WFP and OCHA vehicles transporting Soldiers in support of insurrectionist

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TPLF , in support of WFP and OCHA officials, is transporting young soldiers recruited to fight the legitimate Ethiopia government. The so-called international community( USA and EU) were crying for unfettered access to reach out to the victimized people. However, the TPLF TV show has disclosed publicly transporting soldiers using WFP and OCHA vehicles without shame and showing disrespect for the international community!! Shame on those supporting insurrectionists!! Down to the toxic foreign policy of the USA and the West. They are always a threat to developing countries. They must stop twisting the United Nations for their evil motive !!! Those UN officials are putting their staff and compromising their personal security by allowing TPLF to divert the vehicles for military purposes!! See the video and pictures. Are they looking for hungry people searching for food ? We are wondering why US AID is sending hot chocolate for “hungry” TPLF insurrectionists!!

Sela Abbomssa

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  1. Where is the outrage when UN emergency food trucks are diverted by TPLF to transport its fighters to massacre and displace millions in Amhara and Afar regions? Where is the sanction against the 7 UN officials who were expelled by the Government of Ethiopia for violating their oath of office? It includes WHO’s chief Dr Tedros Adhanom, himself a founding member of TPLF, who came out openly against Ethiopia, a member State and founding member of the UN?

    If the SG wants to hear the truth from UN staff, especially local staff in Addis, he must restore faith in the UN whistleblower protection policy. Right now, the opposite is happening. IOM and UNFPA recalled their country representatives from Ethiopia and placed them under administrative leave for openly sharing their concerns.

    All they did is tell the truth about the hostile take over of UN assets by Dr Tedros and his friends in Geneva who manipulate data, divert food and communication technologies and give direct logistical support to TPLF under the cover of UN emergency operations. The people of Tigray, Amhara and Afar are victims of TPLF’s endless aggression, massacre of innocent farmers , slaughter of their cattle, burning of their crop. The fake blockade of food trucks coming through Afar is staged by TPLF to force a corridor through Wolkayit into Sudan where TPLF claims it has trained an army of 40,000 men disguised as refugees registered by UNHCR. TPLF is doomed without access to Sudan and the UN is clearly aiding this terrorist group that has vowed to disintegrate Ethiopia.
    The UN has become an instrument of political arm twisting but the truth and Ethiopia will prevail. Mr SG, do the right thing or you will leave a dark legacy in Africa.
    easy to blame Ethiopia!

  2. Guterres may tell you just to zip it complaining about his heavy trucks being used by my homeboy Debre to transport his boys and girls. It is right there in the rules and procedures of the UN. Trucks and all other vehicles, except the one UN bought Guterres for his personal use, are all the property of the world, That meets the perfect description and intended purpose of every humanitarian aid. So what are you moaning and crying about? You’re being so silly!!! In fact, I am gonna wrap up jerrycans of petroleum with high energy crackers labeled with ‘Donated by the American People’ and ship all on another fleet of 560 heavy trucks. If my hommie Debre returns the new fleet of heavy trucks that is fine and if he does not that is fine too with me. Hayilikethat?!!!

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