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Who Dances Better – Aster Aweke Or Helen Berhe?

Who Dances Better – Aster Aweke Or Helen Berhe?

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  1. Compare Apple with Apple…..The queen of Ethiopian music and the master of the stage Aster Aweke. No one is born yet to compete with her. Get rid of this comparison . People will lough on you.

  2. I totally agree with Fish comment, very bad idea comparing one of the greatest female artist the legend Aster Awoke with ordinary singer. Helen is known for mozaza alena song but the comparison is unfair.

  3. I prefer Helen Berehe – she seems like more of a natural dancer – even in her videos she’s killing it better than the anyone Dancers – lol. Don’t get me wrong, Aster Awake is great too – I just get the feeling that she’s more trained, less natural talent. If that makes sense.

  4. Helen is the clear winner to me. She goes HARD always in her videos and performances. Aster can dance but above all Helen is a dancer.

  5. Aster is better than her vocally,but Helen is better than Aster when it comes to dancing. Both women have talent, but one just out weighs the other. I think Aster is better than Helen though.

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