Who is the mastermind behind the instability and current assassinations in Ethiopia?

Date June 24, 2019

By Ermias Hailu

Egypt Reaction to the Construction of Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

It is a well-established fact that Egypt has been “the behind the curtain” organizer, financer, and leader of the instabilities Ethiopia has been experiencing over the last nine years. Same is also true on the current instabilities of Sudan where Egypt and its “de facto colony Eretria” are jointly working to put their puppet government in Sudan and destroy the Ethiopia-Sudan alliance established by the late PM Meles and President Omar al-Basher.

The Egyptians developed and are implementing   a “Grand Ethiopian Destabilization Strategy” after a careful study and analysis of the internal weaknesses of Ethiopia, such as the fluid nature of EPRDF, growing dissatisfaction of the Ethiopian people on EPRDF governance, historic and current rivalry within different ethnic and religious groups, weaknesses of the current federal structure and poverty. Egypt’s destabilization strategy has been implemented by involving various foot soldiers such as President Isaias of Eritrea, Dr. Berhanu Nega of Ginbot 7, Ato Daud Ibsa of OLF and so many underground agents with full involvement of various media outlets such as ESAT, OMN and  BNN. The Egyptian intelligence has recruited many Ethiopian agents sold out for money and their political ambitions and these agents are working 24/7 hand in hand with Egypt and Eritrea in spying and destabilization of Ethiopia and political groups which Egypt and Eritrea see as a threat to their interests on Ethiopia.

The central focus of Egypt’s destabilization strategy has been to weaken EPRDF by eliminating its leadership and dividing the Ethiopian people by demonizing the TPLF and the Tigrayan people which they have been able to implement it effectively.

The destabilization strategy of Egypt has the following goals:

  • Weaken the EPRDF government and install Egypt friendly government in Ethiopia that that will sign a binding water share agreement that protects so called “historical share “of Egypt (an agreement between Sudan and Egypt in 1959 allocated 78% of the Nile water by volume to Egypt). If this goal is achieved, Egypt will allow the completion of GERD as it will benefit Egypt as “free of charge” reservoir.
  • In case Egypt fails to install a friendly government, it will continue to destabilize and weaken Ethiopia including its defense force and destroy the GERD prior to its completion.
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Where does Egypt stand regarding realization of its goals?

  • Ethiopia is currently a destabilized and cash starved country with a new inexperienced and divided EPRDF leadership that is highly vulnerable to foreign manipulation.
  • However, even though Egypt has a very high hope that the new Ethiopian PM Dr. Abiy will be easily manipulated to sign a water share agreement that benefits Egypt, it could not succeed so far.
  • Over the last one year, Egypt has tried to pressurize PM Abiy to put the verbal commitment he gave to President  Sisi in Cairo on July 11, 2018 in a binding agreement(At that time PM Abiy was coerced  by Sisi  during their joint press conference and said “We will take care of the Nile and we will preserve your share and we will work to increase this quota and President Sisi and I will work on this.”  )
  • Egypt is currently showing frustration on its inability to get a written water share agreement from PM Abiy and Egypt is continuing to destabilize Ethiopia using its foot soldiers and agents who are already in Ethiopia

When Egypt, the de facto colonizer of Eritrea, authorized President Isaias to make peace with Ethiopia and direct all so called “Ethiopian freedom fighters” that were stationed in Eritrea to enter Ethiopia, the following were the possible reasons:

  • Egypt and Eritrea may have believed that opening of borders between Eritrea and Tigray will enable them to continue their assault on TPLF, which will further weaken the EPRDF so that they can install their puppet government in Ethiopia without any hinderance.
  • The participation of the various agents of Egypt and Eritrea in the Ethiopian political process will pressurize the EPRDF to concede for Egypt and Eritrea. If that could not materialize, Egypt and Eritrea will destroy EPRDF and install their own puppet government.
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Thanks to the bravery of the people of Tigray and the unified leadership of TPLF, Eritrea was the one that was forced to reclose its borders and TPLF came out victorious, strong and unified to save the mother Ethiopia.

The latest Assassinations of Ethiopian Officials

Egypt and Eritrea have found a fertile ground in the Amhara and Oromia states and they have been also successful to plant their agents in the EPRDF government which could do their dirty job at a time of their choice. The latest assassination of Amhara government officials and the Chief of Staff are part and parcel of Egypt’s strategy to destabilize Ethiopia as masterminded by Eritrea.

  • Why Egypt and Eritrea planted their killer agents as a body guard of the Chief of Staff General Seare and assassinated him?
    • He is the most respected and trusted General that was the right hand to the PM Abiy working hard to stabilize Ethiopia
    • Revenge by President Isaias as he was the prominent military leader that lead the Ethiopia- Eritrea war between 1998-2000 that humiliated President Isaias.
    • To destabilize the Ethiopian Military and making it unable to defend the country from foreign threats and enforce law and order.
  • Reasons for the conflict within the Amhara Democratic Party (ADP) leadership.

Connecting the various dots from General Asaminew Tisge’s, various actions and speeches, after he became the Chief of the Amhara Region Security forces, it is most likely that he was a direct or indirect agent of Egypt and Eritrea that was being used to instigate civil war between the people of Amhara and Tigray, with the objective of destabilizing Ethiopia and dismantling the TPLF. Recently, he was also making speeches that reflect rebellion and contempt to the Federal government.

After the various meetings conducted recently within EPRDF and the Amhara Democratic Party, it was decided to reinstate peace and stability in the Amhara state and open the road to Tigray and it looks General Asaminew Tisge, was trying to resist that and that could be the main reason for his conflict with Dr. Ambachew.   General Asaminew made a preemptive attack, prior to being sucked from his position, even though his objectives are not clear.

  • In my view the assassinations in ADP leadership in Bahr Dar and the assassination of the chief of Staff are not directly related, as it is very clear that the assassination of the Chief Staff was preplanned and waiting for the right cover-up. However, what makes both related is that they are part of Egypt/Eritrea strategy to destabilize Ethiopia.
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The immediate clear and present dangers of Ethiopia and EPRDF:

  • Egypt and Eretria have active and dormant Ethiopian armed agents(cells) who are well positioned within Ethiopia and the EPRDF government that could be used to destabilize Ethiopia and EPRDF at the time of their choice and place
  • Eritrea has been able to smuggle hundreds, perhaps thousands of its armed intelligence personnel to Ethiopia
  • Various weapons have been smuggled to Ethiopia and so many people are armed
  • Civil war (ethnic and/or religious) could erupt any time soon and the country could be ungovernable
  • Armed branch of OLF and various Shiftas in the Amhara region could be the ones that could trigger civil war.

Recommendation to EPRDF:

  • Strengthen the EPRDF specially by resolving issues with TPLF
  • Reorganize and strengthen the civil and military intelligence
  • Root out Egypt/Eritrea agents within the EPRDF and Government (Intelligence and Military)
  • Root out Eritrean spies already in Ethiopia
  • Closely monitor all individuals and groups that came from Egypt and Eritrea
  • Closely monitor all companies/embassies associated with Egypt and Eritrea
  • Open roads to Tigray through Amhara and diffuse tensions at the borders
  • Organize unity conferences in the different parts of the country where all ethnic groups will meet and discuss issues and forge unity
  • Expose and escalate Egypt and Eritrea destabilizing actions to the African Union, United Nations and the superpowers
  • Closely monitor the flight between Addis Ababa and Asmara


God Bless Mother Ethiopia!







  1. Is this Wyane manifesto to come back to their old position? This articls first was posted on weyane’s mouthpiece Alga, and its posted here as solution to Ethiopian ill. Weyane need to clean it self from murderous , robbers and return all lands that belongs to Amhara region before it starts advising others. No Ethiopians want you at the center of power with your criminal bloody hand at helm . you have to make a choice — no back door to power.

  2. Desperate Woyane’s cry to make itself relevant. No one want to see Woyane at the helm. Woyane should stop wrecking havoc in Ethiopia.

  3. Zehabesha used to be a trustworthy source of information and opinions, or so I thought. No need to read between the lines to see the writer (babler) wanted to spread a thought which Ethiopians have been forcefed for the past quarter of a century claiming TPLF is the knight with a shining armor to save Miss Ethiopia. Everyone knows who the destabilizing force behind the current unrest in Ethiopia. Only if TPLF came to the party as Ethiopian organization instead of acting like we against Ethiopia. Zehabesha if you don’t keep your integrity you too will be lost just like the miriads of meaningless websites

  4. The Woyannes can never be trusted on issues of national interest because they are shameless sellouts. They used to accuse Egypt and Eritrea/Isaias of involvement in destabilizing their fascist and racist rule in Ethiopia. The woyanne crooks can no more deceive us.

  5. The writer of this piece is, I think one of the cyber “tegadalays” of Debretsion.
    General Asaminew Tsige, by virtue of his upbringing and his personal devotions for Ethiopia, can never conspire with Egypt and Eritria. The former is a historical enemy of Ethiopia known even to shepherds in Amara area. The later is a place where fascist Italy had bred resilient loyal servants who never hesitate to do any evil deed available to them over Ethiopia.

    This article is, however, purely and typically TPLF propaganda. Infact, contrary to what the writer assumes, it is more likely that TPLF, Abiy’s OPDO and OLF have piloted the killing of Amara leaders and general Saare. Wait and see when more facts come to the surface to know that it was organized and implemented by Abiy’s government. For now, Birhanu Nega and his ESAT team lead by Messay Mekonen and Sisay Agena, haters of Amara, are in jubilation. But wait!

  6. Habtamu

    What is your objective, yes this article was posted there,but the content has nothing to say about TPLF coming back.The Amara people have leaders that follow events and they are the one who raise such questions and strategically strategically address them as needed. And if there is going to be a commonly shared vision and a reading of minds in any struggle,ordinary individuals such as me and you need to learn to evaluate whether my comments positively contribute for the over all struggle or not.

    For me the most important question at the moment for me is to focus on our common social problem: extremism. OLF extremism is now a common threat to both Amaras ,Tegrians,to the Christian Oromos and the rest of Ethiopian society. The gunning down of the three high ranking officers in Addis and the invasion in Amara regions are directly related to the policy of extremism.

    Therefore it behooves on us to begin to work people to people with above group. Hence we need to leave Policy making issues and strategic issue to organizational leaders than to bring them to public forums and inflame people for nothing.

  7. ለምን ሁል ግዜ ኤርትራ የእናንተን የውስጥ ችግር አለም ያውቀዋል ስለዚ እውነቱን መናገር አለባችሁ።በአሁኑ ስአት የኤርትራ መሪወች ከከተማ ውጭ ተደብቀው እየኖሩ ነው አደለም ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ ሊዶልቱ።ችግራችሁን ግን ካላወቃችሁ ልንገራችሁ የደርግ እና የወያኔ ፕሮፖጋንዳ ኣእምሯችሁ ውስጥ ስላለ እውነቱን ልትረዱት አትችሉም ብትችሉም አይዋጥላችሁም

  8. Thank you Ethio 360 media for critical and accurate presentation of events. I would be doubtful of the current ADP leadership legitimacy and sincerity at all.

  9. Thank you Ethio 360 media for critical and accurate presentation of events. I would be doubtful of the current ADP leadership legitimacy and sincerity at a

  10. Abiy is incarnated devil

    did woyanee use ethinic federalism to liberate the minorities suppressed by amhara for centuries, allow them to speak proudly and use their language both in and out of school. They were belittled and despised by amhara. When someone speaks non amharic , amharas used to deriding and ridiculing at him or her.

    How on earth could amahra suppress the whole countrymen ? Amhara elites who continously wage war and provoke violence should be brought to justice. They donot represent the hardworking and peaceful Amhara and the same goes to some oromo bad eggs like Juwar Mahammed who couldnot be a representative Oromo People.

    Amhara dictators destroyed Geez at the expense of imposing their language on the entire nation and preventing the rest ethnics to use their own languages.

    As Melese described Political parties are not agregates of Angels they could do something that pleases one and displeases the other. Look what the regerets of Obama admn and other powerful leaders elected by peaceful democratic elections they always have something unpleasant even if they have well-educated and highly experienced staff behind them.

    I donot believe Woyane folowed ethnic federalism to create division among tribes but it was to emancipate the socalled minorities who were suppressed and killed by dominant tribes .
    We have no clear evidence to show to the world that TPLF caused damage to our unity . We cannot calim that the rest of nations and nationalities have to follow what was established by domineering government regulated by Amharas for centuries without giving opportunity to take part in leadership make use of thier own languages etc

    Dominanting a certain tribe or society in quantity or in number doesn’t always imply that we have exclusive right to hold power over the others.

  11. There are many contradictory news about the current political turmoil of Ethiopia.regarding the assassination of General Tseare and his friend and the latest one is that this friend of the general was drunken and tried to kill the general and the body guard shot him.The other news is that the general refused to intervene in the dismantling of the Amhara strong special forces by Abiy that is reorganized by general Asamnew and Abiy squad assassinated him. Here the writer concludes that Egypt the arch historical enemy of Ethiopia due to her life line Nile organized the murder.Same conflicting news comes about the killing in Bahrdar. Some say Asamnew was defending his special force and defend himself from the encircling federal forces of Abiy and others the government media and supporters that Asamnew was organizing the assassination of Dr Ambachew and his friends.Let us ask basic questions why Abiy was upset and afraid of Amhara special force and discourage its organizing while he never says any thing about the Oromo special force? Why Abiy is very sad on Eskinder peaceful opposition while J waris doing
    violence inciting activities even interfering in government decisions? Why Asamnew who praise Abiy as the Moses of Ethiopia turned to be against the close allies of Abiy? Why the news about the body guard of genral Tsare twisted many times committed suicide ,died and alive after shot.All these conspiracy news will be verified in due times and I expect the same calculated drama has been done by the new OPDO led EPRDF like the old EPRDF led by TPLF. May be the change of the news about the soldiers who came to the palace first mentioned as request of benefit changed in to plotting coup?d

  12. EPRDF even currently with the “reform” is not able to become a friend for Ethiopians.Reformed EPRDF is feeding Ethiopians poison wrapped with honey. Egypt would be doing Ethiopia and all matured people a favor if somehow they send EPRDF to where all EPRDFs take as much time as they need in a long vacation until they completed their reform.Ethiopians are suffering by the EPRDF since EPRDF is not able to reform themselves in a timely manner. They are still in a backward mindset pulling Ethiopians back to their gueriila warfare level. Medrmer being added is pulling Ethiopians back to their level nothingelse. EPRDF is the weakest bunch of leaders Ethiopia ever seen.They cling to power because they are masters of scandals steal , kill , beg , borrow and sellout Ethiopia . They even are building a dam to build weapons of destruction.They are arresting in mass now, so imagine what they do with the destroyer.

  13. ኣየ ወያነ፥ ኩሉ ጊዘ ኩፍእ ጥራይ ክትሓስቡ። ሎሚ ኢቲ ግዘ ተወዲኡ እዩ፡ ወያነ ትስሓግ እያ ዘላ። ክሳድ ወያነ ተሓሪዳ ኣላ ግን ኣይተበትከትን። ቀሪባ እያ ክትብተኽ። ዓቅሊ ጥራይ ግበር። ኣነ ኢፈልጥ እየ ንስኻ ሓደ ካብቶም ናይ ሳይቭር ተዋጋእቲ ምኻንካ ፡ ደንቆሮ ወያነ ህጂውን ብክብረትኩም እታ ተሪፋትኩም ሀላ ከይተሓደግኩም እታ ዶብ ሓንጽጽዋ። አንታ አይትሓፍሩን ዲኹም ኩሉ ጊዘ ምክኒት። አርምያስ ናይ በሓቂ ስምካ እንተ ኾይኑ ናይ ደናቁር ኣይትጽሓፍ። ወያነ ኣብ ጻዕረሞት እዩ ዘሎ፡ ዋላሓደ ሰብ ይኹን ሃገር ዘድሕኖ የሎን።

  14. this noting more than externalizing of sham full and dirty act of B/G Asemino Tsege and his followers.

  15. habte kebede

    ye tiliyan ena ye isayas lole what are you doing here

    komal gered shabia

    eritreans are spying on TPLF and the rest of ethiopians here and there . Eritreans had better beg over the planet earth you donot qualify to intervene in ethiopian politics. You donot like TPLF since TPLF donot let you to take Badme and other province of TIgray ; You donoy like Gen Seare since he fought hard against you mongers.

    Just seek asylum where-ever you are, be it shere, ottawa or alaska and send money to your boss, atrocious man-eater.

    I know many eritreans entering to canada aftering deported to uganda and tanzania . thay returned to eritrea and they left their home and gains they made it thru sahara and passing other countries to renter EU and uS, their earthyly paradise, expoliting generations in various guises.

    Stay there donot meddle up!!!

  16. Egyp and its servant HIGDEF never think positive for Ethiopia. They are always there to destablize Ethiopia. Each one of them have their own purpose (Egypt wants to stop the construction of GERD, and to get a signature from Ethiopia regarding the nile water. HIGDEF wants to avoid tplf).

  17. Egyp and its servant HIGDEF never think positive for Ethiopia. They are always there to destablize Ethiopia. Each one of them have their own purpose (Egypt wants to stop the construction of GERD, and to get a signature from Ethiopia regarding the nile water. HIGDEF wants to avoid tplf and to weaken Tigray and Ethiopia as whole).

  18. ykrta kmgrmahue yae nkze melte ysrwe ngre betatnale ysrawene ystwe nebsme aymrme lgse zenwe ymbale awernwe yne kbrte hroe yyadwe etio \artrae fkre ywene ezbe nahwe welme ynralue

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