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“When you treat people like god for too long, they begin to think like god, they begin to behave like god.” -PLO Lumumba

“When you treat people like god for too long, they begin to think like god, they begin to behave like god.” -PLO Lumumba


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  1. Very interesting remarks and I hope he will come up with practical solutions to the nagging issues many African nations have been dealing with since the 1960’s. Each African country has paid dire consequences from a one-man solution, one-man-know-it-all nightmares. Some of them call themselves marshal fields without spending a day in a trying battlefield and some others called themselves the ‘center(al)’ meaning they are the redeemer who can raise people from the dead. They were the most ‘capable’ economists without knowing what micro or macro economics mean. But they all have one award worthy skill. They were the most efficient serial killers their country had ever seen as leaders. They loot, pillage and murder like there was no tomorrow. There was also one common trait they all have. They said ‘there is and must be an ‘African’ way of solving the economic backwardness. Western style democracy? They all said not exactly! Soviet or Mao style system? They said they have found the way to harness western democracy and socialism African style. Then they began pouring burning hot snake oil on their people days on end. What the heck; some of them even called themselves ‘healers’ of the most deadly disease denying their suffering citizens the modern clinical treatments readily and easily available worldwide. They frowned upon a system where civil competing ideas will be allowed for public consumption and choice. Even today, individuals are successfully convincing their citizens that they and they alone have the divine power and knowhow to bring in prosperity and political stability. Even today, today April 28, 2019!!! Do you think Emperor Bokassa is dead and gone? If so, you haven’t been looking around seriously at all.

    In the case of the old country, a lot can be said about it. They are many positive things that can be praised. It seems that it is getting the respite from gangsters riding on the backs of its citizens but it is doing harm to itself by allowing marauding bigots roam around wreaking havoc seems everywhere. It is shooting itself in the foot by giving these bigots unhindered liberty to spew their poison among people who have lived together as next door neighbors for decades. Then if you ask the question ‘How long will the current environment last?’ you will not be alone. Many human rights groups have certified the old country to be free of political prisoners. For the first time in its recent history there are no journalists held in prison even some of the former prisoners and exiles are daring and recklessly provoking the regime to do so. These miscreants did not bring wrenches and pliers of industrialization to the country. They brought with them sharp and well honed incendiary tongues. They have become extremely efficient as serial arsonists sending many areas into bloody and destructive carnage. They have turned a section of the gullibly and easily aroused youth into heartless murderers. You have seen it. We all have seen it where the youth enjoying a body of their own blood and flesh countryman hanged upside down after stoning and knifing him to death. They did that to him just because he is not from their ethnic group. Such beastly crime has put the KKK to shame. It happened(s) by niggaz on another nigga!!!

    Now, what concerns me most is the value these bigots 0and their despotic predecessors are helping grow on the psyche of the working age population. This section of the population especially the youth is extremely politicized and radicalized. It knows more about the so called ‘class and class struggle’ than the basic arithmetic’s of multiplication and division. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to harness this unruly youth in the needed discipline to be productive citizen at factories and other industrial business settings. The time you hand him his job performance review not to his liking he could turn into a modern day Luddite on a dime. Class struggle, you know!!! Or he will pull the ethnicity card somehow and when you come back to your factory next morning you will find it taking its final breath in a smoldering fire set fortnight. But I still believe that this recent culture of truancy and mob mentality can be tackled with peaceful counseling and persuasive on job sites but not concentration look alike training camps. You hire him/her first and train him/her, in that sequence. If this is done successfully I wholeheartedly believe that goods manufactured in the old country can beat their competition from those made in China, Vietnam or any other Asian countries hands down both domestically and on the global market. But first, you have to go past this potentially losing battle!!!

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