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Who owns Addis Ababa ? – by Veronica Melaku

Addis Ababa
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The status of Addis Ababa remains one of the most vexed and volatile sticking points for Ethiopians.
The bill that will realize Oromia’s constitutional right over the city of Adiss Ababa released from Oromia Regional state. This new bill is based on the unfair privilege guaranteed nearly 20 years ago for Oromia when a proclamation stablishing the constitution was ratified.

In this short article, I will primarily reflect my position about the city of Adiss Ababa.

1~ The Best-Case Scenario

All political forces particularlly Woyanie itself needs to get a better grip on reality, and understand that Addis Ababa is and will be remain under the controll of All Ethiopian.
Addis Ababa belongs to all Ethiopian . If special priviilage is ncessary over the city that privilege should be given to people of Amaras, who make up over half the population.
25 years ago People of Amhara were very much mystified by the evil and hidden ajendas of TPLF and OLF.
There are more Gurages in Addis than tigres and Oromos combined, who only make up a combined 15%. of the population.

2~ Second Best-Case Scenario
Let the Oromo establish their capital city somwhere else as the Amhara moved to Bahridar. Addis Ababa should be the capital city of all Ethiopians and African counties. Oromo should not be allowed to make their capital city in Addis Ababa .

Historicall Back ground 
Historically, the whloe Shewa area was the seat of famous Abyssinians kings like Emperor Amdetsion, Emperor Dawit ,king zereayakob and others.
When we go back 300 years earlier the whole shoa and Arisi area was home to Amhara kingdoms & Muslim sultanates which were part Abysinia. Old rock hewn churches like Adadi mariam in South Shewa & other old churches in Gurage areas dating back over 500 years are evidence of chrstianity presence before oromo expansion.

Among others Gafat, Argobba, Chebo, Gurage, Zay, Aymallal & worjie were semetic tribes inhabiting these area which joins northern semetic people all the way south to Gurage-Silti-Zay land. Their kingdomes were Damot, Ganz, Waj, Ifat & Shewa sultanate in which all of these located in todays Shoa Oromo & East wollega area. Northerners were weakened because of Gragn mohamed’s wars so as result they couldn’t help these small minority tribes from oromo invasion. Each having small population they couldn’t be able to resist oromo conquerors who are expanding their population size at a very fast rate whenever they raid into new territories.

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Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Historians gives facts with time stamp, you and politicians responsibility is to read and make your own conclusion. I read this book and make my own conclusion. All rational conscious oromos and Ethiopians should read this book themselves and make their own conclusion. It’s better to be a rational readers and a follower at the same time rather than just be a follower.
In politics you can negotiate by saying you give me this and I will give you this in return but in the question of identity & history you cannot negotiate by saying I will not preach this fact or false history if you give me this.

I trusted this book because it is written by a foreigner who doesnot take sides between north & south and furthermore it uses a varied sources from 12th-18th centuary historians & travelers from portugese, arabs, turkishs, harar muslims & northern chrstian historians.
You could buy the book here
or read some highlights for free here
These invaded kingdoms & their exact location and all about the people can be found here in this book


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  1. I am not sure what the real message is in the following remark:

    1) ‘Addis Ababa belongs to all Ethiopian.’ That is perfect. I embrace that idea 100 percent. But the next one is troubling to me and it contradicts the one before it.

    2) ‘If special priviilage is ncessary over the city that privilege should be given to people of Amaras, who make up over half the population.’

    If one ethnicity privilege is bad and deserves condemnation, then what makes another type fair and acceptable? I don’t get it. You see. Ethnicity in politics is inherently strewn with land mines. Ethnicity in capital accumulation has proven to be a lightening rod everywhere in the history of mankind. So what gives?

    To be proud of our history(which I unapologetically am) is one thing but passing around privileges along ethnic lines is in total contradiction of the first one. In that society of 100 million-strong powder keg, caution is the prudent advice.

  2. By the way, as a late comer history buff, I would like profusely thank this young lady for the links she attached to her article. I was awe-stricken by the discovery of that medieval town called Barara. Even though I am many decades young, I ain’t afraid of learning. It shows in abundance of hard evidence that whenever the Wahhabis come to our neck of woods, they come to destroy what is there already. They loathe history. They detest it like a rash. That is what their graduates have been doing to the history of mankind in Iraq and Syria. They burn down cities and villages and build harems to quest their pervert sexual desires.

    Kudos Veronica!!!

  3. Firstly finine is belong to oromo poeple and it is oromo land. finfine is the heart of oromo people. People cant gave to you their heart the land they kept for generations that finine is belong to oromo people you massacred oromo people from their land and you settled on their land Now you want call it as if it was yours dog neftgna go hell. How on earth you undermined the querroo oromo youth who shacked tpf who was pland to rule for more than 100 years. do you think the oromo people allow you what your dirty mind is taking you fascist wayane agents you settler you have no right to take about our land.

    You do not have nothing from our land we know how to protect our land. neftegna banda tplf agents. you are doing this to divers the people mind. people know what is their and what is the others.

    The people who do not want to say that finine is belong to oromo.Those who want the destruction of Ethiopia because how could you possibly think when you hide the truth how people can trust you and live together. there fore you must acknowledge that the finie is belong to oromo people. andy way they do not ask you. the queeroo destroyed tplf they will destroy you neftegna if you do not want to say in peace.

    you evict them from their land and build house your people on some one’s land you are settlers know yourself before you taking about oromo land.
    oromo has many educated young generation who will never ever allow you any more to call their land in your name.

    neftegna and banda wanyane greedy have no mind.

    some of you may be ready to let Ethiopia to be disintegrate because of your hate and because of you greed on someone’s land. people have mind they do not want to gave you their land. instead they will deport you to your dry land. that will be the end of story. we do not want to live with wayane band on our land we will deport you soon

  4. Your “Addis Ababa” belong to the children of Emiye Menelik (the Hitler of Africa).

    But Finfinnee belong to the Oromo people in general and the Oromo of Tullamaa (the Galaan, Gullale and so on) in particular. You speak and write always about a fake unity and justice. Your wish is to sustain the hegemony of the Habesha especially that of the Amahara in Oromia. The persistently eviction of the Oromo from Finfinne and it’s surroundings in the last 135 years are alright for you. You care only the about your privileges in the home of others.

    You write always a nonsense piece in order to defend the outdated and rotten systems and thinking. But it cannot help. It is just a waste of time. If you really want to solve the problems of the Empire state of Ethiopia seriously. First, you have to denounce all the bad deeds of all past and present repressive systems. Second, make sure for yourself that the hegemony of the Habesha will not have place in Oromia and the southern henceforth. Calling the ghost of Minilik or crying for unity in order to sustain your previous privileges will not help any more.  We are in the 21st century. The real solution is mutual understanding and respect.

    Blaming everything you hear and see will not help you and will not help your nation. The dark time of the Minilik’s era will not come back again. The rotten and inhuman systems of the invaders of old neftengas will never reincarnate. The ghost of Minilik also will not defend the failed ambitions of his offspring.

    The main problem is your mentality and the culture in which you grew up. The mentality and the culture of the dark era of Minilik, Haile Selassie and Derg which are still influencing and confusing you. You need redemption. The Oromo Qubee generation can probably help you in the near future by teaching and heralding a true democracy in that country. But in the meantime it is better if you reconcile yourself with the reality of this time. You cannot turn back the wheel of history.

    The preachers of Anti-Oromo give all the rights under the sun to the settlers in Oromia. But they try to dispossess the Oromo nation even the basic human rights. According to thier assertions the Oromo deserve nothing in their homeland. Without reservation and protest the Oromo have to accept their fake unity. This is ridiculous and a futile attempt. These individuals have not still realize why the Oromo have been fighting and resisting the policies of Woyane in the last 26 years.

  5. Where is your compassion for those who evicted in the last 130 years. Only in the last 25 years more than half of a million Oromo have been removed from their homeland around Finfinne. Are they not deserve justice? What about the forcefully replacement of Oromo culture and language by those of the settlers? Do you think the Oromo are subhuman? Indeed it is a great shame and embarrassing to share a common destination with a such outdated mentalist. The latent segregation policies of your forefathers on the Oromo around kept them away from education and development and controlled them in the darkness by labeling their social value and language as the savage and uncivilized entities. These vicious circle of discrimination, latent segregation and forcefully assimilation policies have been broken and will never be repaired.

    Also you used to say that your ancestors came from Israel. Even sometimes you claim that you are not Africans. But now this guy try to claim that they  are an indigenous of Finfinne. You are like a ship without navigation devices. You have been suffering under double standards. 

    You try to undermine the power of the great nation of East Africa: the sleeping giant. It doesn’t matter what you claim and preach. No one will stop the aspirations of the Oromo nation for peace, dignity, freedom and prosperity in their homeland. Enough is enough! You cannot turn back the wheel of history.

    The principles and the value of the great Oromo nation cannot fit your values of debterism. All your nonsense writings are an indication of your desperation and hopelessness. You are poor!


    Stop the preaching of Anti-Oromo!
    Down with the promoters of Oromophobias!

  6. If ADDIS ABEBA and SHEWA belongs to anyone it should be to AMARHA PEOPLE, AMAHRA people have lived in SHEWA for more than thousand years way long before the OROMO INVASION happened 300 years ago caused the killing and displacement of Amharas and other Indigenous Ethiopians. The distorted history OLF and TPLF been teach for the last 50 years have now bear fruit to make AMARAS to be treated as new comers in their own ancestral land,.
    Making ADDIS the capital of OROMIA and give the region a special interest will bring permanent conflict between the two largest Ethnics, OROMO ELITES should rather see the long term effect of this decsion which will bring more problem between AMARHAS AND OROMOA,

    AMARHA people in the future will defenetley will raise the question of SHEWA and ADDIS ABABA

    • You better “claim” the whole Oromia, but don’t mind about the Welkatite and the borders of Sudan. You are full and it is the usual empty akaki zeref. The Qubee generations are everywhere to defend their father’s land and their cultural heritages. The old tactics and strategies will not work more. The game is over! We are in the new era.

  7. The fate of Addis Ababa lies in the hands of Addis Abbabans and its dwellers.

    Facts about Addis Ababa tell
    1. Addis Ababa is exclusively founded by the Great Ethiopian Emperor Menilik aka.”Emiye Menilik and Etege Taytu about 120 years ago.
    2. Addis Ababa is also interchangeably called “Shaggar” by Addis Ababans
    3. The name Finfine as the name of this city has been created by tribal Oromo politicians in order to get some attention and false legitimacy over the city. However, Finfine is the name of a location, in the heart of Addis Ababa, barely bigger than the area of two football fields.
    4. In terms of its ethnic composition, Addis Ababas overwhelming majority dwellers are Amharas or Amharic as mother-tongue speakers (more than 70%), distantly followed by Gurages and Oromos (10% each). In terms of population ratio, all other ethnic groups are insignificant. (I calculated Tigrigna speakers make up only 3%)

    In conclusion, the fate of Addis Ababa and how it will be politically administered in the future is determined by its exclusive owners who make up the majority (In the best case scenario by Amharas and Gurages). Statistics and numbers talk. All other options with out the consent of these two groups will remain an illusion and a wishful thinking.)

    Amharas and Gurages should come up together and seriously think about the future of their own city “Addu Genet”. I already notice that is coming with the speed of light.

    • setter neftegna and banda wayane have no place on our land. Goraga people have mind not like dirty neftgna and wayae their agents. Guraga people are the people who respect oromo people and lived with them for generation they know very well the generosity of oromo people there fore they do not have time for your dirty tactic. guraga people already acknowledge that finine is belonge to oromo people they do not want to live on lie. they are very compassionate people who work very hard and know the land they are working more than any where else is oromoia. therefore they have no time for neftegan lie.

  8. I am very smpathetic to the Amharas now. It seems the regime continues to plant time bombs to set the country on fire. What a mess of the century? Do not they have any conscience or Hilna?

  9. Thanks veronica for your well described article. often I read your writings, they are matured and well articulated. the evil weyanie junta is planting a time bomb among Oromos, Amharas and others. however some Oromo extremists did not understood this evil plan. the fact of the matter is Addis Ababa belongs to all Ethiopians equally.
    the truth shall prevail.

    God bless Ethiopia

  10. The oromos have a habit of claiming other peoples land long after they settled sometimes as refugees and other times as brutal invaders. In Ethiopia they have been invading and encroaching to the native lands of the Sidamas, Kembatas, Wellaitas, Gurages, Somalis, and most of all the Amara. Even to this day, they wage deadly conflicts to snatch the grazing lands of neighboring tribes. For instance, it was only last week the opdo and the Ogadenis ‘settled’ the matter after a deadly conflict between their tribal herdsmen. How do you think we have Oromos in Kemisse, South Wello, to this day? They even claim the Rayas are one of their own. It is possible given their history of migration from South of Moyale toward central Ethiopia following the footsteps of Gragn Ahmed. If the oromos start demanding special or preferential treatments at the cost of other Ethiopians, we then must tell them who they really are: brutal invaders masquerading as natives. I absolutely agree with the writer that if the Ethiopian lands have to be appropriated by tribe, the entire Shewa belongs to the Amaras while the oromos have none in Ethiopia/Abyssinia proper. They can find their native land somewhere south of Moyale. The constitution they are referring to enact a piece of apartheid system so that they can “legally” discriminate us in our own city and country is worthless to us. In fact, the entire federal system was designed and enacted to discriminate and annihilate the Amaras and unitary Ethiopians – Ethnic Ethiopians – like myself. We were excluded from the entire process. Nobody represented ethnic Amaras and Ethiopians when the land was divided along ethnic lines. That is why the Tigrays blessed themselves with Humera while the OLFites appropriated the land and city of Minilik to themselves. We will not be intimidated nor will we budge from our historical land.

    • Woyane is alien, does not represent Tigrai. This is evil act. I will join the Amhara if these is really happening. Woyane is not from Tigrai. They are are Muslims who grew up in Tigrai. They are not Ethiopians. May be they are related to Gragn Mohammed. I am serious, please do no refer to this people as Tegaru. There are no such people in Tigrai. I do not believe any Tigreans can do this stupid thing in real life. The Oromo has no name even. The name Oromo is given to them during derg time. Before that they were called Gala. They do not like to be called Gala either. In truth, Oromos have no history, no name, no land and no origin. No one knows who they are and they themselves do not know who they are. The white South Africans lived in South Africa and Zimbabwe since 1565 until today which is 400 years. They have given back the land to the original owner in Zimbabwe to the black people and the whites has gone to MOzambique and South Africa. The South African white are paying compensation to the blacks for using the land and will continue pay them.

      The Oromo history is similar to the white invaders history in South Africa, history of 300 years and the Oromo must vacate the land if they can not live with others. You can not claim land without having land. This must be the end of TPLF and OLF. All Ethiopians must rally behind the Amhara. Woyane is doing this division to stay another 25 years more.We must get rid of the ugly woyanes.

  11. Wude Ethiopiawian wogenoche

    Minew Aladlen bilo new enji be 21gnaw kifle zemen endzih aynet asafari neger menesatu betam yasznal.

    Egna ketefaqeren ketekebabern lelawun neger min ametaw: Enante bewuch hager alfachew terfachew zegnet aggnetachu eyenorachew aydelem ende? tadia le Ethiopia hizib mebet manew siashaw be chiefa bel silew degmo eqaqaw ferese biluo be snipper qindbqinbun yemilew?

    Ene Prof. Merara, Beqele Gerba… yet new yalut? enezih sewoch Leman new yemitagelut? be musina yihon a sarachewun eyayu yalut? Ye Oromon hizib makiber: ye Oromon hizib meriwoch kemakiber yijemral!

    Wud ye oromo wogenoche

    ye Oromon hizib mebet erasu Oromo ena ye Ethiopia hizboch yemiakebrut enji: woyane ende Dirguo yemisetew Mehon yelebetim! enam woyane chewatawun endetelemedew bebelaynet lememrat kandim sosit gizie belay ye Oromon hizib Joker adrga meteqem yelebatim! Wuguz keme arios we keme diablos beluat!

    Egna ye Ethiopia hizboch: Qin yihun enji manim Ethiopiawi hagerituan bimera chigir yelebnem!

    Lemelaw ye Amhara hizib wogenoche:
    kemin gziewum belay ye Amhara hizib yan aybegeri kindun masayet yalebet gizie ahun new? Mannim bemelemamet gizie masalef yelebetim! Enante sitenekiruo ye naquachuh hulu wede egrachuh chama yisegdalu! silezih ahun balew huneta ye Amhara hizib Adamach atual: enam kindachun abertu aqim yaleh begulbetih, genzeb Yaleh begenzebih Aliam beteselotih ye Amaran hizib behail maderajet asfelagi ena amarach yelelew guday new! begulbet ena beametse yemiamin escale dires!

    Dil lemelaw Ewuntegna Ethiopiawian bemulu!!!

    • He is a white man. He is work based on historical facts. But Oromo has no historical facts to support any claim. Punkhrust can not make up fake and non-existing Oromo history. The truth is Oromo has no any history in Ethiopia before the invasion with Gragn Mohammed. Nothing written or craved on stone or on tommb or no palace nor church and nothing. Arfachu Tekemetu, arfachu beselam nuru. Lelaw Ethiopia hzb lai menor atchlum. Woyane is fake itself.Woyane will not live with you to protect you. It is stupid to think other people will not demand their own rights. It is dedeb. I do not think there is any dedeb creature like woyanes.

  12. “If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together!!!”

    Ethiopia shall unite!!! Please this is a 21st century: think globally, don’t be a narrow minded, selfish and foolish!!!

    all of your thoughts revealed that you are still in the medieval mindsets!!

    Some of you (Yaya Beshir) are boast, and you have considered speaking and writing an English language as the standard of knowledge!!! as the saying goes “Ye Sew Worqe Ayademqe”, you are a slave of whites but we are not!!!! we don’t care about their language, grammar or structures!!!! we are a free nations!!!But, you slave people prefer to use a foreign language and a foreign alphabets and you are proud of that!!!

    If you insist on your idiotic thoughts, don’t expect a good thing for all parties: you will stay as a joker for your head masters (TPLF)

    Shame on you: all of selfish, narrow minded and racist people!!!!

    Long live Ethiopia!!!!! In both the holy bible and the holly Quran Ethiopia is there (mentioned) and it will remain till the end of the world!!!! that’s all. even Eritrea will come and join Ethiopia!!!

    King James Bible”
    “Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? “Amos 9:7

    “When the apostle saw the affliction of his companions, […] he said to them: “If you were to go Abyssinia (it would be better for you), for the king will not tolerate injustice and it is a friendly country, until such time as Allah shall relieve you from your distress.” Thereupon his companions went to Abyssinia, being afraid of apostasy and fleeing to God with their religion. This was the first hijra in Islam.”

    You idiotic and racist people stop racism!!!

  13. We Oromos should stand firm . Finfine
    is belongs to Oromos .
    It is high time for Neftegna to learn a lesson
    if eprdf improve the political platform in in such
    positive steps the Oromos are ready to work with

  14. Andandie yehie Amhara yemibal komata hizb
    kalenie Ethiopiawi yelem yemil Timkhtegna
    astesaseb yetetsenawetw neaw kemeriet tenestew Ginbot 7 ye Guraguie Genzb Mesebsebia
    Dirjit new bemalt propaganda bemasbeten Dirjit
    bemengedaged lay yigegnal.

    • “Be lefelefu be afe yitefu”, erime yametal yihe nigegirh, Ye Afe welamta aytashim!!! qomata chinqlat!!! A donkey after 25 years will be a an old donkey!!!

  15. You stupid, nonsense, idiotic and racist TPLF agents, stop dividing the Ethiopian people. our tribes is mankind!

    Ethiopians please be aware of that: Deomons/ TPLF cannot stay in power when there is unity and love!!! Victory will be achieved through unity!!!

    The above foolish and evilish statements doesn’t represent the unity of Amaras and Promos, your blood is our blood, and most importantly your leaders are our leaders!!!

    my fellow Amaras and Oromos: why TPLF stay in power for 25 years, is that not become of your division?

    why you let the TPLFs to be smarter than the two big nations, is that not because of your idiotic and selfish thoughts.

    both of you can not go far, if you prefer your separation.

    Stop Racism Stop Reacism^100000000

  16. @Batcha Debelle/ Gebregiabher:

    Mengedun cherq yadrglih: Lelaw Ethiopiawi degmo Eju lite/ besuo yizuo Yitebqehal,enam zelalemken endetebalah siol tiwordataleh: Ante ye Saytan melktegna/ Diablos!

    Ere lemohonu ye Baryana ye gezxi wul beyet haget new yalew? TPLF qindb qindbkin yawum be Sinnper eyetelezeh lemegzat yanten feqadegnet mech teyeqena?

    Ye TPLF tiru ena wedel Ahya lemohene min wul yasfelgewal? Jegnawua TPLF endew ye ante aynet Gibiz alatach:

    Ye Ante aynetu Gibiz: Libse melbese ye jemere gizie ena yawoqe simeslew: Lihachun Yemizrekerkew beza aylefleh, Ejh amed afash yihun balew Ye Amara hizib new!!!

    Zeregnoch ke Ethiopia midir Yitfu!!!

    Dil letebaberut bemulu yihun!!!

  17. Melaw Ethiopia yegna huna sala sile addis ababa mawratu min yemilut felit yihone: enwaded, enkebaber: Ethiopia sefi nat Tibeqanalech!!!!

  18. The demands of the Oromo nation are about fairness, equality, democratic rights, human dignity and respect. It is against no one, as long as he or she respect the basic rights of the Oromo nation.  It is against the repressive systems and undemocratic hardliners. It is against the policies of discrimination, subjugation, uprooting from homeland and latent segregation. The Oromo nation have been fighting to get it’s right place in the Ethiopia politica, social, cultural and economic community.

    Some hardliners like Girma Seifu speak about a fake equality and unity whele they have been promoting the principles of discrimination and racism, let alone about human dignity. He told us last time in one of his statements that he doesn’t want to see the development of the Oromo culture and language in Finfinne. He cannot tolerate it. For persons like him the Oromo are an alien in Finfinne. Besides that he claim that those from coutryside are not capable enough to take a position of leadership in the big cities even if they are highly qualified for the jobs. Ketemenet is for him and for those like him a big deal and a great asset. Ketemenet is as his point of view the main required qualification to take a position of leadership in the cities. Such persons are irrational and primitive. 

    He is always intolerant about Oromo. He is just one of the hardliners and racists in that country. Because of his hatreds for the Oromo people he pushed away the so called Andinet party from MEDIRAK sometime ago. Afterwards this party itself was disintegrated. That is the fruit of the ignorant hardliners like Girma Seifu. The main problems of the ethiopian politics are such dull and primitive arrogant individuals. Such individuals try speak about equality without any shame. They are just the dull Debteraists and the primitive thinkers.

    According to this person we can not be equal even theoretically, let alone practically. The Katames like Girma Seifu are the best human being. But the Oromo and those from countryside are not relevant enough to be treated as a human being and even their academic background has no place in their mind.

    We have to fight togother such backward and very primitive mentalities if we want to save Ethiopia from disintegration.

  19. @Gammadaa
    let us work together to achieve all the Democratic and the human rights for Ethiopians.

    Ethiopia is a lake and the regions are islands. So that, to save the islands: first we should save the lake, then the islands will be safe! otherwise, we will not go far. If there is equality interms of every aspect in Ethiopia: that means every Ethiopian people is equally treated! that should be our ultimate goal: we have learned because of the contribution done by the Ethiopian people , therefore we should work for all without any partiality!!!

    we should stop racism at all. all of us are brothers /Ethiopian, and every nation is suffering. we should strive for every nation.

  20. I always wonder with the stupidity of the Amara neftegnas. They are very racism ethnic in Ethiopia than any other. They say always “Ethiopia” but its fake and lie. They are very lairs you can never believe them if they get opportunity to do so. The main problem in the country is because of this neftegna Amara. They talk talk …. always they do not want to work. The country has been on war and known due to its poverty for the last 100 yrs when the world had dramatically changed and developed. Very crazy!

    • Nift Angol, who are you??? Who unified Ethiopia? Shumbasa Asres (Grandfather of your headmaster Meles)? Aboy Sibhat? why we need to lie? to get what? we can do everything, and we can get whatever we need! why we need to pretend? Are we TPLF, to pretend and to lie? Who is the children of Satan? It’s over, we will not let you to spill all your sheets on the Amara people. Soon or later, you will pay a considerable price, and you will regret forever!!!

  21. Veronica, you must be proud of yourself. You see how much participation your article instigated? You hit the bulls eye- the core issue of whom does Addis Ababa belong to.

    As a matter of bitter historical fact, I agree with the points of view of “Ehioman” above. However, one of his statements is out of bound. “They can find their native land somewhere south of Moyale.” It is great of you to let OLF extremists know the bitter facts of history. But no one should suggest the ousting or relocating this or that people from anywhere. Ethiopian historical developments of events and movement of people within and from outside should be taken as is. With all the truth of the past we still have to find a way of establishing a democratic Ethiopia in which each and everyone lives in peace, equality, and prosperity.

    Lemlem”s opinion (above) too extreme ( if not suspiciously by a TPLF social media agent) to be palatable to me. Lemlem and the like should not forget the great Oromo patriots who shaded their blood for this country known as Ethiopia. Do not let down the innocent, generous and hard working Oromo peasants and herders. Because of some shallow minded, misguided OLF recruits who have denied and discredited the contribution of their forefathers, you should not undermine and offend the majority of Oromo-Ethiopians who are no less determined to the good cause of Ethiopia.

    Gammada, I am confused about your opinions. A few of your statements in here and in other articles imply that you want to see an Ethiopia in which we live with mutual respect, equality, and mutual benefits under peaceful coexistence, both in cities and elsewhere. But most of your statements, in contradiction to this implied stand, are repeated cliches from the indoctrination of the defunct evil OLF. Many a time you rant about the eviction of the Oromos in the last 130 years. Where is your fairness for those who had been marauded, mutilated and displaced or forcefully assimilated during the different Luba invasions in search of grassland and water, some 400 years ago? Who told you you that atrocities committed long time ago should be buried and forgotten?

    Again, you Gammada, shot an irresponsible bullet by saying that Addis Ababa belongs to the Oromos in general and Tullemas in particular. You are again subdividing the Oromos into clans and assign where they belong to. God forbid, if people like you get the chance to rule Ethiopia, imagine what kind of human disaster would follow. Time and again you tell us the “qube” generation would ascertain the Oromia nation and drive out others from “finfine”.

    You curse Menelik II by equating him with Hitler, showing your knowledge of history is just a copy of OLF’s cliches that were made to please TPLF and Shaabia. When are you and the like going to throw away the filthy close tailored to you by OLF. Believe it or not OLF, which was the brain child of Walaga missionary servants, (as the great scholar and leader, Dr. Merera Gudina correctly labeled them some 20 years ago) is a carcass that the Oromo mass are shoveling it away. Now it is “Islamia Oromia”, camouflaged under the name Jawar Mohamad that tries to continue spreading the poison that no sober minded Oromo would take.

    Lemlem and you have the same immature attitudes from the opposite side. Both of you should start repenting and cleansing your selves from xenophobic, clannish, and distorted ideas. Think of how the Oromos and all the other ethnics in Ethiopia can have mutual respect, dignity,and equality, under democracy and justice. Addis Ababa is a cosmopolitan city that belongs to all its dwellers and not to any “majority” or “minority”. Yes, in reality now the city belongs to TPLF and its cronies. That will for sure change, if people like Gammada and Lemlem stop aiding TPLF to divert attention.

  22. hey Ethiopians why confuse yourselves ? yet you know how blessed you people are even the holy books are witness [Holy Quran & Holy Bible] decide who will rule for you all same and contributed in your lovely country`s development no Oromo, no sidama ,no Amhara and so on. wake Ethiopians open your eyes wide we have to banish the so called OLF ,TPLF and any party that is killing us come people wake up from that deep sleep .LETS RULE ETHIOPA OURSELVES

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