Why Ethiopians Oppose Dr. Tedros Adhanom ?

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By Adane Buni Irkiso

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Even though it is too late the oppressed voices of Ethiopians against the candidacy of Dr. Tedros Adhanom for World Health Organization Director is gaining attention. It would seem baffling why Ethiopians oppose another Ethiopian’s advancement to such a higher international post. Some may assume the protest emanates from personal envy not to see someone flourish. That is not the reality, and Ethiopians have well founded justifications not to back up Dr. Tedros’s candidacy. Within the past few months and so, He might have promoted himself hard to earn the votes of many countries, but he and his party has been persecuting Ethiopian’s for two decades, which left Ethiopians strongly unconvinced of his leadership.

The brutal ruling party he represents was so crafty in building its positive image at the international level, while internally mistreating Ethiopians. There is no question about how their international diplomacy policy they follow has been successful so far and sustained their life to stay in power in Ethiopia. Apparently it is crystal clear to every Ethiopian who drove them (the current ruling party) to the top from the very beginning. And now as they are losing the plot in the internal politics and the battle of peaceful political protest in Ethiopia, the easiest way they found to make their breath last is to get the global endorsement. If it was as to the wishes of the majority of Ethiopians, Dr. Tedros and his party, had been long since they were overthrown. However, it is so sad to see for hapless Ethiopians, the global community still endorsing one of the tyrants of their country, Dr Tedros Adhanom. It could not have been a problem, would WHO pick randomly any of the many well qualified and deserved professionals in Ethiopia, but Dr. Tedros’s is a criminal waiting for a judgment day to happen soon in Ethiopia, not elsewhere. We are grateful for nations who showed support for an Ethiopian, they just know by name, and we understand that support is for our country not for an individual. But we have lived with him, we know him better than foreigners, we have suffered a lot under his leadership, which is why we request you to revise your decision to vote.

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In addition we believe if an Ethiopian is selected as a director, it doesn’t mean Ethiopia is going to benefit better. We don’t think this is up to the standard of the working policy of World Health Organization. At the moment Dr. Tedros Adhanom is irrationally urging Ethiopians on a social media to stop opposing him, pledging Ethiopia is going to benefit from his candidacy. World Health Organization should not allow this corrupted mentality to lead itself. We expect a universal, neutral, fair service from World Health Organization.

Some innocent Ethiopians suggest, for the love of our country, we have to show support for Dr. Tedros. I am somehow tempted to do same, but I personally feel it is like tightening the chain on ourselves. Some might say he didn’t kill anyone in Ethiopia. I would say our former President Mengistu Hailemariam claimed same, saying he did not kill a single person. Dr. Tedros as a central member of the ruling party cadre, there is no way he will escape the responsibility of the mass killings, tortures of political prisoners. From his level of education we have expected him to object and stop those wrong doings, but he turned a deaf ear to our voices, and we don’t hope for anything better coming from him to us. That is why we say Dr. Tedros will not represent us, Ethiopians.

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  1. we Ethiopian ,are not opposing Mr Adhanom rather we are supporting him as many African do. but there is a tiny folk Group who are opposing him becouse he came from Tigrea norther ethiopia .it dose not matter if he came from particulare folk Group , he is good Ethiopåian and the son of Africa

    Tedros adhanom will be G director weither those people like it or not, Mr Adhanom is the right person for the post .

    go Mr Tedros Adhanom

    it is time for Africa to take the post and show the World that Africa can do the such job

  2. Kuma24,may be the definition of ethiopia is for you only tigray. He can not represent any singel oromo, Amhara, Afara ….. He only represent the fascist tplf(ye tegre netsa awechi) which terrorize the whole ethiopians. Majrat mechi hula!!!

  3. I am happy to see an african and ethiopian Dr. Tedros as g.d of who. And i think the opposition is not b/se is tegrie (the idea of narrow nationalist) and ts is not only from a folk group. I do share; the ruling party to which tedros is a central member, killed, tourtured, and humiliated many Ethiopians with out reason.
    Let us wish best to tedros in his new position and turn his mind and oppose/challenge the brutal act of the ruling party.

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