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  1. if you don’t like Mr Donald trump your right, but extermly i don’t Like mss clinton, Because she is anti-
    Ethiopian and she is Tigray’s fascist group supporter. Real Ethiopian never ever vote mss clinton.

  2. 100% of americans of Ethiopian, Eritrean, somali, Kenyan, Nigerian and of all the other African nations should VOTE for Donald Trump. He will not only make America great but also the continent of Africa. Whereas, Obama/Hillary supported all African dictators, he will kick the ass of many African dictators and will be very receptive to work with African democratic forces such as patriotic ginbot 7.
    Donald trump:

    1. Respects women more than the average man. He had said some sexually charged comment about women. What he said was wrong and stupid. He said he was wrong, apologized and asked for forgiveness. He made a big mistake. There is no human being that does not screw up. The key is to admit your mistake, vow to never repeat the mistake and keep your vow. The women around him such as his wife, ex-wife, daughters and other women who know him very well claim that he highly respect women

    2. He is not a racist and does not hate immigrants. Afterall, he like the vast majority of americans know that america is a land of immigrants. He himself is a child of immigrants. His only issue is with illegal immigrants. He does not think it is fair for illegal immigrants to get citizenship in much less time than a legal immigrant who plays by the rule and patiently wait for the right time to get their citizenship. He does not hate African americans, immigrant and muslims. It is a pure lie to steal African americans, immigrant and muslim vote. Dr. Ben Carson, Hermann Cain, Thomas Sol, Don King and many other legendary and very prominent African American leaders who spent a great deal of their life helping African American communities support Donald Trump 110% because they are 110% convinced that loves respects African americans as he loves people from latin America and all over the world. He loves all people regardless of their ethnicity, color, religion, gender etc. If he hates foreigners so much he would not be marrying a foreigner. His wife is a recent immigrant. The fact that he married a foreigner shows that he loves all foreigners as long as they are law abiding citizens.

    3. Unlike Hillary who made the life of muslims all over the world especially in middle east HELL ON EARTH, he will create stability in the muslim world. All the civil wars that are raging in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Somalia will gradually resolve. With stability and peace in those countries prosperity, hope and economic advancement will ensue.

    4. Under Donald Trump US and world economy will grow at least 3-5x the rate under Obama/Hillary. Low income, business, capital gain and other taxes for all americans, lifting of burdensome regulation on businesses, limiting the size of government, declaring war on gov and non government corruption, heavy investing in minority communities, negotiating fair trade with countries all over the world, creating peace all over the world, creating a dynamic market based and affordable health care system, etc will accelerate by leaps and bounds the US and world economy.

    Ms. Belay is 100% wrong. All the things she said about Mr. Trump is false. She appears to me as a paid agent of the democratic party and someone in the upper echelon of the democratic party wrote the script she read. This video is designed to brainwash Ethiopians with false information in order to secure a vote for the crooked mother of all liars and criminal Hillary. Hillary belongs in jail and should never have been allowed to run for presidency. As secretary of state from 2009-2013 she not only not do a damn thing for American people but also was responsible for the chaos in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, South Sudan, Ethiopia and many other countries. In fact, she did americans lots of harm by exposing nation’s secrets. Her illegal private email/server was hacked many times by at least 5 foreign countries. Some of the countries most likely did harm to american’s short and long term interest. US law forbids any public employee from using private email/server when performing public duties. However, crooked Hillary felt she is above the law and decided to use a private email/server against the advise of even many democrats. She chose to use the private server in order the hide her pay to play scheme. She was selling access to and favor from US gov via state department to anyone willing to pay millions of dollar to Clinton foundation. The vast majority of the money, close to 95%, goes to Clinton family and their friends. Less than 6% goes to charity. Her foundation received millions of dollars from many countries that are run by dictators such as Saudi, Ethiopia, Morocco, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, etc etc. In return these countries got access to business contract, legal protection to cover up their illegal activities, commendation for their democratic leadership and economic performance despite being dictators and running a ruinous economic policy. Case in point, Ethiopia.
    1. Clinton does not stand for women interest. All her life she attacked numerous women who were sexually abused by her husband. She shamed them by claiming that they brought the sexual abuse on themselves. It is their fault that they got raped by her husband. Moreover, as a lawyer she defended a person who raped 12 year old girl. After her successful defense of the criminal she was on caught on camera laughing and enjoying her victory.
    2. Clinton as secretary state was traveling around the world including a trip to African Union advocating a violent overthrow of governments in muslim countries such as in Syria and Libya. Her actions led to the unbelievable and never seen humanitarian disaster in Syria and Libya. In 2003 she voted for US invasion of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein which led to the disaster in Iraq. After Iraq was somehow stabilized due to the hard work of American and other coalition soldiers, the decision by Obama/Hillary to withdraw US and coalition forces in Iraq led to invasion of Syria by ISIS and the strengthening of ISIS in Iraq. All these foreign policy disaster by Obama/Hillary administration has been very very very bad for muslim people all over the world especially in middle east. Therefore Obama/Hillary are the number one enemies of the muslim world.
    3. Hillary does not give a damn about African americans, muslims, foreigners, latin americans and other minority groups. She will say nice things about all these people in order to secure their vote. PERIOD.

  3. I agree with Belen 100%. Trump talked about illegal immigrant taking jobs from Americans. Really? Which illegal immigrant is allowed to work in high paying job or minimum wage without SS number? People, legal immigrants.. beware. He is talking about people like you. Wake up people. For all those who are against Belen, you must be supporter of TPLF who are pigs and care about self only. No selfless Ethiopian who believes in the freedom of Ethiopians will be opposed to Belen intellectual, selfless and encouraging post. Bravo sister!!! Ethiopians need women like you! Well done!

  4. Long Live Ethiopia,

    You are 1000% wrong. You must be living in a cave or burying your head under the sand. When I lived in California, I personally witnessed thousands of illegal immigrants taking jobs from usa citizens. Most of the jobs I witnessed were low paying. Illegals were taking jobs primarily from African americans. Consequently, African americans were forced to be on welfare if they were lucky or end up in illegal activity such as selling drugs or become homeless and beggars. For your information you can secure a counterfeit social security card in every corner in the city of angles, LOS ANGELES, CA. The price you guessed it is less than $100.
    Whereas the low paying jobs are taken by illegal immigrants from latin America especially from mexico. The high paying jobs are taken by those who overstay their visa. They usually get the visa for the purpose of higher education or temporary work visa. Rich people from primarily India and China send their children to America for higher education in some of the most prestigious school in the world such as Harvard, MIT and UPENN. After completing their education they want to stay and work in US. Since the demand in the job market for their education is high they won’t have problems securing a job. So, they will start working and getting paid handsomely while a US citizen with similar degree from less prestigious school is unemployed. Those with temporary work visa tend to overstay due to the fact that their pay in US is a lot higher than in India or China. Moreover, they are willing to take a job for a lot less pay than the average American so they become very attractive for an employer.
    Your irrational, insane and paranoid claim that Trump is after legal immigrants is a trillion percent wrong. When was the last time you checked with your psychiatrist or other mental health specialist. Legal immigrants come to US from all corners of the world. Without these immigrants america will not only loss its place as the world’s #1 economy but also will fall further down the food chain and the US economy will collapse. So, its main competitors such as china and Russia can bully or even invade USA and get away with it. Since Trump wants to make America much more greater than any other country in the world, it won’t make any sense to go against his dream/vision by destroying legal immigrants hence the US economy.
    Claiming those who criticize Belen are supporters of TPLF proves that your irrationality and insanity has no bounds.

    99% of Belen’s statements were irrational and insane.  100% of her characterization of Donald Trump is wrong.  He loves blacks, women, immigrant and other groups a lot more than Belen and Lone live America.  The only thing she pointed correctly was the fact that TPLF is a terrorist organization.  She also mentioned the fact that Obama’s (2008-2016) and Bill Clinton’s (1992-2000) administration support of TPLF regime was a disaster for Ethiopian people.  Nevertheless, she conveniently failed to mention the fact that Hillary was a member of the Husband’s and Obama administration.  In fact as secretary of state from 2009-2013 she called the shot when it comes to foreign policy and was the eyes and ears of Obama.  Obama and Hillary made the most foreign policy mess than any other administration since USA was founded on July 4, 1776.  Moreover, Hillary wants to double down on Obama’s failed foreign policy.  THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY IS TRYING THE SAME THING AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND EXPECTING DIFFERENT RESULT.  By contract,  Donald Trump want to make a major change to the utterly and completely failed Obama/Clinton foreign policy.   
    Belen also mentioned that Ethiopia is a proud Christian nation.  However, she failed to mention that Obama/Hillary’s administration has been the most anti Christian administration since July 4, 1776.  True Christians are against abortion and gay marriage.  Obama is the first president in US history to not only openly support gay marriage but also to spend tremendous time and treasure, at the expense of other pressing issues such as a very high murder rate, high unemployment and family breakdown in inner city African American communities across America, in order to make sure gay marriage is the law of USA.  Also, he is main spokesman and supporter of planned parenthood, the number one abortion performing organization in America and was recently caught red-handed selling aborted fetus tissues to the highest bidding groups across the globe.  Hillary is proud to double down on expansion of abortion, support of planned parenthood despite their criminal activities and gay marriage despite the fact that over 95% of Ethiopians are against abortion and gay marriage. Do we Ethiopians and people of African origin know what serves the best interest of our people?? An inquiring mind wants to know.

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