Who is PM Abiy Ahmed?

By: Achamyeleh Tamiru

(Independent writer, Commentator (Ethiopian Affairs), and Economic Researcher and Analyst)

The Wikipedia post of the biography PM Abiy Ahmed is written by the PM himself. We know this 100% and have verified the story from a credible source, which is close to the PM office.  On the other hand, if a person wishes to remove the post or to correct it he or she has the right. But if the stories entered were wrong, the PM or his office would have removed or corrected it

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  1. Site has been highjacked and people should not download the PDF version. It was a text version article.

  2. H.E PM Dr. Abiy Ahmed is our ever lovely and Great Leader of Ethiopia. He was borne to save Ethiopia, advance Ethiopia and Exalt Ethiopia. That’s all.

  3. Who is……….?

    The answer is a liar and a traitor who betrayed the trust Ethiopians, esp, the Amhara people, bestowed on him.

  4. EPRDF is known for copying answers amongst each other , Stealing exams , corruption , fraud and pretending someone who they are not.

    I am not surprised if (Abiyot) Abiy got questionable past background histories, since the same is true for most EPRDFites.

  5. he is stooge , bandit worebela , vagabond traitor and illgotten

    ashebari in the guise of sheepherd

  6. Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed is a great personality and taking forward Ethiopia despite many difficulties. I wish him all the best.

  7. Dr Abiy Ahmed our PM is an extraordinary leader that Ethiopia ever had in history. He is a true leader who are working day and night to change our country.
    No African leader, ask his people who are in prison in any other country where he visited and brought them in his jet. He is a gift to our country. We love you and proud of you.

  8. He went to high school at night shift while performing his duty at his job during the day time, same as he went to Addis Ababa University to get his PhD at night time while performing his duty at his job during the day time. He knows no rest.

  9. It requires a discerning and astute mind to suspect that Abiy is nothing better than a con artist. Thank you A. Tamru for laying the villain completely naked.
    Abiy has publicly lied a dozen of times at least sice he took office.
    The man has no shame culture. And as long as he is not quickly held accountable, he will continue to deceive and prepare the national army of Oromos to wage a war of aggression against others in a bid to create their Oromia.

    Whether the credulous lot realize their follies and pounce on this villain before he leads the country to genocidal war is the question.

  10. he is banda selay ,mole , doubleagent, kedategna , traitor and ye tarik atela

    but not prophet , messiah and God chosen king;

    He is arab stooge.pious cat !!

    Tigray forever ,cradle ofcivilazation and pride for ETHIOPia

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