What’s going on in Reese Adbarat London Debre Tsion Church? (Amharic Video)

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  1. It is such a shame the church become so divisive and creates havoc as a result of monk’s individual endeavour of his megalomaniac ends.

    Unless otherwise the monk as alleged has ulterior motive, he should not be doing this to the congregation. There is a conflict of interest i.e. the monk is the leader of the church’s “Sebeka Gubaye” at the same time he is paid from the money raised in the form of cation from the congregation. Any change threatens his supreme power and he is not only willing to compromise but also undermines the church goers and tries to hatch intrigue among them.

    Hope he will see sense and tries to resolve this issue ASAP before it is getting too late and it is being hijacked by factions with political agenda!!

  2. Enough is enough! Let us teach messangers of Woyane a lesson once and for all. We should stand firm to protect our church from Woyane predators, They should be penalised for life. No mercy for Woyanes. No compromise, lets be resoluted to defeat these criminals and claim victory very soon.

  3. A bunch of gangesters(WOYANES) lead TIGRIANS are looting the entire nation using a range of tactics in different sectors.

    TIGRIANS are making the best out of our misery and left our kids to get collapsed in school becuase of hunger, rob thousands of dollars from struggling families who aspires sending their children abroad for better education, evicting farmers from their ancestoral land to lease their land for foreigners and Eriterians, and many many many more crimes are excuted on our people by TIGRIANS. While their standard of living is incredibly lifted from being trash to Europian level,we are going down hell from day to day. So what are we waiting for and for How long to get on with this humilation? Please let us rise from in and out to wipeout TIGRIANS from the rest of Ethiopia.

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