What does it really mean negotiation to Ethiopians?

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by Zemene Wodeyes

The past few days we are listining that the Woyane regiem is highly dealt with picking a card which is focused on negotiating with opposition parties which are peaceful and non voilent acting in the country.

Not only Ethiopians but the international community shall remember that the actual regiem whenever faces acute political problems the officials including the then prime Minister Meles Zenawi are skilled how to shutter and turn the deals to their advantage. I remember when they are defeated over the election 2005( 1997 Ethiopian calander) they called negotiation which was ill concluded.

During that time when EPRDF assures its power by consolidating its power through military and intelligence apparateus, they had given a sense of order with three choices to their peace negotiating oppositon groups. It was

1. You must keep silent

2. You can go to exile either

3. You will go to jail

The 3rd option was practiced first and then significant number of journalists and opposition party members are send to exile.

Since Woyane has faced heavy oppositon at first in Oromia then this opposition has been spread to Amhara region. Two of the populouse regions which can bring a significant change to the country.

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Woyane have intencely tried to keep down to its knee this public mobility by taking extensive military and intelligence measures including mass media propaganda. Finally they have understood that even the declarations of the state of emergence could not bring any change.

So they are pressured to look another solution, and they have tried to shaffle their cabinet members, since the system has its own chaotic and a system which is fully corrupted the reshaffle could not bring any change, and could not have the power to attract the hearts and minds of the people. Cosmetic change was not the demand.

The government could not even give a bread to ten five million six hundred thousands of people, it is acute drought which Ethiopia has never faced since the past 50 years.

On the other hand the regiem has faced cronic foreign exchange shortage, so it is forced to come and say that we need to negotiate. But how?

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While most populouse opposition party leaders such as DR. Merara Gudina, Mr. Bekele Gerba, Mr. Andualem Arage Mr. Andargachew Tsige and others. Journalists such as Mr. Eskindir Nega, Temesgen Desalegne, and others are languished in jail what type of political settlement can be reached?


Since the uprissings in Oromia and Amhara thousands of people had been killed with live bullets and by torture. The government is consolidating its power but is not even ready to clearly say how many people are in jail, how many had been killed and who are the perpetraiteres of this human catastrophie? Till today the government has taken a measure of state of emergence, jailed innocent people, killings and the where abouts of thousands of people is unknown. No oneof them are accused.

Even if negotiation is going to be made,
1. All political prisoners must be released and their court case must be dismissed

2. journalists must be aquitted and they should get the guarantee to take their job and must be compensated for their business and moral damage

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3. Thousands who are jailed because they are participated in peaceful demonstrations must be aquitted and guaranteed to live freely in the country without pressure from the regiem

4. An independent international body must be permitted to enter into the country to

make its own free investigation. The perpetreaters must face justice and families must get compensations

5. Ethiopians and the international community knows that Woyane always ecuvate many fake opposition parties in the country. So inorder to make the negotiation to be independent and free and fair it should be called to be

A. Inclusive all those who can take a stake on the future of the country must be invited those which are active in the country and out side of the country

B. Credible international observers must be invited

C. It must be made on foreign land to guarantee the participants feel free, and can express their concerns without pressure,


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  1. The so called opposition parties dealing with the government has nothing to do with the opposition. They have not organized it or lead any of the demonstration and other struggle. It should be known that they are taking responsibility and credit for what they have no contribution. They may jailed for their participation in this discussion if they are the one made by Weyane. The question of the people is clear “down down Weyane”. Nothing more nothing less. The people of Ethiopia should strengthen the struggle till the end. They jail and jailing, they tortured and torturing, they killed and killing ten thousands of innocent people. They should be asked for all what they have done, no short cut. We should never give up and should never cooperate with Weyane. They are murders. The damage they cause should be investigated by independent bodies as said.
    The truth will prevail at the end. We should struggle for the truth and the innocents jailed tortured and killed. Their blood is crying loudly.

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