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What’s behind the crisis in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church?

Ethiopia’s Orthodox Tewahedo Church is one of the largest and oldest in Africa. But there’s been a split within its ranks after three Bishops formed their own patriarchate they named ‘Oromia and Nations and Nationalities Synod’ last month. The move led to weeks of unrest, divisions and violence in some regions. The government has banned rallies and restricted social media. But the fallout could still have ramifications for the Church itself and the country. So, what’s behind this schism in the Ethiopian Orthodox church? Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom Guests: Father Alemayehu Desta – a Priest at the Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Texas. Arega Getaneh – a Theologian specializing in Ethiopia’s extensive religious groups. Tewodrose Tirfe – Chairman of the Amhara Association of America.


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