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Who are We, " Egna Manen " ??

I watched “Egna Manen” a less than twenty minutes program on ESAT posted on May 9, 2015. The program is trying to address the National Shame or what we call it “BeherawiWerdet” of Ethiopians under theTPLF 25 years of rule.

Tedla Asfaw
The Ethiopian people waged a struggle in various forms and ten years ago on Miazia 30  millions of Addis Ababeans protested and demanded regime change. If this is not popular uprising then what do you call it ??
 Last month the Addis Ababeans  two days protest following ISIS beheading and shooting of  28/30 Ethiopians in Libya is a major event that will be remembered as one of the turning points in our recent history.Hundreds of thousands people mostly youth denounced ISIS and TPLFspontaneously. This protest was covered by foreign medias. Is this the action of coward/Feri people ?? No !!!!
In the last decade alone many brave leaders and journalists were  locked up and yet our people never gave up on the struggle for Freedom. We do not look like Libya, Egypt or Yemen where armed groups are in the front battling to take over power. That is true. There are no armed groups who are threatening the regime.
The ESAT program should have asked  “Yegna Merwoche Yete Alu” where are the leaders of the Ethiopian people in the struggle the Ethiopian people have been waging in the last decade alone ? The people have been doing their part what we do not see are the leaders.
Ethiopians have a saying “Neb Yaleawraw”, “YeGobez Aleka”. That is what missing in Ethiopia. Ethiopians are not “Feres” or cowards. Such characterization is not supported by our ancient and recent history. We had Tewodros, Yohanese, Menelik, HaileSelassie leading the battle against foreign enemies. Can you give me one name which Ethiopians recognize  as their leader or leaders at present ? Nobody.
The  Program starts and ends Blaming Ethiopians. Where are the leaders ??? Our National Humiliation will continue until  brave leader or leaders  come out and lead the people to Victory !!!  Ethiopians have been doing their part with Bravery and great Sacrifice !!! Need to be recognized, Not to be Ridiculed !!!

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