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Who's a Terrorist? – TPLF or Ginbot 7?

by Yeabsira Dagnachew
Who’s a Terrorist? – TPLF or Ginbot 7?

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  1. God bless you and what you said is true.TPLF is the most lier org.on earth.Melese Satnawi promised 3 meals a day with in 5years period for every Ethiopians and after 22years and Billions of dollar from the world Bank and western countries donation he made life unbearable for the vast majority of Ethiopians.He lied 90 million people so many times and now his left overs WEYANES is kidnaping a freedom fighter and try to make him Criminal but No body would buy this.We know they have stolen 50 billion dollar and made sure TPLF members would benefit from this terrible Crime.Andargachew is a hero and they will pay for what they did to mother Ethiopia with in short period of time.TPLF will be buried pretty soon like their master in Hell.Viva G7 and EPPF.I am Andargachew and ESAT is mine.

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