Who are We, " Egna Manen " ??

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I watched “Egna Manen” a less than twenty minutes program on ESAT posted on May 9, 2015. The program is trying to address the National Shame or what we call it “BeherawiWerdet” of Ethiopians under theTPLF 25 years of rule.

Tedla Asfaw
Tedla Asfaw

The Ethiopian people waged a struggle in various forms and ten years ago on Miazia 30  millions of Addis Ababeans protested and demanded regime change. If this is not popular uprising then what do you call it ??
 Last month the Addis Ababeans  two days protest following ISIS beheading and shooting of  28/30 Ethiopians in Libya is a major event that will be remembered as one of the turning points in our recent history.Hundreds of thousands people mostly youth denounced ISIS and TPLFspontaneously. This protest was covered by foreign medias. Is this the action of coward/Feri people ?? No !!!!
In the last decade alone many brave leaders and journalists were  locked up and yet our people never gave up on the struggle for Freedom. We do not look like Libya, Egypt or Yemen where armed groups are in the front battling to take over power. That is true. There are no armed groups who are threatening the regime.
The ESAT program should have asked  “Yegna Merwoche Yete Alu” where are the leaders of the Ethiopian people in the struggle the Ethiopian people have been waging in the last decade alone ? The people have been doing their part what we do not see are the leaders.
Ethiopians have a saying “Neb Yaleawraw”, “YeGobez Aleka”. That is what missing in Ethiopia. Ethiopians are not “Feres” or cowards. Such characterization is not supported by our ancient and recent history. We had Tewodros, Yohanese, Menelik, HaileSelassie leading the battle against foreign enemies. Can you give me one name which Ethiopians recognize  as their leader or leaders at present ? Nobody.
The  Program starts and ends Blaming Ethiopians. Where are the leaders ??? Our National Humiliation will continue until  brave leader or leaders  come out and lead the people to Victory !!!  Ethiopians have been doing their part with Bravery and great Sacrifice !!! Need to be recognized, Not to be Ridiculed !!!


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    Not agree what you said. leaders are can be any one in side community. Leader coming out from group of people. leader not sport couches you can’t contracts or hire from some where. you didn’t tell us how we can find Leaders. I agree “Egna Manen” Less than twenty minute show but expres twenty four years problem still we inn. tell as who is the leaders we can ask responsibility?

  2. OuDear Tedla Asfaw
    I know what drives you to criticise this new East TV program. We know how far you can go to dig dirt on Esat. Your comment put things upside down.e have leaders but no followers. Who are Andargachew Tsige, Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega, Semayawi party leaders etc that are in prison? They are leaders. How about the leaders in Andinet and Mead that paid a huge sacrifice?
    Listen it is time for you to figure out where the problem lies. Believe or not the generation today is selfish and a coward. We have leaders who are sacrificing and drying. But there are no followers. You should know that there are coward people and brave people. If the new generation is brave, TPLF would have been destroyed a long time ago.
    Last but not least, if you believe there are no leaders today, why don’t you become a leader yourself? You are not 18 years old. You are a mature man with a lot of experience. Or you like to cont continue develop your whining and complaining experience instead of you becoming a leader yourself?

  3. Mr Tedla it seems that you are upset by the presentation made by ESAT and I am wondering why? You got so nervous when facts told and you try to put the blame on lack of leader/s. Let me ask you why we do not have leader/s? What kind of leader are we looking for? A leader who fight alone and give us all we want on a plate? Are we not suppose to contribute our share to the road to freedom? Are we not suspicious of everything we see and hear? Are we not responsible in making a good leader? You are claimed to have missed? If there is Mr X who call himself a leader we do everything in our power to discredit that person and yet we cry for lack of good leader. Let me give you a concrete example; Mr Andargachew Tsege was one such leader and he was blamed for an Eriterian agent and you are one of the people who don’t like his resolve and determination and now when he fall on the enemy hand the people you try to support for not coward did not care whether he is jailed or even killed. So please do be an emotional analyst and look into events deeply before you take your pen to write. Thanks

  4. Egna man nen?
    Egna ma:
    – Hodamoch
    -Be wegen sikay rekiwoch
    -Sew asgedelen asasiren yeminagegnew tekim yemiyakuwamten
    -Ye Menfes dehawoch
    -ke rasachen bahil Ylik Yesew Yeminafiken kentuwoch
    – Minem sanawk enawkalen bayoch
    – Asmesayoch
    – Rekik Tenkolegnoch
    – Zeregnoch ena lelochenem metfo bahriyat yalen kentuwoch nen

  5. You guse like to talk about ethiopia just like ethiopia is Amara history .Ethiopia is way back to 3000 years history .
    Ethiopia histroy go back to Axumawit kingdome tigray.the realy ethiopian are wayane not Amare neftgna.
    Esat like to talk about Minlke bout minlke who is the only ethiopian king who made a deal with a white man italian and franch to sell ethiopian land and ports to italian and franch for few guns to fight aganaist the really king of ethiopia who daid for his country king Yohans.
    This is way i call Minlk banda just like banda Essayass wadi madhin berad.
    I want you to know i do not agree with Pime Meles police on ertierea from the biging.

  6. White I have observed when I was back home last month is the mentality and mood of Ethiopians on the ground and those in the cyberspace and diaspora are totally different. The cyber me and the diaspora think weyane is can be thrown with a little push but the real people on the ground are considering weyane as a gladiator no can touch even its garment tip. The people has no idea what weyane is doing. NONE. Even if they know they just don’t care as far as they can survive. Everybody is trying to snatch his own share by any means possible. No one is thinking about tomorrow. The game now is ‘kedem endatekedem’ ‘egzer yametawn egzer yemelsew’. No one is fighting for the slightest right. Even when you dare to ask fairness everyone around you will tell you ‘endemnem telemamteh gudayhen asfetsm….enezih sewoch Kim keyazu atechelachewm’….I love these people I really envey them for managing to sleep while their even basic rights are striped off. You don’t believe even how minibus weyalas are treating you. Friend every one is dictator everyone. How can you fight for freedom while you fail to recognize and respect others right???? In Ethiopia no one has the moral high ground to ask for right and freedom

  7. The leader Meles Zenawi imprisoned , killed and brain washed the best minds of Ethiopia then when noone was left that can challenge his juntas position he faked his death and died. Many people say Haile Gebresselasie who was once contemplating to become the president of Ethiopia was seen fake crying and suffered great mental and physical sickness due to his sadness when he heard the news of the passing of the late Meles Zenawi ,Prime Minster of Ethiopia. The truth is Haile Gebresselasie was not fake crying .
    As much of Ethiopians did, Haile cried because Meles Zenawi died without facing prosecution in the court of law.
    Many Ethiopians were hurt when Meles Zenawi escaped prosecution by possibly suicide or even faking his death for the countless crimes he was accused of during his lifetime including killing Meles , stealing Meles’s identity by switching his name from Legesse to Meles etc…
    If the real Meles was still alive all Ethiopians including Tigrayans and Eritreans would not have been in this lowest time in their history.

  8. “We have committed no crime. We are here because of our political differences with the government,” said Berhanu Nega, a top CUD official.
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