Why it is not in the interest of the Oromo people to go federal with Oromia as it is.

By: Mulata Gudata


To begin with my first article at the link below remains my shield and arrow whenever I talk of issues related to Oromo politics. For this reason I always advise anyone who have not read it to do so before reading any of my articles that followed it.

We can easily trace our political ideologies of today and the leadership that holds sway on our political landscape for nearly four decades back to the last years of Emperor Hile Silasse’s reign. Furthermore, when we closely scrutinise the progress made and the achievements recorded we recognise it more for its failures and the blood shade it brought to our land than anything else. If we are honest to our self we can easily see more complicated political and social issues on our hand than it was at any time in our history leave alone the invaluable love lost from our midst which is not by any account symptomatic of a healthy society.

This makes it important the reconsideration of that approach with the view of stepping back from the path that kept us getting lost without making any meaningful headway for this long in solving the issues we set out to address from the very beginning at that very early time in our endeavour towards social reform.

In my previous paper I have made my argument in favour of going for federalism on provincial basis as we knew them before the 1991 charter; as I called for the reconsideration of Oromia since there are quite a number of reasons to support that. Let me elaborate a little more:

1- By remaining with Oromia as it is we will risk being seen by other Ethiopians with suspicion as aliens who are bidding for time to bolt out of the union and that makes it difficult if not impossible for us to take our deserved place of playing the leading role in our country as the significant majority that we are.


2-  Given the empty name in which we are recognised as Oromos only in Oromia we do not stand tall to capacity as we are mutilated, dwarfed and insulted while others have expanded and stretched beyond capacity at our expense. Oromia as Oromo region is incomplete and unqualified because its benefit to us the Oromo people is not only a mere symbolic and nominal nature without real substance to us in terms of political or economic power but also it left out many Oromos in all corners of the country to whom we cannot simply say go to hell and forget, as it would be not only irresponsible and immoral but also starkly contradicts with the very principle of the Oromo leadership that claim to stand for all Oromos.


In order to correct that we do not need to go to war as TPLF wants us to do but allow people to be the way they have been for generation before the TPLF policy of divide and rule came to the scene. There are also many non-Oromos in the region who want to remain in united Ethiopian.

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3- Oromia has been recognised the way it is to keep us busy tearing at each other over it and over many other similar regions prone to conflict because of their deliberate design to court conflict and friction among communities that lived together peacefully for generations prior to the arrangement. It was meant to make the process easy for TPLF to steal from Oromia (remember the 100,000 tone coffee?) and other regions when we are simply happy to defend the empty name with no real benefit to us and then eventually for TPLF to escape with their loot peacefully by throwing us into turmoil if and when things get out of their control.

In a nutshell, all regions under TPLF/EPRDF rule are purposefully designed to keep us apart in disagreement and conflict which makes them liable to reconsideration when we talk about coming together for our common good.

4- Oromia remains the big elephant in the house; unless we address it first we cannot go about correcting other regions that are awkwardly lumped together without the interest of the inhabitants virtually in all corners of the country including the Oromos outside Oromia. We got to be open to the concerns of others as well.

5- Oromia comes up as the most contentious issue which stands in the way of negotiated solution to our differences simply because it has never been in our history before the 1991 charter. This is a bitter fact.


6- The fact that Finffine as the capital of the country is located at the heart of Oromia with its hugely diverse social mix makes the concept of Oromos’ want of independence sound absurd for we are not only the majority in our country but also we are located at the centre with other Ethiopians as minorities all around us wanting to remain Ethiopians.


7- Generally our people have many distinctive behaviours and styles of social life that makes them closely associate in terms of provinces much better than in any other way. Take people from Harare province who are more at home with Harages than with any other group from any part of our country because of their open, easy going and care free character. Ethiopians in general get along better and associate more closely on provincial basis, Gondores with Gondores, Wollaga with Wollaga, Arsi with Arsi and so on. Anyone who stands to dispute this is simply not telling the truth.


8- Provincial federalism makes administrative approach easier with high transparency and accountability for we don’t need cumbersome bureaucratic jungles in which corruption has a higher chance of thriving.

9- When we remain with Oromia there is a grave risk of it breeding rivalry among us on clan basis that can gradually grow into uncompromising animosity which would in turn make it impossible for us to stand together as a block and form a viable coalition with others to contest and win elections for I strongly believe winning elections after elections in a fair and free democratic process is rightfully ours. In short it can serve as a ground for rivalry among us that can have unforeseen grave impact on our role at national level.

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10- In favour of retaining Oromia as it is, there is only one reason which is simply, we Oromos want it that way. We don’t have any more strong reason and that leaves our reason not good enough on its own.

I know I am very harsh and incisive in my analysis and reasoning and that can easily make me appear as anti-Oromo in the eyes of many but far from that I want us to approach our issues with truth and reason, as the saying goes truth and only truth can liberate us.

I had a friend whom I used to describe as a hard line pro unity who could not brook anything as Oromo issues, so much so that whenever I discussed politics with him we often left it on a verge of quarrelling. Finally we had to part ways about five years ago as it normally happens to refugee friends when they go anywhere life offers to take them. Since then the first time I hear from him came to be when he read my first article which he came across in zeHabesha web page from where he picked my email address and contacted me with ‘special urgency’ as he puts it himself.

Then he asked me for my phone and called me a day later. Throughout our discussion about politics that lasted for more than an hour, I was left feeling like I was talking to a different person not the hard headed man I knew five years ago. And that made me amazed at how much the political mentality of our people has changed for better by learning to think wisely far away from only-mine mindset that used to characterise our political mentality. He happened to be one of many people I came across with remarkable understanding of how we should live together as a diverse society that is comfortable with its differences.

I could not believe him when he said he is ready to learn Oromo language himself with Qubee alphabet before he starts to teach it to his children. He concurs with my thought that we have been put in a hole from which we are unable to dig our self out unless we go out of our way to accept one another with a good understanding. Ethiopians have undergone this much change in the way they have come to be ready to accept anything that helps them to live together which is a very good sign indicting towards the possibility of building a healthy society that feels at home with its diversity. Now it is up to our leadership to heed what people are asking for and act up on it.

Talking of friends let me add one more which is about one from Ogaden whom I had to nickname Boqoro (many kings in Somali language) for a good reason. He has also promised to come up for me with one which I may have to announce when it materialises. I often meet with Boqoro whenever we want to have coffee which we never miss in this time and age, thanks to mobile phone no man is alone any more for lack of contact with a friend. We sit for hours especially during weekends at where we talk politics and exorcise our spirit of work and family hassles.

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Though he has enough Amharic to get by we often do our chat in Somali language for he is more comfortable when we chat in his mother tongue than in Amharic simply for the ease of expressing himself better. Chatting in Somali language means by default there is a sense of inducement inherent in the language to pick on something that can give rise to a nickname and that makes you sort of a real Somali with the culture to make it complete. So I did my part when I picked out the nickname for him out of our regular conversations.

It came out of Boqoro’s opinion of our tribal politics as he holds the view that we have to be divided and remain that way in order to have our tribal mini-states that should come complete with its unelected respective tribal kings. He often says if we fix our system and remain united by making law the supreme rule of the land and fair and free democratic process the only vehicle towards public office at all administrative levels, we will have only one elected king which is not in the interest of our tribal lords. Remain divided to have many kings without choice seems to be the essence that drives our tribal politics, in his view.

We both agree that our politics had to go tribal for a good reason when the ruling class remained insensitive and unable to properly address the social issues that brought us down the road we have come. But we seem to be wanting to remain that way by choice when we can address those issues now more than ever before without the need of tearing our country apart.

We also understand that breaking our country down will not by any means be in the interest of our poor mass. Our views converge on the fact that it is possible for us to democratise our system by resolving all outstanding socio-political issues in order for us to be able to have an elected leader with term limits of a maximum of 10 years (of two terms) for a leader to be in office. This is what our leaders should have in mind to take us towards resolving our differences amicably. 


Correction: though the Ethiopian forces went into Somalia in 2007, I quoted it as 1997 by mistake in my previous article. I apologise to my readers for misleading them, as I request for the correction to be accepted.




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  1. What a garbage. As if we didn’t pay enough to be recognised as Oromia around the world this confused guy is telling us to drop what many sacrificed and going to sacrifice their blood to exist as a human being. The existence of Oromia is not only economical but spiritual. We were denied anything but we brought this by our blood and build it from there. TPLF is looting because you are opposing our existence. We wanted to exist first before we talk about economy. You know what survival means.
    I am sure the unity club is busy to tell us everything was gold before 1991 and we can go back, can I remind you that you lost Eritrea with that mantra? How about, I was tricked by your Ethiopian mask supported you that time but this time I am looking how to break you, I have never seen any people around me who even think Eritrea should have been fought for. This time you will stand face to face with Oromo nation united with its language and culture to tear you apart and send you where you belong. Try it and let us see!!

    • To : dh

      Yeah ! really ? Do you know that the original home of Oromo people was some where in the mainland Somalia. You guys were occupying our land. You were new comers. .Oromos migrated in waves of invasion in the 16th century AD. They occupied all of southern Ethiopia with some settling along the Tana river in kenya and most of the central and western provinces including the southern parts of the Amhara region and farther north , the Wollo and Tigre region near Eritrea. Man ! you guys were intruders.You better know your history first before making your threats.

    • I say thank you Mulata, you are the only political analyst of our time who can see facts in the eye and call it as it is. God bless you!

  2. The confused politicians still stick to the past.Do they know the meaning of the following proverb…”Do not be a slave to your past.”…”he who looks behind will never get ahead.”….”you never get the past back.”…”use your memory to make your life more enjoyable.” We talk a lot for the last 40 year and we tried to philosophise our bad ideology which we can not understand it. A lot of chauvinistic ideas and politics. Still we are backward. Even, we can not progress even if ideas and opinions are enough to take a position, we are still on the same path. Silicha ..kelkelo again…..silicha ..kelkelo. What kind of people we are? Very difficult to understand Ethiopians. Every time weired ideas and politicians

  3. This article must be written by a confused Habesha who doesn’t understand even what writes. If you are Habesha, you better ask about your land given to Sudan and Tigray. I wish you understand that writing nonsense like this never helps.

    Oromia and what it means for the Oromo people is beyond what the likes of this guy is talking and writing about. It’s built by the bones and bloods of the Oromo martyrs. Trying to reverse this is just delusion. Actually we, the Qubee generation, don’t give your death rant a damn shit. Remember! We achieved what we have so far when we were weak and you guys were strong. Believe me now we are stronger than ever to protect our nation from the ancient thinkers like you. Every day we are registering victory after victory. To understand what they are, I think you need additional software in your head. And also know that any stupid Habesha never succeeds by taking an Oromo name and writing nonsense like this.

    We always protect Great Oromia!

    • This article is full of trash. It was written by some one who is the worst enemy of Oromo masking Oromo’s nick name. I think this guy is wishing to ignite unendable war between Habesha and Oromo. As I trace back, this crazy person is the evil king of neftegna

  4. Thank you, my dear fellow country man for your thoughtful, rational, humanistic and hope full article that gave me hope and to my poor fellow citizens, who have been exploited, oppressed, abused whoever comes to power by any means for so many years.
    I am great full and appreciate your honest approach. Keep up your genuine and thoughtful job.

  5. I thank “”””Mulata””””” for honesty and may be, shall I say, inadvertently letting us know what he thinks is good for his Ethiopia and for our Oromia. His argument is basically fallacious and self contradictory to say the least. He is telling us in order to keep his Ethiopia ‘united’, our Oromia must be divided and weakened. We all know that ‘united’ is the code word for Amhara domination. He is saying that he is arguing for unity but at the same time and with the same breath he is fervently and zealously arguing for the division and weakening of the Oromo people.

    Obbo “”””MUlata””” is for ‘unity’ when it comes to Ethiopia but he is for division when it comes to the Oromo people. What a fallacy and self-contradicting ludicrous argument? Keep in mind again here that ‘unity’ is a euphemism for Amhara supremacy. I can’t help but reframe the proverb ‘united we stand, divided we fall’ as ‘united we stand, divided they fall’ to complement Obbo “”””Mulata””””‘s ridiculously fallacious argument. It means the Oromo people must be divided and fall in order for them to stand. We get you Obbo “”””””Mulata”””””. What a brilliant and original idea? You should be a rocket scientist to come up with this original and ingenious idea to make your ‘Project Ethiopia’ a success. Obbo “””””Mulata””””” is telling us that his fantasy of ‘Project Ethiopia’ can only succeed if and only if they succeed in dividing Oromia and thereby the Oromo people.

    ‘Project Ethiopia’ that was ill-conceived and launched by fascist and terrorist minilik with the massive technical, financial and military support of the then European colonial powers in the late 19th century has failed and failed miserably. Since then, the terrorist neftenya militia and their descendants have been massacring, mutilating, torturing, incarcerating, looting, displacing, dispossessing, degrading, dehumanizing and humiliating the Oromo and other peoples who are the victims of the ‘Project Ethiopia’ with the Oromo people bearing the brunt of the unparalleled human brutality if you call them human.

    There is no question that the initial phase of the ‘Project Ethiopia’ concluded with victory for fascist milinik thanks to the combination of the utter disregard for human lives and the savagery of his terrorist neftenya militia, and the massive firearms and military training provided by the European powers. Despite the initial success of fascist milinik and his terrorist neftenya militia in terrorizing, massacring, cutting breasts and genital organs, displacing Oromos from their ancestral land and occupying it causing unmatched human suffering , the unholy ‘Project Ethiopia’ has failed and failed utterly. The terrorist neftenyas and other proponents of the ‘Project Ethiopia’ have nothing to show for it except their loot, blood-money, the human suffering, the dehumanizing perennial famine and the crashing poverty of the victims of ‘Project Ethiopia’ and of course their own big bellies which they like filling up with raw meat and honey-wine (tej).

    The ‘Project Ethiopia’ has failed utterly not because of a lack of concerted efforts by terrorist milinik and his successors at dividing the Oromo people but because it was a wrong headed and immoral project to begin with. It is so wrong headed and an unsustainable project that when you try to mend it on one side, it cracks and leaks on the other side. The Western powers that are the main initiators and sponsors of the ‘Project Ethiopia’ have been pouring tens of billions of dollar and massive military aids annually to make their wrong headed project succeed but to no avail. They keep doing the same thing over, over, over and over again in anticipation of a different outcome which is nothing but a conclusive sign of an acute state of insanity.

    ‘Project Ethiopia’ has been tried for over 120 years and all it produced is unmatched and untold human suffering, misery, war, gross human rights violations, hunger, famine, malnutrition, backwardness, displacement, dispossession, dehumanization, humiliation, massive migration and slavery just to mention a few. I am not exaggerating as the record is out there for everybody to see it effortlessly. Why keep trying something that has proven itself over and over again as an utter failure? It is time for everybody to think outside the box. We have to be open minded and try something else. Even to those who still think that fascist milinik and his European sponsors launched this project with good intentions, I would say that the proof is in the pudding. Go to your bathroom, close the door, look to yourself in the mirror, be brutally honest to yourself and critically examine and analyze ‘what have we gotten from this project?’. Can you think of anything good this project has done other than causing massive human miseries, sufferings, crashing poverty, famine, gross human rights violations and utter failure of the peoples in Ethiopia including the Amhara and Tigrean peoples?

    Let us be honest. What good has come out this ill-conceived project? It might have done some good for the national interests of the Western powers if they look at it myopically but as long as the peoples in Ethiopia are concerned, they are the sole and indisputable losers and victims. Why keep fighting, killing, torturing, displacing and looting each other with the illusion of ‘unity’ when all we are doing is unknowingly serving the Western interest? Our track record of over 120 years is way more than enough to proof that the ‘Project Ethiopia’ is an abject failure. We do not have to wait another period of 120 years to proof to ourselves and be convinced that this is not going to work out. We do not need more evidence than the over 120 years of utter failure.

    No doubt that some of you might think this is a crazy and unorthodox idea. Whatever motive you assign to the content of my comment, I want to make clear at least from my end that ending the failed ‘Project Ethiopia’ is in the interest of all the peoples in Ethiopia. We have to stop lying to ourselves and others that we can revive this failed project by mending and reforming it this or that way. It has been tried repeatedly for over 120 years and it has proven to be nothing but a catastrophic and costly failure with the consequence of untold and never-ending human sufferings. Why kill each other when we can be good and caring neighbors? Think critically and do your homework of the cost-benefit analysis. In whose interest is our fighting over a failed Western project called ‘Project Ethiopia’?

    In conclusion I would like to add that ‘Project Ethiopia’ has run its course and no amount of support from the sponsors can save it anymore. It is way overdue to pull the plug of the life support machine and let the ‘Project Ethiopia’ rest in peace in the dustbin of history. Tear down the ‘myth Ethiopia’ and “Project Ethiopia’ and let the Oromo people and other be in charge of their own destiny.

    • Guyaasaa
      Unfotunately the division that exists among us does not support your ideas, I think we better get along with some space beteewn us like this man has seen it.
      I wish Our Oromiya to remain the way it is but the fact indicates to the contarary.
      Yaa sangaa marga argitee halayyaa argudhabdee, Jedhan worri keegna.

      Thanks Gudata Your recomendation is our cure, we should seriously think of certain aspects of our politics before we go stray never to return in one piece.
      I laike the bit that says in this article “..breaking our country is not in the interest of our poor mass..” thank you so much for that bit, especially.

  6. @Mulata;

    It looks like you are determined and continued to work hard to erase Oromia from our heart. This will never happen. It could take another thousands of years but the struggle for independent Oromia will continue. Please make no mistake that we have gained some (also very minute) with Oromia that with a “fake Ethiopia”. You are trying to tell us that Oromia has not existed before 1991. Oromia might have not existed on geographical “Ethiopian map” but it has always existed in our hearts. Back in late 1960’s there was a song called, “Ya ibsituu ifa guyyaa, yaa baredduu Oromiyaa”. A country can be formed at any time. Can you tell me if Kosovo, East timor, Bosnia, Croatia, South Sudan, etc……. has existed before the 1990’s. How about your “fake Ethiopia”, it was formed at one moment after 1931. Don’t come up with your anecdote of Abyssinia of 3000 years. Even if your “Abyssinia” has existed for 3000 years,… lol….., it was formed as a “country” at one moment. In regards to dismantling Oromia and form a Federal Province, your reasoning behind the Federated Provinces doesn’t have any substance unless you are fumigating the same old ‘Ethiopianist Neftegnas’ ideology. It seems that you are preoccupied for others, and trying to sell out your own people (if indeed you are an Oromo, which I really doubt). FYI: if the current federal structure is truly implemented, there is no doubt that we Oromos benefit much. The current structure is just a fake one and is not that much different from the previous Kifle Hager or Teqlay Gizat where everything is controlled by the Central government.

    For those of you who want the old regime and for others who want a true federal structure or independence, with the current situation in that Empire, the only way out through armed struggle. Once you have a strong army you can impose whatever you want and this the way this Empire has continued to exist.

    Mulata: I know that you will keep beating the same drum from time-to-time but the good thing is that we Oromos are beyond that. When you keep writing the same thing again and again, you think that you can convince every one. However, currently we know what benefits us and cannot be fooled easily as you may think. Keep trying but no one is going to buy.

  7. MULATA ,i dont know what kind of Oromo you are talking about .The OROMOS i am used to meet will never accept going back to pre 1991 situation.About the somalis,the least we accept is a federation as Canada or Switzerland where official language is english.Do you remember JIGJIGA parlmant voted art 39 by more than2/3 and was dismantled by addis ababa.
    The better for all is selfdeterminatin.Ethiopian empire is sImilar to soviet UNION BEFORE 1991.


  8. Dear writer:

    Donot you have any job to do? why do you play with your time. This is totally garbage and no oromos want to buy old debteras dream. All you dream is to keep your fathers suppermacy at any cost. You are sick of seeing Big region with big people in Ethiopia. You want o divided oromos in terms of region and religion and ensure your suprmacy at any cost. You would accept Oromia as nation or this new generation will kiss you goodbaye. You have been crying for Ertria saying ertrai is our head , we do want to loss ertria at any cost. Now you are crying to Oromia. I tell you as there was no country called Ethiopia before 1930, there will be no ethiopia in the near future.

    • I am Oromo and majority of the oromos are in support of this article. The idea of Oromia independency is brought from insane and false Oromo leaders who allow more subjugation to Oromos. Never think of Oromia- just think of where you come from. Truly, aan Oromo from Harrar is different from an Oromo in wollaga.
      Show is different from Borana in culture, religion and soon. So, it is not possible. Imagine what is happening now under “Oromia”- leaders are extremely divided based on where they come from. If an Oromo from Harrar comes as leader-he introduces his culture and his people in the subsequent leadership…the same for Wallagas, Arsi etc.

  9. It is a matter of deciding whether you want to be known as Ethiopian.

    At the heart of the strategy of Tigre people liberation front is attacking the Ethiopian identity and weakening the demographic, family, social, cultural, linguistic, etc links that have existed among our communities for a long time.
    Loose and divided communities are easy to conquer and rule.


    Tigre people liberation can only exist only if it continues to preach division, hatred and ethnic , tribal, in some cases clan and relegious differences that exist in the country.

    Tigre liberation front tells us we are different from each other. they build suspicion and rivalry among our communities, they spread fear that one ethnic group or other is trying to take over the country, yet Tigre liberation front controls 99% of the leadership in the army, control every business in the country and they consider this to be normal
    . As long as it is TPLF controlling everything in the country it is o.k. for them.

    Every one of you will receive a hit from TPLF, if you have not been attacked already, it is a matter of time. your turn is coming soon. SO people wake up! and unite!. or you can continue to talk how you are different from every body else , that you have nothing to do with amhara or afar if you are an oromo or a somali etc and make music to the ears of Tigre liberation.

  10. Bit-by-bit, you are pilling off the cover with which you began your campaign. For many of us, it didn’t require us to wait for this crass to know that you are one of the likes of the infamous oromo professor from adama university, a “history professor” who believes that the entire population of the Ethiopian region was less 5 million during Minilik’s invasion of the South.

    You are entitled to your opinion but just what is amazing is the premise with which you start: that others are fearful and suspicious of us because of the size of Oromia. In a country where we have given up many things and went always very far to earn trust and cooperation with Abysinians, we have never seen them leaving an inch for the sake of earning our trust – they always demand that we give up and conform to their demands and wishes. That is exactly what you are propagating. Just tell me anything that others have given up for sake of appeasing the oromo.They always come to us with iron and you are advising us to bow even more. Don’t hope that the Oromo people will listen to this stupidity. By the way, there are so many political parties campaigning on this platform. How popular are they among the Oromo?

    • So, be realistic. is it not true that the population of oromoa is less than 5 million because the whole ethiopia population was close to 5 million?
      Be realistic and reasonable.

  11. Ato or Aite Mulata,
    don’t try to confuse the Oromo! Your deeds actually show your non-Oromo identity! If you are may be an Oromo, I am not against your call for the bigger country you want to save and I will be ready to get rid of the “little” Oromia conditionally. I agree if you become a very bold pro-unity Oromo in our terms and demand the following virtues. You just need to tell the Abyssinians to accept three things:
    – Oromiffaa will be the primary working language of the country you dream
    – Odaa will be on the flag of the union you want to foster and
    – Oromiyaa (not Ethiopia) will be the name of your province based federation!

    If you accept this idea and make your Abyssinian friends to swallow it, I assure you that we, the Oromo, can be ready to give up the Golden Oromia, which you hate and we can live with such Great Oromia replacing your Ethiopia! Do you agree?


      • My dear JK ,
        why don’t you go to Yemen your Habesh land. That is where you belong and your orgin !!!!!!!! Our anssestor is just in Oromia no where else my
        Africans fellow!!!!!

    • Dreaming is allowed. All dreams are not for real. Talking is not as easy as doing.
      Obboo Haqa, your dream never to be real unless Ethioian are erased from the whole word.

  12. U dont understand ethiopian? … really..u are ethiopian…we are all one, intermarriage …mix .. u like it or not.

    Thank you for a good article… idea..

  13. @DH did you say Eritrea is gone. Pls watch this video from a respected Eritrean who want to see both countries united. He was the Chairman of the Eritrean Constitution Commission and had several posts before he left the country. So, come to your sense bro and think like Mulata.

  14. የፀሀፊው ሀሳብ ከልብ ከሆነ ጭንቀት የመነጨ መልካም ሀሳብ ነው::ሆኖም ግን አሁን ካለንበት የልብ መራራቅና የችግሮቻችን ውስብስብነት,ስፋትና ጥልቀት አንፃር ወደ ሁዋላ ተመልሰን ነገሮችን ማስተካከል የሚሆንልን አይመስከኝም::ሁላችንም የምንፈራውን ነገር ግን የማይቀርልንን የመጠፋፋት መቅሰፍት ወይም ፅዋ ጠጥተን የሚተርፈው ትውልድ ከዚያ በሁዋላ ከመከራው ትምህርት ወስዶ ተቻችሎ መኖር ይጀምራል::አሁን ግን በሰላማዊ መንገድ ለችግሮቻችን መፍትሄ ይገኛል ማለት የዋህነት ነው::ከመፍትሄው እጅግ ብዙ ርቀን ሄደናል::

  15. Mulata,

    We are not fools my friend. You are trying to fool us of your “Oromoness” while scribbling pro-Habesha articles. I knew from the beginning that you are not an Oromo. It takes much more than coffee table discussions and pyblic forum speeches to know, feel and understand the Oromo poltics vs a vis Ethiopian politics. It is a futile effort to persuade, convince and Habesha about the Oromo histiography as it negates all what the Abyssians have built up in the last one century. So your attempt to be an “Oromo” just to cut down what Oromuuma stands for is a simple, childish game at this stage of our struggle. It has gone far more than what even the OLF leaders had anticipated. It is now in a consolidation phase and the new generation are preparing to take to the end.

  16. @Guyyyassssa

    why are you trying to distort the truth. United states has a federal government not ethnic states. There are as many jews, armenians, philipinos, indians, mexicans, nigerians, brazilians etc living in any state of the US you care to mention, who have chosen to make the United States their home and country.

    Many countries in the world have similar federal adminstration.

    Hitler tried to create a ‘pure’ aryan race that will dominate the world. Do you know what happened to him?

  17. My compatriots, who are Oromo by ethnic, are complaining me of why didn’t I comment on the above article. Should I oblige to comment on each and every commentaries posted on Zehabesha? Why should they read and comment on it rather than complaining others. They are complaining me because of the October 20th, 2012 Oromo Refugee in Nairobi demonstration held at UNHCR BO in Naiorbi. The demonstration was reported by Nation Media Reporter called Anthony Omayu at the time. The community was divided into two group and one has accused the other. Give a ring to Nation Media and prove me wrong, or go to ECADF website and retrieve Obang Metho Commentaries on the inception of ODF and find my comment on Obang Metho’s Commentaries. I wrote two commentaries and one reply. In my second commentary I asked Mr. Obang Metho to investigate the cause of the Oct. 20th, 2012 Demonstration. I attached video which I shared from Oromo Refugee Community in Nairobi website.



  19. When would your day dreams end!?
    It is up to the Oromos to have one Oromia state or ten Oromo states! Why is it the Debteras business? Or what is the debtera’s point in pushing against each and every oromo interest? OUR FATHERS HAD DISMANTLED THE OROMOS AND THE OROMOS CANNOT REBUILD THEMSELVES!? Is this not a double crime – which would make the price to be payed even dearer?

    And no Oromia – No Oromumma! The Oromo people must be aware of this fact.

  20. Another impostor who is fooling himself as if he were fooling us. I’ve read two of his previous garbages. In one paragraph , he is acting as if he is an Oromo . Forgetting his rubbish , he exposes his forged identity in the next paragraphs. In his 1st garbage, he said , ” Oromos feel attached to Oromiyaa now. It’s very difficult to abandon this name. So , let’s name the would-be provinces as West , East , North , South and Central Oromias. ” As you might’ve read in this garbage , he’s seen conflicting with his mind by proposing his delusional provinces as : Arsii with Arsii , Wallaggaa with Wallaggaa …

  21. Obbo Mulata;

    I have read your article and found it something written by an honest person. But I politley disagree with what seems to be the kernel of the message you tried to convey. Any step that tries to do away with the federal arrangement of the union is not to the best interest the people at large and it won’t be practical. Our people can continue to live in their legendary way of harmonious lives in a federated union. That can not be retracted. I will not condemn your article or your stand about it. You have an inalienable right to peacefully express your opinion and to call you names is very wrong. But please do not be bothered by these Eyaal Al Souks who have made calling others despicable names their romance of the day. I know them and they know me very well from my encounter with them for over the last 30 years or so. But what should we expect (You and I) from these aimless individuals who started a liberation group with a liberation army for the ‘liberation’ of Oromos in ‘Abyssinia’ but were waging war in Kenya? They had told me that to liberate those Kenyan Oromos is also in their plan. They claim to have an iron clad support from my Oromo people but they wonder aimlessly in the deserts of Eritrea. They claim that they enjoy the backing of the entire Oromo population in ‘Abyssinia’. They tell us that there isn’t a trace of sunshine between them and every Oromo on this good earth but they are sitting on the laps of Isaias Afewerki in Asmara. Kibbles ‘n bits!!! Kibbles ‘n bits!!!! I hear that their leaders are getting fat(ter) by the day gulping down those delicious spaghetti meals in Asmara. I was in Asmara in 1965 on vacation and I can tell you that those Eritreans make killer Pasta Sugo Bolognas and Bisteka ala Bismark. Their cappuccinos must be the best in Africa. Once in a while they send one or two of their assassins and harm innocent poor village clerks to claim ‘major’ military victory. Then they tell their adopted father Isaias what they just did and he exclaims ‘Give them more 6-packs. What they are praying and dreaming for is that country will one day go into out-of-control chaos just like Somalia and CAR so they can go in to carve out a territory they will claim their fiefdom. I am still going to some of their speakeasies and listen to what their ‘infallible’ leaders are saying. That is what they are dreaming about. Then they will declare war on Kenya and may be Somalia. What dolts!!!

    • Your point about Kenya reminds me how the Borana and Gbra clan are are thrown into unrelenting conflict because of this stupid politics lead by highly imature politicians we have for leaders.

      These two clans are putting each other through hell from time to time that also extends as far as marsabit into Kenya. It is really amazing that this people are still pushing for this failed mission in the name of the peace loving Oromo mass. Who can tell them it is madness!!!

      Dhiiga hiyeeessa dhangalassuun isaaniif nagada taateejjirti, It is really sad.

    • If you are in vacation in 1965 in Asmera that means you are retarded and no body takes your comment serious. As you call yourself , Iam 100 $ sure, you do not have FARDA but old Dog like you.

  22. This article is full of blackmailing propaganda, for sure Somebody is working hard to instigate hatred and divisions among Ethiopians, I suspect it sounds more like the work of foreign elements. ETHIOPIANS WATCH OUT!

  23. My hat off for MR. Mulatu……You are very knowlegable and your article is full of facts. You are a proud Ethiopian and I admire your analythical thought. We want people like mulatu who is a proud Ethiopian not those Oromo who beach day and nite. bla..bla They are going no were except saying oromo…oromo bla…bla bla. At this time we all need to be unted and fight TPLf who put so many Oromo in Jail.
    Long live Ethiopia

  24. Hello Human beings From the land of Ethiopia,

    I have tried to look at most of the comments, which in a sense are just an echo of the last 40 year OLF empty and nonsese ideology. People, we are living in the 21st century, think like a humanbeing not like an Oromo, Amhara, Tigrea, …etc. When you first came out of your mothers woumb you were all humanbeings just like everybodyelse not Oromo, Somalie, Tigre, so you don’t have to think a trash politics which has been destroying you for the last 40 years and will continue to do so. If you are a humanbeing think about your own individual rights that was given to you on your birth by God, when you think about that you have also to think about other fellow humanbeings, what I mean is, any thing you don’t want to happen to you, don’t try to dumbe it to others, respect other fellow human being also. Unfortunately this world was divided in to many nations befor you are even exist, so you are born in the place called Ethiopia in the Continent of Africa, accept that and work on your individual rights to live as a ctizen of that country with freedon, piece and respect, while you stand up for that, respect and treat other humanbeing just like you want to be treated. You don’t have to be organized as an Oromo to stand up for your right, stand up as humanbeing to live freely , peacefully and respectfully in Ethiopia, if you do that you full fill what every you need as a humanbeing, but if you farte arroind the old OLF politics story you will never ever get anythilng out of it. I can assure you that,there was no Oromya and there will never be Oromya, it only exists as long as you volunterly slaved yourself for the so called politician strategy of divide and rule. Whe it comes to division it was divided back then too, like in the so called Oromya you are proudely talked about there are different identity of Oromos, Arusi is arusi, Wolega is Wolega, Bale is Bale, you will never be one Oromya. Let say you are allowed to create your independant state, those Arusi, Wolega, Bale…etc they are not going to work together as an Oromo, believe me on this you will continue to fight and butcher eachother again for the rest of your life. So it is better to think and live like a humanbeing to live freely and piecefully. It is a west of time writing garbage and act like you are representing and knowing the interst of another humanbeing for the interest of you dirty politics, you are not representing anybody, speak for yourself and every individual humanbeing should also stand up for his God given freedom, and then we all live freely, piecefully and respectfully together in the land called Ethioia.

    • Hi Debela, I prefer to call you Dubale, I think I like one thing from you. you said “any think you don’t want happen to you,don’t try to dumbeit to others” the best expression I ever read. so, you want to protect your amarization , we want also defend our Oromuma. I think that make sense according to your expression

  25. Dear Mulata Gudata,
    The people in the above picture are the renown Ethiopian patriot Woizero Likyelesh Beyan(left), standing next to her mother is my dear sister Bekelech Mekonnen(center), who was born on the battlefield, and another female patriot whose name I do not recall. These are my family members. It is wrong for you to put your own label on people whom you don’t even know. This picture was taken by Ato Shimeles Desta, the palace photographer to Emperor Haile Selassie. You can google Ato Shimeles’s name to find his acclaimed work, including the above picture that you are wrongly using to spice up your article.

  26. Dear Mulataa, if you are real Mulataa post your picture with your article unless you are fake mulata either real Kiros or Shewn-gizaw. The more you call us Ethiopian , the more we hate it. One of the ridicules idea ever I read in my life is, the Oromos are more agree with their local settlers than the fellow Oromos in different province. really Arsii Oromo agree with Arsii-Neftenyaa than Harar or Bale oromos? silly idea with silly logic.

  27. Mulata,
    I am 100% sure that you are not an oromo!! you say there is no oromiya before 1991? teshewedk !! tefogerk !! you don’t know your audience I mean this generation of oromiya!

  28. In my last comment where I want to mention what a notable eritrean said about the relationship between ethiopia and eritrea recently, for some reason the link that I wanted to provide is not shown. But anyone who want to see it can google using this search statement ” Dr. Bereket Habte selassie wants to see Eritrea and Ethiopia united before his death”. This is the reality. There are many eritreans who want this to happen. You can same sentiment in other eritrean websites as well. So, my oromo brothers stop for a while and think about your decision. we don’t need to be emotional. Let’s learn from mandella. except your language what makes you different from other ethiopians? I aploud what my brother Debela said above. Buy the way i am one of the advocate of ormomifa as an offician language of ethiopia.

  29. Pure oromo race, pure ethnic group, pure arayan race is the philosophy of the devil. Hitler who advocated a pure aryan race was the chief devil. The devil is the fascist woyane in this case.


    AS ONE of the guys suggested above, Egyptians are at large on ths site, taking on ethiopian ethnic names and doing their dirty work as they have been for years.

    Ethiopia’s enemies come in disguise in many forms.


  30. I Think The Solution Is That everyone Should Go Back To The Pre-Gragn Ahemed Territory. That Will Mean Oromos Should Go Back To Borena And Parts Of Kenya And Declare independent Ormoiya there. Ethiopia Did not Start With Menelik. The South, Amharan, And Somali/Adal People Were The Most Affected Because Of The Oromo Migration In Our Recent History. When The Oromos Migrated To Ethiopia In the 16Th Century, They Annihilated People In The South, Eastern And Central Ethiopia. They Also Destroyed Unique Ethnic Groups That Don’t Exist Now Because Of Them. The Fanatic Oromos Want To Do The Same Thing Now….

  31. Think deep,big and far, avoid narrow ethnocism.

    Small mind thinks its immediate surroundings and get deceived by their past small life experiences and entrapped by it, makes his/her conclusion within its narrowness. Ethnicism and ethnic nationalism can not be divorced from this facts.

    Reflect upon your self with subjectivity and objectivity, Think for brighter better tomorrow with inclusion of all. Since our duty as human being is to leave the world better than we received it.

  32. Dear Mulata, this is a refreshing and wonderful article in strengthening the oromo peoples role within ethiopia. I amazed by the vitriolic attack against you by the so called oromo separatists who have failed for a long time in bringing any tangible change for the oromo people. Their negative thinking and ideologies have brought a lot of suffering for both the oromo and other ethiopian people for the past four decades. I feel your wonderful ideas would help to create a better way of dialog among the oromo people and in turn with other ethiopian communities. The oromo people question for freedom and democracy would only get a solution in unity with other ethiopian ethnlc communities. There are a lot of things which unite us as a people. And, I hope your positive ideas would help in strengthening the unity of our country ethiopia and its people.

  33. The USA model of federalism will be the best option of government for the 21st century and beyond. The overwhelming number of Ethiopians are bound by blood through intermarriage – there is no ethnic purity. ONE COUNTRY, ETHIOPIA; ONE PERSON, ONE VOTE!!!

    • Dear Robale,
      You must be a son of a soldier who doesn’t know what his blood is. All the trash you write really stinks. How come you say Ethiopia and the USA are similar and suggest to adopt their system of government? Please don’t listen to what the stick head Abysinians say unless you are one of them.

  34. The author keep repeating Oromos as center of the universe, everybody else around it is minority and their existence is to be disregarded as minority.

    What is next majoritysizing Ethiopias national language by voiding Amharas minority language (Amharic) and replace it with Oromos majority language ? ?

  35. Here is the justification these vertigo-stricken ‘liberators are providing these days for the imminent emergence of a new nation they named ‘Oromia’, the name they stole from my very proud Oromos. What they are saying is that they have sent their best cadres back home and planted them in the regional government of Oromia. They have bought out officers in very critical positions of the military to their side that the army is controlled by their cadres and sympathizers. They have infiltrated OPDO from top to bottom during the last 7 years that their grafted members are waiting for orders to declare independence from their leaders living overseas. Influential leaders of the TPLF and ANDM have agreed to go along with the planned ‘Independence’ declaration. They are telling their misinformed and under-informed followers that they will declare Oromia a liberated and new nation in less than 5 years possibly by 2016 or 2017. The most important achievement they told me is making the Bank of Oromia the largest bank in Africa except those in South Africa and Egypt. I am not making this up. Such is their daily regimen they feed followers they use as beasts of burden. The problem they were and are having with me is that I question the factuality of such presentations and fireside stories. I questioned their bravado military stories in which a single person fought off a fully armed and mechanized brigade of the Derg army for 7 days and saved the lives of their current leaders and one of their fighters shot down a jet fighter with a single bolt Fusil Gras rifle and claim that since then the airforce stopped sending jet fighters to the area of this sharp shooter. When I asked when and where it happened they told me that it is classified. They also claim that 5 of the top global companies in the world have signed an agreement with their ‘liberation’ organization to provide assistance as soon as they declare the independence of their ‘territory’. This is also classified. One thing I noticed is that they have stopped talking of that big gun they stashed somewhere in Oromia for the ‘rainy’ day when we all know that it has been raining for more than 22 years.

  36. I don`t get the intellectual premise of this author. He seems very shallow and pretentious fellow at best. I`m not an Oromo advocate but I wonders his real motives. Is he for pro-oromo advocate or is he against? he seems just fake individual. Event his pen name of Mulata Gudat seems a joke.

  37. @Zendo
    No one expects Woyanes like you to praise Gudata for such honest analysis. We are not going well if we keep going the way woyanes want us to go and keep divided, so keep your hidden motive for those who dont know you sir.

    We listen to one of ours who can think in our best interest not for you.
    Gudata jiraadhu, gudadhu bulli

  38. You better go to Madgascar or Kenya that is why you want to the last 40 years.The true brothers Oromos are still die for mother Ethiopia.Those your not please do not waste your time.your mother fucker OLF you have blood on your hand.I lost my all my family East Harerga and west Harega I knew who is behind.I know you going to say Menlik and Amhra again and again to make your own lie history.Even Menlik was your own blood try to make him as bad King also Mengistu was one of your communist leader all Generals were Oromos too but they had Amhara names to look like Amhara.Tell those fool Oromos living in USA,CANADA,EOUROPA……..Most of them they left Ethiopia to get Education thanks to King Hileselasie and Col.Mengistu.

  39. I want to thank everybody who took his/her time to punch in what he/she thinks is good for all the peoples in a geographic area known today as Ethiopia. I have a propensity to be positive and I want to remain so whatever the circumstances are. I want to think that no matter which side of the issue each of us is on, we all mean good. I want to believe that we take a side on an issue not out of a covet to hurt others, but out of a genuine desire to solve a problem. We all want to solve a problem that has been around for over 120 years though we envision different and often conflicting tactics and strategies.

    Fascist milinik with the help of the European colonial powers started out all this mess in the late 1880’s. Since then, each generation thereafter has been grappling with the problem that is getting ever more complicated and putting the entire region on a slippery road that is worse than the one before. It is obvious that fascist milinik bit more us he could ever chew.

    Some of us fondly like to look at our problem today as if it all started in May 1991. People with this view think that if we had turned the clock back to May 22, 1991, all the solid problems we have today in Ethiopia would have sublimed into the thin air and Ethiopia would have turned back to the earthly heaven it had been (at least for some of us) before that point in time. Some of us go as far back as 1974 and blame the popular revolution instigated by the Student Movement of the day for all the problems we are in today.

    At the revolution or after the revolution, whichever way you want to look at it, the Derg regime tried to solve the problem but it ended up complicating it even further. The EPRDF regime is the only regime that has come the closest in addressing this major problem that has bedeviled all the peoples in the today’s geographic Ethiopia for over 120 years. However, the EPRDF talks the talk but it is reluctant in walking the full stretch of the walk as that poses a danger to its own power. The EPRDF is long on promise but short on delivery. The EPRDF makes the right kind of rhetoric but refuses to deliver on it.

    Having said that it is only appropriate to mention that the EPRDF has gone the farthest possible distance to save the ‘Project Ethiopia/Abyssinia’. I do not blame them for trying what they could short of losing power to rescue a project that has been known to be terminally ill from its birth. To its credit, I even commend the EPRDF for giving it all they can. The problem is not the EPRDF, the Derg or Haile Selassie. They all inherited the problem that was ill-conceived and launched with the then European colonial powers co-opting fascist milinik as the executioner of this unholy and inhuman mission designed and only meant to serve their own long term interest in that part of the world. It was and has been a wrong headed project to begin with and there is no reason for any of us to pull our hairs over this failed project called ‘Project Ethiopia/Abyssinia’. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that any of the peoples in the today’s geographic Ethiopia have benefited from this ill-conceived self-serving European project.

    The colonial powers ill-conceived and started off this project for their own interest over 120 years ago and it is a puzzle why must we keep fighting over it today when we know full well that it has never served our interests well and it was never designed to serve the interests of the people in the region. Because the dumb fascist milinik was swindled by the Europeans and started it out (the initial phase of the execution), we should keep fighting over this dumb project even though we know it has failed, it has never worked out for the peoples concerned and we know it is not going to work out ever. The track record of this project for over 120 years is nothing but an utter failure with untold and tragic consequences of human sufferings for all the peoples in the region.

    My fellow blogger,

    Let us think outside the box and cut our loses. If you know a project that has been started by you or somebody else is on a losing spree and is failing you are in a position to make a decision, the best decision you can ever make is to swallow your pride and cut your loses by pulling the plug. I know this is a bitter pill of truth we all do not want to swallow but we have to swallow in order to cure ourselves and all the peoples in the region. Lying to ourselves won’t cut it. Blaming the problem on the others, internal or external, won’t get us out of the quagmire we find ourselves in. We have a plenty of blames to go around but that won’t help us end the human tragedy that is unfolding right in front of our own eyes. Putting our meager resources after a bad project leads only to more loses.

    The solution lies in undoing and ending the ill-conceived and botched project called ‘Project Ethiopia/Abyssinia’. Let us think bold and think outside the box. Let us try together to find a way in which all the peoples in the today’s geographic Ethiopia come out winners. Let us stop the zero sum game. Let us come out of the mentality that I can only gain if the other side loses. Let us not predicate our better future of tomorrow on tearing down the others. Let us predicate our better future on supporting the others succeed in lives and not on tearing them down to lose. Let us get prepared to build our future on the success of each of us and not at the expense of the others.

    It is with this spirit I urge my fellow bloggers to THINK BOLD AND THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. We should stop thinking only inside the box in which the European powers of the 19th and their loyal servant fascist milinik has put us in. BREAK OUT OF THAT DEVLISH BOX AND THINK BOLD IN THE SPIRIT OF HUMANITY AND MAKING THIS WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYBODY.
    Happy Holidays to Everybody!

    • Guyyaasaa,

      The Issue Started When The Oromos Migrated In The 16Th CentUry To Areas That Did Not Belong To Them. The Rightful Place Of The Oromos is Borena And KeNya. Menelik only Brought Back The Lost Ethiopian Territory Without Chasing Back The Oromos to their Original Place Just On Humanitarian Grounds. So, The Root Cause Of Our Problem Is The Illegal Oromo Migration.

  40. I really up set these OLF children you killed thousand poor because of there ethnic groups that was happen in 1983 and 1984 and you keep telling us King Minilek and Amhara again and again please we all tired your lie story .Go to hell we know who is behind your foolish story.But there are brothers and sisters Oromos still die for poor Ethiopia.

  41. I saw many of the comments, I understand that many of them are in need of genocide, massacre and many other devil thoughts. I do not know how these devils are going to heal from their disease and I do not know how they are going to stop infecting others who are human and innocent. for the writer may God keep you and bless you…for those illusionists God has the punishment for you are by the side of devil….!!

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