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Who Gave Away Eritrea to Italy?

Who Gave Away Eritrea to Italy?

Read Aloud:   Ethiopian embassy gunman triggers diplomatic row (By Abebe Gellaw)


  1. የማይመስል ነገር!

    ትግሬ በጀግንነት አይታማም::

    ይልቅስ ባንዳነትን ያስተማረው ያ ጥቁሩ ሂትለር የት ሄዶ ነው?

  2. You lived in tale for more than ten generations.Try to live in realty.be pragmatic.you can not change things by wishful thinking but by relentless efforts and courage. You have been talking about war against colonizers in the radio for many years. For most part of the wars waged in history, the people in the north Tigray and Eritrea would weaken the enemy in the first encounter, if the colonialist advance at all to the south it is after the efforts and sacrifice of the people in the north was exerted to its fullest.
    Simple example,you talked 25 years but not able to fire a single war against TPLF. please understand that you may help the struggle through literature but you can not bring about a change in the ground without being practical.
    A hero like Yohannes can not giveup his land for Colonialists who spent most of his reigning time in the battle field.Do you know that Minilik was hiding in the church while Ras Mengesha Johannes and Ras Alula were already in the war when the war of Adwa just launched.Had it not be for the Hereon Queen Zewditu, Minilik is a layperson just mischievous guy.
    Dems Bekele you have much in common with Minilik in that both of you are traitors.If you continue defaming Johannes you will end up hearing a shocking untold dirty history of Minilik soon. Do not take this warning lightly.

  3. you cannot build history by defamation, lies and fabrications. Just read history books written by Westerners who were at the war front. You cannot rewrite history to bring the bandas to the front. That is ugly!

  4. The Ethiopian people in general are kind, morally great, wise, intellegent, loyal, hero,cooperative and naturally brelliant. However, unfortunatly the people and the country had been experienced the bad and evil side of Life. The enomies of the country and its people came frequently through the northen part of Ethiopia and the Tigrians and Ertreans had been served to foreigners as mersenary (Banda) for many years. The Ethiopian problem is Always one and that is Tigrians as well as Ertreans. So these people are problems for the rest of Ethiopians why we Think and talk the same sheet to solve the countries problem. Let us focus to abolish those forces from Power and let us Think differntly to build democracy, justs, equality and the rule of law throughout the country. Don’t work together with liers, corruptors, killers and dictators to end the current Ethiopian government for once and forever.

  5. Eritrea never part of Ethiopia you gays are seek always you. Bring false information so from now on don’t mention about Eritrea

  6. do u think u can through out tigres by websites so please come to tograi show as tigrai people never become banda u know well and all ur family .back to histroy eghiopia with out tigrai no histroy so u know if tigrai spareted from ethiopia u know what happen to ethiopia

  7. Eritrean people more family than menelikan peopLe so time will come to two brothers join together so u know what will happen to u

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