sorry to all who call them selves as a wise,no body knows what to be written,what to be commented.some are insulting OROMO by saying gala ,gala means’ lets go”it is plural noun.what about naftagna.just i am not insulting any one,Fikre is the gudifacha of orormo,who came from Amhara.you do not beleive ask Abiyi Ahmad

  68. THE OPEN LETTER AND ALL THE COMMENTS ARE VALUELESS.it is not what any one expected such like stupid words from one educated politicians or elite.please evaluate your self before comment on any one.

  69. Write your comment…you could have lived in a much better sanity and peace if you have stayed with your father at your locals. Mr f… your mind is spoiled and decayed. How you manage to have the courage to give such futile analysis. Your wicked thoughts and ambitions never get surfaced. we ethiopians, whom so ever he/she is, lived together for centuries with dynamic social, cultural, economic, … interactions that brought us to the current days. At tmes good and at times may be the other way round. Lets work together to solve our real and threatening societal problems rather than competing to be first on mythical grounds that further diminishe and dismantle us. Mr f… sorry you better leave us alone since you are writing what you are not belonging to.

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