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What is Tamirat Layne saying on the current Issues and Welkeit | SBS Amharic

What is Tamirat Layne saying on the current Issues and Welkeit | SBS Amharic
What is Tamirat Layne saying on the current Issues and Welkeit | SBS Amharic

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  1. Tamrat is undoubtedly the first Amhara who was used by TPLF to carry out massacre and genocide. He is a genicider and I am sure that one day he will face justice. One thing I don’t understand is why any radio station should give air time to a man who committed a serious crime against humanity. This is just equivalent to interviewing Himmler. What sort of people are we?

  2. 1. ይሄ፡ ወንድማችን፡ በወያኔ፡ አሽከርነት፡ ተባባሪ፡ ሆኖ፡ ኢትዮዮጵያ፡ ለዘመናት፡ ከነበረው፡ ህብረ-ብሄራዊ፡ አስተዳደር፡ ወደ፡ ጎሣ፡ ክልለኝነት፡ ስታሽቆለቁል፡ ጉዳዩ፡ ዲሞክራሲያዊ፡ ነበር፡ ወይ? ወይንም፡ የኢትዮጵያ፡ ሕዝብ፡ ተጠይቋል፡ ወይ? የሚለው፡ ጥያቄ፡ መቅረብ፡ ነበረበት፡፡
    2. ከሆነስ፡ ለምንድነው፡ ደርግ፡ ከወደቀ፡ በኋላ፡ ኢሕአደግ፡ ለመጀመሪያ፡ ባደረገው፡ የመንግሥት፡ ምሥረታ፡ የሰኔው፡ ጉባዔ፡ ላይ፡ ማንኛውም፡ የኢትዮጵያ፡ ጎሣዎች፡ በውክልና፡ ሲጋበዙ፡ ለምንድነው፡ የአማራው፡ ሕዝብ፡ በጉባዔው፡ ውክልና፡ የተነፈገው?

  3. ታምራት ላይኔ
    በኦሮሚያ አማራወች ገደል እንዲወረወሩ ያደረገበትን ምክንያት ለምን አልተጠየቀም?
    ገደል ሲወረውሩ በቪዲዬስ ለምን እንድናይ ተደረገን ?
    ስለ ፕሮፌሶር አስራት ሞት የእርሱ ድርሻ ምንድን ነበር ?
    ታምራት መመለስ ያለበት የብዙ ኢትዮጵያውያን ጥያቄወችን ለምን በአግባቡ አይጠየቅም
    እርሱንም መለስ ወህኒ ጣለው እንጂ የኢትዮጵያውን ጠላት ነበር ወህኒም የተጣለው ለሀገሩና ለህዝብ ባለው አቋም አይደለም።
    አሁንም የሚናገረው ምኑ ተነስቶ ይሆን?

  4. Isn’t it how how the Red terror started? Hailemariam is now on slippery road. Derge allowed the forces to defend the revolution.
    This is from History Book

    In a public speech on April 17, Mengistu called upon the people to fight against the “enemies of the revolution” and smashed three bottles filled with blood (or something resembling blood) to signify the impending destruction of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism.

    On February 26, 44 prisoners were taken to a place outside Addis Ababa and executed.
    On March 2, 1977, several people were shot dead by government forces for distributing EPRP
    Over a thousand were detained during searches of the city on March 23-27. May Day had become the occasion for revolutionary groups to demonstrate their popular support, and EPRP planned to stage large rallies. Starting on the night of April 29, rural Defense Squads arrived in the capital, and, together with local kebele officials and soldiers, began a massacre of suspected EPRP supporters. The official
    government estimate is that 732 were killed over the next few days. Others believe the figure
    was in fact 2,000 or more.6

    As they say the rest is Histroy. Now Hailemariam has authorized the power of armed forces to kill young Ethiopians. 70% of the Ethiopia population are under the age of 30 educated by EPRDF. Now they are challenging the system and and Hailemariam allowing the army to use force. The finial outcome will not be different from Red terror.

  5. ato Tamerit Gata mhare nawe . areso ye amhar & ethiopian hezbe andekane yekert yelalu
    ye ewnet sawe nawote. gata yebarkote,think you for yours advice. yes we need everybade chanege. all polical party & so colld activist. Eprdf wayne

  6. Ethiopians living everywhere in the world should start a campaign to take Tamirat Layne to the International Criminal Court for first orchestrating a massacre on the Amhara in Dire Dawa. He was laughed at and scoffed at that moment since an instigation to kill one ethnic group by another by a high ranking Ethiopian official was strange to our Somali and Oromo brothers who have lived in peace together for generations. Please start the campaign as soon as possible. He should not hide himself within the Protestant denomination to escape accountability for the crimes he has done on the Amharas in complicity with the OPDO leaders in Western Hararge, Arsi, etc.

  7. don’t be judged be a man for what he does yesterday, today is another day. I think Tamirat Linea paid the bill excessively and inhumanly, so I don’t like to blame him. in one or in another he impeached, I think he learn his lesson “better to be late, than never”. but one day the sun ☀ of impunity set and the sun ☀ of justice will be raise in Ethiopia sky. woe to those their hand ✋ by innocent Ethiopians blood, woe to those destructs poor farmer hut and build large apartment, woe to those rules Ethiopia by mouth ? of gun ? , woe to those killed minors oppose on the streets oppressors of their parents, woe to those…

  8. I think Mr Bekalu is one of those confused people. Tamrat hast committed a serious crime against people who were living on earth. I hope that God will give him his punshiment but we have to send home over there first and rest assured that we will pursue him until the end of eternity and send him to the gallows!!!

  9. ኧረ ምን ዓይነት ጉድ ነዉና የምናየው ያለነው ጎበዝ።!? ታምራትን ደግሞ ምኑ ይመለከተዋልና ነው አሁን? ጥቂት እንኳ ቢያፍር ምን አለ? እየጮህን ያለነው እኮ ወያኔ “ስኳሬን ቃምክብኝ” ብሎ በካልቾ ስላለንና ከጉያዉ አዉጥቶ ስለወረወረን “ቂማችንን እንወጣ” ብለን አይደለም። ስለዚህ ታምራት ያለቦታዉ ተሰልፏል፤ ሌላ መድረክ ይፈልግ። የታሜ ጉዳይና አጀንዳ እና የኛ የሰማይና የምድር ያህል ይራራቃሉ። ጋዜጠኞቻችን ይህን ያህል መረዳት ካልቻሉ ለምንስ ሊረቡ ነዉ? ታሜ ይህን አለመረዳቱና ያለ እፍረት አፉን መክፈቱ አያስወቅሰውም፤ ምክኒያቱም ይህችን ታህል አዕምሮ ቢኖረው ኖሮ ወይ መጀመሪያውኑ ሕዝብና አገር ክዶ ከወያኔ አይሆንም ነበር፤ የሕዝቤን ላብና ወዝም ከወያኔ ጋር ተስገብግቦ አይበላም ነበር፤ ይህን ካደረገ ደግሞ በኋላ ተነስቶ ከእኛ ጋር አንድ የሆነ አጀንዳ የያዘ ይመስል አይለፈድድም ነበር። ይኼ በክት።

  10. Let me say that most of the points he raised about the current situation in Ethiopia and the reason he explained why TPLF/EPRDF has no moral and political willingness and capability to appropriately deal with it is interestingly realistic. Good point of view!

    However, I do not thing he is a man with a real sense of morality and honesty within himself let alone making sense to others( the Ethiopian people).
    . He is a man who is responsible for being just a speaking and operating tool of TPLF to the extent of openly inciting ethnic hatred and violence ( I remember what he said to Ethiopian Somalis about the Amharas.)
    . He is a man who stupidly and cowardly accepted what he was told to say by his evil -minded mentor, Meles Zenawi to confess that he was terribly corrupt (“enjoying his sweet sugar”). He is a man who dehumanized himself foolishly expecting mercy from his merciless mentor, Meles Zenawi.
    . He is a man who terribly lost some grain of courage to honestly confess the horrible political crimes he committed. He is a “smart” (stupidly) man who used and keep using religious belief as his comfort zone without confessing his deadly behavior and action as a political person for a long time. I strongly believe that considering oneself as the one who was called by Jesus Christ without telling the hard truth to the people and without showing a real sense of regret or repentance is nothing but mocking at the very teachings of true Christianity.

    . He still terribly lies when he tried to pass the issue of Wolkait by a very cynically idiotic answer; telling us as if he saw and took the issue as simple as anything. Not only this, he also showed his stupidity when he said that his political grouping ( ehedin, now beadin) was not the godchild of TPLF . He said the dominancy of TPLF was not this much. Do you thing the people of Ethiopia are stupid?
    I believe that any one has the right to speak ; but on the other hand I want to believe that the people of Ethiopia has legitimate and moral obligation to call a spade a spade, and to keep that blood-stained spade away or bring it to justice so that the it would be washed or cleaned accordingly.

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