We Shall Win! | by Mulugeta Kassahun (MD)

Weyane has had a field day in mass murdering of the “unwanted people”in its expanding regions! It has murdered,wounded, jailed and displaced several people in Raya just because they are asking freedom, justice and the right of self administration! Weyane has sent a lot of Amhara Welkite and Tegede people in to prison and also displaced them to leave their neighborhood. Most of them, currently, are in Gondar city.

Weyane has been responsible to the genocide of millions of People in Welkite, Humera, Tselemt ,Tegede and Raya! The crime of Weyane against these people is equivalent or more compare to Nazi’s atrocity against the German Jews. The only difference is that these people are poor, black and living in area where the outside world has no access to them. Their plight has not reached to the world stage yet!
The interesting part is that the Weyane junta members have fully and actively participating in internet media to deflect the true and current criminal news of Weyane against the Raya and Welkite people. They are campaigning and writing in Facebook about a Kimant people questions. Are they really interested in the Kimant and Amhara people differences in Gondar region? Is there any major differences in culture, religion and language between these two brothers and sisters? The Kimant and Amhara people speak the same language, Amharic; the same religions, Christian or Islam; and the same culture.
That is why they have had several meetings to solve their problems peacefully. The earliest meeting was yesterday in Gondar city. Contrary to weyane’s campaign, the Kimant and Amhara people have lived together in Gondar province for long time. However, the Welkite, Humera, Tegede, Tselemt or Raya people have never been part of Tigrie until Weyane annexed them by force. The first four were in Gondar province and the last one was in Wollo province. This is the fact!
But Weyane has been using its power to kneeling them down and to silence them by force! The international community should turn their face toward these regions!!! In addition to that, if the tigrie activists have ears and open eyes, there are small nationalities like Saho, Kunama, and others in Tigrie region who have different languages and cultures and have been suppressed and oppressed by TPLF, Tigrie strong hand men!. They are not exercising their rights freely in Tigrie. Then why don’t these Tigrie activists fight for them? If they really care for humanity, they should clean their house before they try to clean their neighbor’s house! The struggle will continue until Weyane leave Gondar and Wollo region!
We shall win!

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  1. The woyanes have only one and one mantra…to exterminate the amhara people from the face of this earth. That is the task and the means is justified by their supporters no matter what. They have been taking lands left and right from the amhara region by uprooting the indigenous people and we all thought it could be a temporary craziness whose time would be up once the TPLF steroid is checked. However, the change that is taking place in the country is clearly showing them that they are in the wrong track of history and would soon be limited to what is actually theirs and their power will shrink to their size.
    In order to project a sense strength and create a perception that they are still the boss in town, they are killing innocent amhara people for just being who they are. We are heading to the inevitable confrontation unless the feds do something to stop these massacres and expropriations. Bereket and those sold outs are no more in control now and the new generation of amhara youth has learned from experience what it means to be under occupation in real time. The collective subjugation and disenfranchising of the amhara people have created a sense of unity of purpose and identification of the common enemy. This will eventually translate in to something that will restore their rightful ownership of their land and destiny.

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