What do we learn from TPLF's foreign Monster bothering the editorial independence of VOA?

by Kirubeal Bekele
Selam all,
There is some important fact that many have said for decades that most of us seem to ignore again and again. This tactic is the only means TPLF managed to survive this long without any social or political capital. And that isINFILTRATION. A much hated ethinocentric fascist regime like TPLF can only survive by infiltrating all organizations including the media and the opposition.

TPLF even infiltrated TPDM. It is highly likely that TPLF may have already infiltrated Eritrean leadership at the highest level. TPLF would do anything including but not limited to buying anyone in Eritrean leadership for $10,000 a month. At this point, we don’t know who else is or are infiltrated at the highest level of the opposition leadership including patriotic G7, ESAT and others.
That is why every opposition organization and its media should find a systematic ongoing strategy to clean itself out of potential TPLF infiltrators. It shouldn’t be just a one time campaign. It should be continuous as long as TPLF exists.
What activist and journalist Abebe Gellaw exposed about VOA this week is another classic example of how TPLF infiltration goes beyond our borders into a foreign media by buying out a few VOA employees to influence VOA’s Amharic news program.
The bottom line is that the Diaspora Opposition and Media needs to design a method to constantly monitor TPLF’s infiltration. An infiltrated organization is a dying organization. Beiing a member of such an organization is not only wasting time, it is wasting life. Ethiopian communities, churches, and some political organizations are already infiltrated by well paid TPLF agents who are busy destroying these organizations from within. Are you sure your church, your Mosque, your community centers are not infiltrated by TPLF agents? Think about it.
Click here to read how Abebe Gellaw exposed TPLF’s Foreign Monster attempt to pressure VOA Amharic Program through its infiltrators.
Remember, TPLF is always infiltrating even as we speak. If you don’t see it now, it does not mean it is not there. You don’t see God, but he is there. You don’t see electricity, but it is there. I don’t recommend it but you can touch electricity and prove it is there though you don’t see it.
What are you doing about TPLF infiltration on a daily basis?

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