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Why Eritrea cannot continue as a sovereign state – Asmerom Hidru

EriteriaethiopiaFirst let’s examine the people who form the so called state of Eritrea forged by EPLF and mainly by Isaias’s dream. First and foremost, the people living in this part of Africa are the most illiterate and with a continuous mal nutritional problem. They have the most backward herdsmen type set up as society based on clans and sub clans. The above factors and their permanent poverty contribute to their feeble mindedness and arrogance which has no tendency to change. After 30 years of armed struggle led by Issias Afeworki and his likes even the idiocy and feebleness of this people could not change. Issaias as hero as he is he was able to lead these feeble people with identity crises to defeat the centuries old state power in Ethiopia and shift it to Asmara and  form a state which they do not deserve. The core part of the problem with the feeble people in Eritrea is their heterogeneous origins. The Kunama they emigrated from some parts of Africa which is not exactly confirmed up to now from which part .The kunama now they belong to Ethiopia and Eritrea. The Saho they belong to Ethiopia Somalia and Eritrea. The Afar they belong to Ethiopia Eritrea and Djibouti. The Rashayda are 100% Yemeni .The Tekurir are 100% Nigerians .The three provinces of Hamassien Seraye Akaleguzay are 100% Tigray until they were named Eritrean by Italian colony and then by Shabia.The core of the Eritrean problem, the Hamassien feeble idiots husk and spent grain eaters, are partially from Gondar Dembia. The arrogant, ignorant primitive and backward people of Bilen are 100% Agew from North West Ethiopia. The Seraye are from Shire Adwa Axum .The Akaleguzay mainly from the Agame province of Tigray. The rest are from North and South Sudan. The trouble makers and inferiority complex congested Gebertis are From Gondar Wollo but majority from Aksum shire Adwa. To have a  better understanding of the identity of the feeble people living in Eritrea can refer, a book by Michael Hassema a Geleb Mensa’e northern Eritrea born.
The Bahri Negash territory of Ethiopia now Eritrea region is demarcated by Italian invaders as a colonial share for their economic benefits. Throughout history Eritrea, the Bahri Negash part of Ethiopia, is administered by previous kings of  Ethiopia starting from Axumite kingdom to Emperor Yohannes and Ras Alula until the Agreement of Wuchale between Italy and Menelik.
The last category of the feeble people is the Bandas who fought by the side of the Italians against their own people. The heroes remained in Tigray and the Bandas stayed in Eritrea after the war. In brief this is the formation of the feeble people now residents in the state of Eritrea.
The Hamassien as feeble as they are insulted and humiliated their hero leader Issais Afeworki as Agame which means an insult according to the feeble people. The belittling of the heroic Agame people is otherwise proved by the heroic King Sebaghades. King Sebaghades ashamed the Italians and other invaders in the war to control the red sea and the now Eritrea. One poet from Akaleguzay during a funeral of his nephew child boy he made this poem In Tigrigna :
Gebre keyblwo kem hawobotatu
Tekle keyblwo kem akotatu
Sebaghades ilomo nay ghoitotu
Quol’a shim kebidwo eyu meytu.
English meaning
They could have named him Gebre or Tekle like his uncles and siblings
But they named him Sebaghades the name of the Lord the lion and hero
That’s why he passed away early for he could not bear that huge name.
The Italians have every reason to hate Agame for the humiliation and defeat they encountered several times from the heroic people of Agame. Dr. Bereket Habtesellasie and others who read history books refer Agame as the proud and heroic people who live in north eastern Tigray.
Now the irony is when the feeble multi mix race with identity crisis continued to assimilate Agame as a negative labeling despite the proud history of Agame people. The feeble people at times they can show more respect to their fellow feeble who works as an Arab maid an Italian dish washer more than to the Gallant hero Zer’ai Deres or Moghes Asghedom Abraham Deboch or Issias Afeworki.
Issais Afeworki he thought and trained the feeble people to be hero who were ones and still work as maids and servants of Italians and Arabs. The current generation of feeble  they do not have any clue how their fathers were boot leakers of the backward Amhara officials in Asmara. They may start sweating the moment they face an Amhara. Now they are calling Issias and his like Agame in its negative perception of the feeble.
History will remember Issias as the like of contemporary charismatic leaders of Cuba Fidel Castro, Francis Fanon
Che Guvera, Mao Tsetung, Hoch Min and in some ways as whole hearted  as Carlos the jackal. He lived most of his live as hero and as a lion in the Mountains of Eritrea he created many heroes. Only a hero can create a hero not a house maid of Jeddah or Milano.
Now this letter is to Mr. Issais Afeworki. I understand that your immediate task at hand is to dismantle Woyane, once and for all, I agree with you 100% because the proud Tigrean people and the Group of thugs Woyane are diametrically opposite. Immediately after the demise of Woyane bandits, everyone in Eritrea,Tigray and Ethiopia is expecting you to make history.
There is no point to form state of Eritrea which does not exist in history and in any criteria especially taking into account the people who now constitute Eritrea whose origins full of controversy. They do not deserve nor have the capacity to administer this strategic Red sea region if they do in no time they can hand it over to strangers and foreigners. Now history is calling you to correct the damages you made to please feeble idiots who will never learn even in generations to come. Unite Eritrea with the rest of Ethiopia an Ethiopia without Woyane. If you do not do it the Tigreans and the rest of Ethiopia who are the rulers of Red sea they will do it sooner or later. Already they have started it through Afar Kunama and Saho to say the least they can disintegrate the land occupied by feeble and idiots the  now Eritrea. Mr. Issias remain the same lion hero and a noble man for yourself and for the rest of your siblings. You need to compensate for  the damage you incurred on the generous Ethiopians for the benefit of the good for nothing hyenas in Eritrea. The disintegration of the feeble idiots is already stated by Woyane and it will be resumed by whoever takes power in Ethiopia
A reminder to the Feeble idiot reader, do not focus on the correctness of my English just try to get the content of this simple but extraordinarily important message. It is an issue which could have been noticed long overdue.
Mr. Issias make the right decision to restore what belongs to the 90 million people instead for the 6 million feeble idiots who do not have the sense, capacity and legitimacy to control the red sea and area.
May God bless you and help you Mr. Issias, for this noble mission.
Asmerom Hidru

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  1. Asmerom u r an idiot not the Eritrean people.keep dreaming your inferiorex complex will kill you one day

  2. The person who write this still in dreams, weekup u have lot peroblem about Ethiopia unfinished to write down

  3. It makes me think the writer of this article must be on some sort of drug. What is the purpose of such idiotic article? Who is feeble minded and who is backward? Is this the type of writing that is suppose to make us live as peaceful neighbors or maybe one day as one nation? I guess not. You can not highlight your worthiness by cutting someone’s leg. Yes, Mr.Issais Afeworki has made a number of mistakes and he is still repeating the mistakes of Mengistu in his own way. But that is not the fault of the Eritrean people. Your assertion Eritrea will not exist as a nation, is like predicting a rain in the middle of a storm.You have no clue what you are saying! No one knows what tomorrow brings. Life is sweet when it is taken one day at a time. Take a deep breath and re-examine your own path. And stop belittling others!

  4. Actually, this a weak write up which in inconsistent in presenting its ragument. It is simply the uasual Eritrean polititian style full of empty exagguration with no substance. Author please grow up. The era of lies is over. teach youself use your mind to be better and live in this world as humans. Understand that you too are feeble. Go learn, read, study and improve. Then you can write better and covience me.

  5. Dear Ato Asmerom:
    I read your article on how Eritrea cannot be a self-sustaining state with a keen interest. The realization is long overdue. The creators of Eritrea, the Italians themselves, knew it from the very beginning, and eventually decided to attack Ethiopia twice in order to make their cherished first-born colony of Eritrea a functional political entity. Unfortunately, it did not work. In both occasions, Italy’s dream became a nightmare, almost destroying Italy itself: in the first, with the Ethiopians’ victory at Adwa, the Italian government, which financed the Ethiopian invasion, was thrown out of office and the country was temporarily taken over by the street mob; the 1935-1936 Italy’s aggression of Ethiopia ended with the tragic hanging of Mussolini, who dreamt to create the Second Roman Empire by the invasion of Ethiopia. Italy itself was taken over by the Allied forces.
    Even though I appreciate your article, your lionization of Isiaias Afeworqi, whom I consider a very crooked and mentally unstable man, is totally misplaced.
    But what angered me most and enticed me to write this comment is your statement: “The current generation of feeble they do not have any clue how their fathers were boot leakers of the backward Amhara officials in Asmara. They may start sweating the moment they face an Amhara.”
    Your analysis of Eritreans’ geneaolgical root suggests that you have some notion of historical understanding. But the above quotation seems to suggest otherwise. I grew up and also worked in Eritrea. The people are the most wonderful, but they do not have your hangups and were much more sophisticated. But most significantly, they knew far much better than the present half-educated generation the distinction between Amharic and Amhara. Just to educate you a little bit, Amharic is Ethiopia’s national communication medium as Italian is for Italy, English for England, or French for France, just to mention a few western countries that you may be familiar with. I lived in Italy and speak fluent Italian, actually better than many Italians themselves. I know that there are more than thirty different languages in Italy. I lived and have my education in England There were and still exist, Cornish, Gaelic, Celtic, Cumbrian, Welsh (just to mention a few of the so many languages spoken in United Kingdom) before the English language that you know today. The French revolutionaries wiped out almost all languages spoken in France and forced everyone to learn the French, the vesrion spoken by the royalty. Indeed, national languages in Europe and elsewhere developed as a result of their association with the ruling class, and wherever the admnistration went the language too moved with it, supplanting the locaal ones. The same is true with Amharic The people with whom Amharic is associated today have nothing to do with the so-called fictional Amharas. Amharic is the result of pdginization and creolization, combining vocabulary and syntax of almost all ethnic groups inhabiting the present territory of Ethiopia and beyond. Europeans, who propagated the myth that black people did not contribute any form of civilization to humanity, attempted to deny that Amharic is a black African language. They claimed that it Semitic and came from Asia with Arab migrants, which is part of the well-known Hamitic Theory. Hoping you understand what this theory means, I have no wish to elaborate. I only stress that it is false.
    Until the present regime came to power, the term Amhara applied to a wide range of people, and each time the meaning varied: in some instances, it indicated:(1) a member of the ruling nobility; (2) a Christian; (3) a native Amharic speaker; (5) free people or free-booter. Immmaterial of the variation of the appellation, all these so-called Amharas identified themselves, not as ethnic Amhara (group), but as denizens of local regions, such as Gojame, Gondare, Manze, Shewe, Yefate. Christian and Muslim annals alike, as well as the royal Chronicles, all without exception, up to the 20th century associate Amhara with a small geographical area in Wallo, but never as an ethnic name.
    In the light of these historical facts, your above quoted reference serves no purpose except perpetuating the ill-conceived and malicious propaganda of the current government in power who uses the ethnicization of political discourse as its political expediency. Remember that thanks for Amharic, we Ethiopians are blessed because we are the only country in the entire continent of Black Africa who have our own national language, which is not associated with any ethnic group. Instead of regurgitating hatred, our task should be to develop it further so that Amharic becomes one of the major international languages that would be taught and studied throughout the western universities. Please stop blaming the past. No nation is born perfect. It is each generation’s duty to make a difference in the life of the nation and its people. I hope you heed me.

  6. I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. This is just a bizarre article. kkkkk
    If zebahasha care about their reputation they should filter out such articles otherwise no one will take you seriously.

  7. mister feeble(asmerom) you are a feeble minded auther i have ever seen.Eritriea is gone fore ever, keep crying hard for ever,if you were hero and smart people why did you let Eritria gone.Bcause you are feeble people.ERITRIA IS ONLY FOR ERITRIANS.You stopid pastard idiot ETHIOPIANS GO TO HELL AND FUCK YOUR SELVESand we never want to see your uglyface and we will put like a berlin wall on our border .we will protect and love our beautfull country ERITREAAAAAAAAA until we are alive.

    • This man or woman must be a die hard woyane pretending to be an Eritrean. You will round you all up soon. Victory is now within reach and you will see it soon. We will destroy your kilel shit and bring you all to justice.

    • We can see who is idiot here. I don’t like the way he presented his article but it carries some elements of truth. We accept you belonging to a different country now but the fact is that you are Tigre and relate to the Tigreans and Amharas in Ethiopia. Basically, you are the same people. Wakeup and stop shooting your foot

  8. shame on you Z habesha for posting such an idiotic article by a nut case writer which i don’t even want to mention his name……………this idiot should be locked up and never given a chance to scribble a stupid article like this
    This sub human woyane is ridden with inferiority complex and had to scribble his nonsense here where i come to see some enlightenment
    Shame on Z habesha Editors for posting this hateful,vulgar piece of crap

  9. Mr Asmerom you are truly a hero who dare to tell this stupid, idiot, ignorant and dillussional people of ARTERA about their true identity which causes them to feel inferior and to correct that inferiority they create this false bravado and put a false bold face to hide their true inferiority.
    True Eritreans are the most stupid people who take pride for being ITALIAN SLAVES and MAIDS and they even write books to brag how they were good SLAVES lol
    Btw I am surprised by the number of ARTERANS who are coming to this site, WE Ethiopians forgot these feeble and stupid people long time ago but they are still obsessed with Ethiopia that is why we see them coming to Ethiopian websites and cry but no Ethiopian will go to their website to see their crap
    Arterans are like an old SHERMUTA who likes going around and gossiping they gossip bad things about Ethiopia and Ethiopians wherever they go and whenever ARTERANS COMMITTED A CRIME THEY CALIM THEY ARE ETHIOPIANS IN ORDER TO TARNISH THE IMAGE OF ETHIOPIA WHICH NEVER WORKED FOR THEM THOUGH

  10. Long a go the united nations proposed that Eritrea better to stay with Ethiopia in a confederation kind of governance. I believe it was a thoughtful and farsighted recommendation. We both Ethiopians and Ertreans with our common name habeshas have to think about it again.

  11. I didn’t know so much Eritierians visit this web site. This is the most commented on article recently on this web site. Wow! how sensitive are Eriterians and what are they doing here?

  12. I don’t know if Eritrea is going to continue as a sovereign nation or not but the Eritrean government and its ministers are going to see the international court in Hague very soon. The UN inquire commission on Eritrea has very serious causations of the government. If this report gets any traction on June 23 2015 hearing a lot of people in the Eritrean government are going to be in the hot seat. I really wonder what went wrong in Eritrea. Is there any turning point from this mess?

  13. Thank you Dr. Larebo,
    The migration has always been from Eritrea to Ethiopia. How many have migrated to Eritrea from Ethiopia? Almost none but government officials.
    The union happened because there was a strong Unionist movement from Eritrea, the federation was imposed by international pressure. The mess created in Eritrea was by the Derg which did the same in Ethiopia.
    Anyway Ethiopia does not need Eritrea for its development. Eritrea has achieved its independence and should fence for itself, actually like many other small country it has enough resources of its own.
    It is better to look at each other like brothers who are sharing the same kind of ill fated governance than recalling past misdeeds.
    I hope than young generation will seek for truth than self perpetuating false myths.

  14. The writer is low life individual who insult nation and its people.Even Though I have no much knowledge about Eritrean people, it is insane to categorize the whole nation and its people as mindless. On the contrary he lionize Afeworki who is blamed by majority for hardships in the country.This writer may be an agent of some sort either for Afeworki or enemies of Eritrean people( woyane).

  15. Shabia ena Weyanen’en tenchachu! Sewoch ke Egzabeher yetesetenen mebt enkuan be tsehuf meglets ende wenjel adergew ye miayou dengay erasoch nachew. You must respect Ato Asmerom’s opinion. I have no doubt that, many people (millions) have the same opinion of Asmerom. Selam situn gedayouch, be SELAM ena BEFIKER be HAGERACHIN ETHIOPIA tesbasiben ej le ej teyayizen abren eninurbet!!!!
    Ye ISIS, ye Asanebari, ye bereha, ye bahir erat ke mehon EGZABEHER yetebiqen.
    Ke sewenet melekia zeq yasderegunen ye gara telatochachin WEYANE ena SHABIAN yatifalen!!!!

  16. i think this trash escaped the attention of the abesha editors. this is a woyane sympathizer who wrote this just to agitate people. Ethiopians and eritreans are brothers and sisters who will live in peace and harmony forever. they have a common enemy and it is called woyane. the sooner they deal with it the better.

  17. I am more surprised by the sheer number of Arterans who are scavenging on Ethiopian websites, it is amazing these guys hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians yet they neither can forget us or leave us,
    It is an open secret that Arterans are dominating discussions among Ethiopians posing themselves as Oromos, Amharas, and Tigrians to instigate ethnic conflict to seed hatred among Ethiopians in order to dismantle Ethiopia.
    It is true Eritreans are the most disillusioned people I have ever seen, they are vicious and can act like a chameleon to meet the goal of majority of Eritreans which is dismantling Ethiopia and
    Arterans are the only people take pride for being slaves and Bandas for their colonial masters and that mentality of slavery still causing them to show a fake and superficial confidence or superiority complex emanated from their Slavery and Banda days
    I know Henok will not post this comment as Eritreans are increasingly becoming his acquaintance and sad to see you who left Ethiopia for lack of freedom of speech

  18. The take away from this message is there is no need for partition into colonial Eritrea and Ethiopia proper. The issue of Eritrea ahs to be dealt once for all and put a stamp on it. I am sure some of you may not like it, but it is going to happen sooner or later. There is no still border between the people.
    I do not agree with insulting people as feeble or whatever insult you use. This writer appears to me he or she is TPDM which is fine with me. But no insulting anyone if you wanted high standard for all people. However, Issayas can not do anything now; it is too late for him.
    Unity is with diversity is our medicine. We do not need partition. The seccession of Eritrea benefit neither Eritrean nor Ethiopian. This has to be dealt in away that can bring lasting people because the no war no peace is making people suffer. The people in Eritrea and Tigrai are affected by the no war and no peace policy.This is not tenable or is not a solution but makes people suffer although the people in Arat kilo do not care about the people, we are feeling the pang of the suffering of both people and the issue of Eritrea has to be revisited and the illegal independence with drawn before causing more suffering to the people.

  19. Hi Zehabesha,
    Ur posting only Weyane and Shabia’s comments(Except HAILE M. LAREBO).
    Leba ashloh

  20. What a surprise writing?

  21. Dear
    Haile M Larebo
    We have to bear in mind English is a second language both to me and you.
    when I refer Amara It is limited to the people who were assigned in Eritrea as officials and who sere not competent to handle the administration challenges of that time. when it comes to the Amharic language and Amara people I have the greatest respect. I do not want you to wonder very far.Just bear with me.
    About issias Afeworki most of the ill conceived comment written about him the source is the TPLF network
    otherwise as the generation of his era he is prone to new and revolutionary ideas ,like the EPRP the Me’eson of his time they were exposed and finally influenced by a foreign ideology Marxism Leninism and tried to implement it do we have to criminalize them . as a 20 years old youth ,as in every corner of the world it is natural to undergo such experiences.in the Eritrea Issias grew up the burning issue was the secession of Eritrea originated by colonialists and Arabs to oust Ethiopia from the red see. Again Issias as a 20 years old youth with the limited information of his time he can not be immune from such influence. The point I was trying to make is whether you have the right or wrong motived for Ethiopia you have to be potent if you are impotent your role is irrelevant and non existent. When a popular revolution is waged the role of heroic leaders is decisive no revolution is successful without it. I do not idolize people I was just trying to mention Issias’s pragmatic aspects.
    Most Ethiopians they are bewildered by the postings in the internet most of it is spread by the TPLF to confuse the people and keep away from the main struggle against The cruel tyranny of TPLF.To have a good base of Eritrean and Ethiopian politics read articles books by Ambassador Zewde Reta Professor Mesfin Woldemariam Professor Tsfetsion Medhanie Dr. Messay Kebede. As you develop your understanding the history and politics of Ethiopia you will soon be able to understand that it is The TPLF who is disintegrating Ethiopia and not Issias Afeworki. I will soon publish an article why TPLF does not want the solidarity and unity between Eritrea and Ethiopia
    Always keep in mind that there is a 24/7 online and other propaganda works by TPLF to confuse the people in order to delay the inevitable armed struggle.
    Thank you
    Asmero Hidru

  22. I read half of the article ,reality challenged individual. In general people will vent their frustration until the end of time while others accept reality and move on. Read sea will forever be Eritrea.

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