Why I am firmly opposed to Ato Tedros Adhanom becoming the director of WHO

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by Veronica Melaku

I know the CIA, Bill Gate and Milinda Gate projects and plans in Africa that have been tested in Ethiopia for years now .
Targeting the Amhara actively happening since TPLF appointed Theodros as a health minister and then foreign minister to work for them.
The Amhara served them under Theodros as the helpless and hopeless testing animals in the medical institutions to control/destroy the African/black population in Africa using new and dangerous vaccines, medicines, sterilization and castration methods. That devastated the Amhara people and would be recognized as genocide .
They seem are satisfied with their project and plan in Africa to wipe out blacks is working after testing it on the Amhara since Theodros was appointed as health minister and then foreign minister by them to do their jobs on Ethiopia targeting the Amhara .This is not about him doing the right jobs at WHO but to use his experience on the Amhara on the rest of Africa against blacks .
Everybody shoul know who is behind this idea Tewdros to become the leader of WHO.. It is the CIA, Bill and Melinda Gate , the so called aid agencies and the likes.
They are looking to use him in Africa the way they have been using him in Ethiopia for years targeting the Amhara committing genocide in peaceful ways using modern and silent methods .
Even If they put him there to do their dirty and criminal jobs in Ethiopia as well as Africa knowing it is not about the world but Africa targeting the black population that would give them multiple benefits including their drug companies making billions out of it selling poisons while calling it medicines, he will never get a peaceful welcome in any country he is going to visit.

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Ethiopians will make sure, the whole of Africa as well as the world do know what he did in Ethiopia as health minister as well as foreign minister being the Anglo-American trusted agent and about the mission him being the leader of WHO.
As an Amhara i would be curious about the disappearance of 5 million Amaharas in Ethiopia, supposedly due to unsolicited distribution of birth control injections under his watch . I know The idea of him being at WHO is not coming from him but them. They know how he served them in Ethiopia against the amhara and they are looking to use him the same way the rest of Africa against Blacks .

Although the criminal Tewdros got a massive support from evil institution One thing is certain and that is the TPLF era is over in Ethiopia as well as Africa .


  1. Dear Veronica Melaku,
    In such a short a paragraph you have repeated “Amhara[s]” 11 times. I hate to tell you this but your real problem is not hatred for Tedros but infatuation with the word “Amhara.” Sober up.

    • isn’t Amhara the first Victim of Fascist Tigrians regime? Who else did TPLF single out as its main enemy in its Manifesto than Amhara?

  2. This TPLF junk is among the licensed lairs, killers and looters. Their license/ power is from the West.

    Post Cold war Western politicians are pursuing disguised war against the powerless humanity using a very simple tact: enabling ill-willed individuals and dictators in the East.

    If you critically analyse the post cold war world order, Western politicians are pursuing, in concert, two parallel seemingly disguised tacts against the weak societies (the East):
    1. demolishing by enabling traitors/dictators
    2. demolishing by wedging direct war based on fictitious claims

    I think they will appoint Adhanom for two main reasons:

    1. because they have to award him for his tremendous services to them in demolishing Ethiopia and killing/crippling lives of numerous Ethiopians.
    2. to demolish more African nations and abolish more African lives in the near future

    We should realize that TPLF is an ideal partner of the post cold war disguised inhuman world order (WO) lead by US and UK.

    Many other TPLF like junta’s who effectively served the post cold war WO will be elevated and awarded for their extraordinary records against their own people and nations.

    Enabling traitors and dictators will continue until another global revolution and/or the 3rd world war turns out. I hope at least the second will take place soon.

  3. Veronica,
    Well orchestrated piece of evidence! We live not on the other side of the Atlantic ocean but at the heart of the very country you proclaimed to lose 5 million amhara and never witnessed this except in hollywood films. You lost hope on the western power from whom you are collecting your rifraf and switched to terrorizing black Africans-no way! your clock is dead forever

  4. It has been consistent with historical facts, proof that Amhara Elites has all along been Kehadi, Banda, Self centered, and exceedingly greedy. There is no historical fact that shows Amhara elite contributed or sacrificed for Ethiopia but they are experts in stilling others sacrifices. Atse Tedrose’s sacrices, Adwa victory are some of the historical facts stolen from others, the truth is that Aste Tedrose is NOT Amhara and the victory of Adwa was not Amhara victory.

    Veronica , no one would be surprised if the Amhara Elite in the diaspora becomes Anti Non Amhara Dr. Tedros and prove their banda character and support the british white man, it is consistent with your history.

  5. The servile, witless, stupid traitor Tigre, Mr. Adhanom is one of the stalwarts of the fascist TPLF government. No wonder that he is rewarded handsomely for the untold crimes he committed against Ethiopians and Amaras in particular.

    Well, he will surely be tasked to undertake bigger and more destructive mission. He, like most of the Woyane dignitaries, hails from a tribe of career traitors, a pedigree of venal forebears that has put him in good stead. Good luck adhanom, you failed mosquito breeder.

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