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Who is Colonel Demke Zewedu ?

by Eduardo Byrono

I would like to refer this question specially to those of you who have his image as your profile picture. What is your knowledge of Colonel Demeke? I haven’t really seen a single post which indicate any thing about who he is or what he stood for.
And I am so sure that there are many who would like to know about this figure whose name is popularly circulating across social media for nearly a week now. Who is he really? What did he do to be upgraded to a hero ?

I read that one of his son has been killed in fire exchange near his home. If so, fighting who? it looks like that there are countless doubts and fabricated stories within the entire ordeal. And I am confused about the whole thing.

Plus, Curiosity is killing me.

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  1. Dear Eduardo Byrono,
    I was woundering why you are so concerned about Col. Demeke, and I am sure some one who knows him will answer your question. I am a little confused about your name, because it does not look like Ethiopian. My question sounds naive,just for curiousity!

    • Dear Eduardo,

      That is a good question and I am disappointed by the comments you got from readers.
      First of all you are not more or less Ethiopian than us because of your name.In this turbulent times of our history, your genuine interest for the biography of the colonel is relevant.Now this is what I read about col.Demeke; that he was part of the tplf militia since he was 18 yrs old .He was OK with the regime until their act of genocide in the last few years. He was elected to the committee that would have argued the identity of the Wolkayet Tsegedie(that they are Amharas and part of Gonder) in the Court of federal government(aka TTegray government), but when the woyene thugs came to his door to hijack and silence him, he said enough is enough. The fact of the matter is col.Demeke is the symbol of rebellion now,he is a proud Gondere(Amara) who motivated all Amharas on the next phase of resistance. If you are the product of a Cuban father or mother, I salute you.Your brave father or mother helped us to stop aggressors.Yours and mine Ethiopia will survive this racist tigreans.I am proud of col. Demeke and you should too.

      • But He is not a person to be given a status if a ‘hero” rather he is a rebel. He rebelled from the government that he was part of. He is like a ‘shifta’. I agree ethiopians are in the 18th century with out a stroung and logical ground to debate and proof. Just ” getereganetena and pretention (i.e deceive your self and live) yatekanal. This is one of the reason we are still infants and far behind modernity.

        The guy has a good and sensible question ” who is demeke’? I am sorry for what he is suffering but he could be wrong too. We must validate what we say or write with proofs.

        Great Edaurdo

  2. Mr Byrono
    It made me curious and have a strange feelings reading your plea to find out about The Patriotic Colonel who stands against injusice and Identity which was enforced on him and his fellow area residents by TPLF,Sir why you eagerly wanted to know about his personality instead of the Noble cause he stands for,It’s strange! in one hand you know more than most of us know about him that one of his son killed by TPLF murderers,and in the same.token you have no clue and wanted to gather as much information about this Patriotic individual.
    By the way you heared of the saying “Great minds discuss Ideas,average Peole discuss events,and small minds discuss People”

    Thank you

  3. “Mr Byrono”
    Are you Sure you’re NOT TPLF cadre ??? who is trying to paint Ethiopians Hero who fought and stand against TPLF Ethno-Apartheied rulers As an Unknown Man who does not deserve to be called HERO.I Just read your rubbish statment again and again ,I Strongly believe you can name and tell us indetails about “Heroic TPLF” cadres “Patriotic deeds ” Against Ethiopia and Ethiopians

  4. Eduardo Byron,

    If you are genuine Ethiopian, the answer to your question is embedded in the words of col. Demeke ‘ I am born of Gonder, won’t give up my hands to you!’

    As you know col. Demeke is saying these, among others:
    – I am from Gonder city
    – I am outraged with the crimes of TPLF against Ethiopians specifically against the Amharas
    – I am innocent
    – I am sovereign minded
    – I am descendant of the heroism, claiming that legacy

    But like many others here, I am doubtful of your identity and motivative. To me you are a TPLF CRIMINAL masked with a foreign name trying to confuse the mass. If so, you are a dead human like the other TPLF’S.

    Who ever you are your question is not genuine and this had not been published in the first place.

  5. I`m totally not surprised with the interest or question by Eduardo Byrono. He is probably Cuban origin and the Colonel`s old friends and associate in the battle fields in Eritrea or Somali-Ogaden region war in the height of the cold war in the 1980s. He probably knows him more than we do and he has good reason to worry about his welfare and state of his personal safety at this point. I hope he gets soon whatever details he looking for and it would be nice if anyone gives more info. about him. Good luck!

  6. I`m totally not surprised with the interest or question posed by Eduardo Byrono. He is probably Cuban origin and the Colonel`s old friends and associate in the battle fields in Eritrea or Somali-Ogaden region war in the height of the cold war in the 1980s. He probably knows him more than we do and he has good reason to worry about his welfare and state of his personal safety at this point. As someone who took part of those dreadful war theater myself as teenage but in the opposite side, I would have done the same thing for my old battle field friends. I hope he gets soon whatever details he looking for and it would be nice if anyone gives more info. about him. Good luck for him!

  7. Dear Mr Byrno,
    I don’t know who you are. I think you belong to one of the spy agencies of the enemies of Ethiopia.
    Let the investigation of the Colonel’s background and real identity be done by competent, impartial and professional people at Anghereb Prison
    This is not the place to do that. If you like to help you may contact Ma Ikelawi Investigation Unit responsible for Torture and Assassination.

    • Tariqua
      how emotional you are and short sighted, as i guess. Every one has the right to ask. I ca not accept every thing you gossib, you rumour and write a pretext, exaggerate things. I was at university student when the derg regime took as to military training and later would have ended up to the ar front. At that time, I remember, most people from Gondar and Gojam were too emotional and clap hands at the meetings and used to declare a war. Imagine how emotional they were. Just they were going where the winds blew. They used to carry slogans ” Hager weyem mote”. They did so many rudimentary things. I was one of the person who went to Blate though not willing but had no choice. It was really sad, that those who were carrying slogans and leading the toy toy got a medical certificate of unfitness and did not go. This is what they did. So, we have to be really very careful of their steps. Do not expect me to praise Demeke just suddenly. He could be a good rebel or not. Let this message not make you rough and emotional again. But I strongly disagree with you. Who is Demeke? I may not be happy to find him in jail leaving his family. that is very sad but I must not emotionally praise him or you. This is a big obsolete in its cruelest saying.

  8. col Demeke is a patriotic Ethiopian soldier who has taken sides with his people which he vowed to protect when he became a soldier. the Ethno fascist junta which has been in power in Ethiopia through the barrel of a gun has been incarcerating the people of Ethiopia for 25 years. Colonel Demek is one of those soldiers who refused to shoot and kill the people he is supposed to protect.he is a champion of the peoples causes. this has angered the fascist tplf junta and the colonel has now bee arrested when he resisted capture by the regime forces.

    tigre people liberation front imposed itself on the people of ETHIOPIA BY FORCE 25 years ago and has been continually murdering and torturing the people, looting and plundering the country , inciting inter ethnic violenec and divsion among the people on ethnic , racial and relegious lines and using the police and the army to suppress any opposition often by shooting people who dare to protest against oppression and lack of justice.

  9. there is no wrong asking any questions. he just simply would like to know who is he. besides his noble causes, I am interested in knowing who is he. Please don’t considered it wrong way.

  10. You are the journalist, you tell us sir!

    But I think you are trying to make a point by asking that question and I think you succeeded. In fact got more out by those who are aggravated by the question. Now, go ahead make your judgment. Just in case though, The colonel is as simple as a symbol of ‘wene’ that we are desperate of. We went so low that we just give our sons to police knowing fully their arrest was wrong and what will expect them in prison.if you are lucky by the end of the prison term you can get a sick father, son, sister, etc…. That is if you are lucky! This is happening in thousands…

  11. Dear Eduardo, Let me first give you my thumbs up for your active effort to teach history on social media but I have never seen you of being behind the news like this one! I know you as the social media star in the first place, not only that you mentioned in your writing as if you read some stories about him here and there since the Amhara protest started in Gondar region, still you couldn’t finish or draw the story or the big picture about this brave man of this generation but you preferred to ask saying “who is Colonel Demeke Zewdue?”. I hope some one greater and a historian will probably catch up with this story & we will read about this brave man through time even if you missed it big time.

  12. I read alot of very genuine Ethiopian history even sometimes rear photos from Ethiopian history by Edwardo Byrono in social media it seems you know more than we expect

  13. PLEASE AMARAS,And Ethiopians,Edward’s question has irony behind.Colonel is Ethiopian and as the prefix denots he is hihg ranking military official.
    We should ask the patriotic and democratic idias behind.The colonel can live comfortably if he wants.But he has a qustion of fairness and justice in confronting the woyanes.The whole captioned question lies here.for what idials he choose to confront the regime in which he was part?why he fail to deny his personal comfort and face dictatorship?what is your contribution towards those idials?Are we going to die by asking those popular and internationally accepted rights?Where do you stand in facing these questions?your belly or conscience?
    This is the theme of Edwars question,as to my opinion.
    Therefore officials of the region and the rankfiles of the people should ask oneself ,in person,to this.
    Do the Gonderian youth have special burden to take?Genuinely they have confronted the Dergue regime and paid toll of generaton and still doing the same with the presiding dictators,woyanes.Where are other Amharas.please raise togather before perishing turn by turn.a month ago oromos have raised and now they are on the wane,for no one has reacted togather.IT IS TIME TO STAND TOGATHER THAN VANISH INDIVIDUALLY SO THAT WE CAN ATTAIN MERIT BASED APPOINTMENT OF POWER,ECONOMICALLY AND POLITICALLY.

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